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Barbados Census 1680 - Christ Church Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Adam John
Adams Conradt
Adams Jno
Addice Edward
Addis John Orphant
Alcorn John
Alsopp Edward
Alsopp Richard
Anderson Adam
Anderson Thomas
Anderson William
Andrews Roger
Andrews Thomas
Arch John
Arnett Dauid
Arnett Patrick
Arthur Michaell
Ashburner William
Ashurst Beniamin
Ashurst John
Austine John
Austine Thomas
Baker Esias
Barnes Olliver
Barry John
Baxter Edward
Bayly Richard
Bayly Robert
Bayly Robert
Beard Richd
Bently Esqu’ Martyn
Bently Esqu’ Martyn
Bishopp Joan
Blake Nicholas
Blake Nicholas
Blanchard William
Bond Francis
Bonnett Decd Thomas
Bouline Henry
Bouline Henry
Bourn Junio' John
Bourn Junio’ John
Bourne John
Bourne Samuell
Bourne Samuell
Boxfield Thomas
Breecly Bryen
Briggs William
Briggs William
Brigstock Richard
Brooks John
Brooks John
Browne Stephen
Buckworth Richard
Buenno Beniamin
Buenno Beniamin
Bull Christophr
Burbon John
Burk Tobias
Burk Tobias
Burton Widdow Agnes
Cammell Gilbert
Carew Richard
Carner Michaell
Cason Thomas
Cauan John
Chaffin Daniell
Chappell Decd Jonah
Chase Stephen
Chizell Daniell
Chrichlow James
Churcher Thomas
Clancey Cornelius
Clark Christoph'
Clark Edward
Clark Francis
Clark Margarett
Clark Roger
Clark Thomas
Clark William
Clement William
Cloughan Elizabeth
Cockton Daniell
Codd James
Colley Thomas
Collyer Tobias
Comell Dugwell
Conner Bryen
Conney Edmond
Conneyland Patt:
Conoway Cornelius
Cooke Widdow Margrett
Cooper Thomas
Coppine John
Coppinger John
Corteene Ellinor
Coughlan Teague
Creede John
Crichlow Elizabeth
Crichlow Henry
Cudden John
Danby John
Daniel John
Daniell Nicholas
Dauis Edward
Dauis Margarett
Dawson Milles
Demster John
Denham John
Dennis John
Dennis John
Dillon Garrett
Dollar John
Dorn Francis
Dorn John
Dowell Richard
Dowling William
Drury Richard
Duke Henry
Dumesnill Carew
Durant Natthan
Durant Thomas
Earl Thomas
Edney Peter
Elliot Church Warden Rich
Elliott Joan
Elliott Richard
Enes Phillipp
Euans John
Eyton William
Farrow Robert
Fa'well James
Fawne John
Fell Thomas
Feyfield Richard
Field Anthony
Fitzgerald Morris
Ford Thomas
Forestall Richard
Foster John
Foy Hugh
Frame William
Frere William
Frere William
Frere Esqu’ John
Frere Esqu’ Tobias
Garuey James
Gary Edward
Gaslee John
George Thomas
Gibbs John
Gilbert Natthanll
Gilham John
Gilles Edward
Gilles Junior Edward
Goodman Richard
Gorden Peter
Gorman Matthew
Gray Robert
Gray Decd Richard
Greenidge Jean
Greenidge Richard
Gregory Ormond
Griffin Edward
Griggs John
Grigson Robert
Gunning John
Hackett Ann
Hackett William
Hagthorp William
Haley Thomas
Hallam Decd Wm
Hanbury Nicholas
Hanmerry Nicholas
Harbert Edward
Harding Decd Henry
Hargraues Allis
Harlstone Edward
Harman William
Harris Anthony
Harris Zachariah
Hart Edward
Hart Walter
Haselwood Thomas
Hatton Charles
Haughtaine Richard
Hawen Samuell
Hayes Thomas
Haywood John
Henderson Francis
Herringman William
Hogman Elizabeth
Holder Nicholas
Holmes Henry
Holmes James
Holmes John
Hooper Crispine
Hooper Daniell
Hooper Jonathan
Horniold William
Hough William
Hughinis Pattrick
Humphryes Edward
Humphryes Edward
Hutton Olliuer
Hyde Henry
Ilam Richard
Ireland Thomas
Jeames Margarett
Jeames Margarett
Jelph's John
Jones Anthony
Jones Robert
Kelly Dauid
Kendall Decd William
Kenney Jno
Key William
Kezar Teague
King Richard
Kinsland Esqu’ Natthanll
Kipps Jean
Kirton Phillipp
Knights John
Knowles Andrew
Lacon Thomas
Lambert Arthur
Lee James
Leigh Sarah
Leland Christopii'
Lettis Thomas
Lewis Dauid
Lewis Edmond
Lewis John
Linck Thomas
Locksmith Thomas
Longstaff Elizabeth
Louell Constance
Lowre John
Lucas Richard
MaccDaniell Allexand'
MaccGraugh Daniell
MaccGraugh John
Maccmonk Henry
Markland Henry
Marsan Edward
Mason Thomas
Mattson Matthias
Mattson Smithell
Maxwell Thomas
May John /
Merricks John
Millington John
Mitchell Thomas
Moholland James
Monk Henry
Moody Dauid
Moore Alce
Moore Robert
Morris Edmond
Morris Hugh
Morris William
Munrow Allexand'
Munrow Andrew
Murford Richard
Nemias (A jew) Dauid
Newman Margarett
Newton Esqu’ Samuell
Nixon Mary
Noble Mark
Norron Katherine
Nurse Robert
Nusum Arthur
Nusum Junio’ Arthur
Oistine James
Oistine Nicholas
Oker George
Olliuer Margarett
Ouerton Robert
Outram Robert
Owtram Dorothy
Parsons William
Payne Elizabeth
Pead John
Peak Christoph'
Pears Esqu' John
Pecock Robert
Perriman Richard
Perrott Ralph
Perry Edward
Perry John
Phelomy John
Phillipps William
Pike Olliu
Pile Sarah
Pile Theophilus
Pinchback Thomas
Pittman Arthur
Pitts Hugh
Pockett William
Poore Peter
Porter Robert
Potter Robert
Poyer Thomas
Price Henry
Price Matthew
Price William
Pumfrett Ann
Quiggen John
Rainsford John
Rawlines John
Redman Richard
Renny Teague
Renny Jun' Teague
Rentfree Robert
Reynold Widdow Jean
Richards John
Richardson Dauid
Richardson George
Richardson Mary
Richbell Robert
Risley Cressent
Robinson Edward
Robinson Manuss
Robinson Robert
Robinson Thomas
Robinson William
Rodman John
Rodman Sarah
Rodman Junio’ John
Rogers John
Rose Elizabeth
Rosse John
Ruck John
Rushbrook Henry
Rycord Samuell
Rycraft Sarah
Rymore Allexand'
Sadler Thomas
Saunderson John
Saunderson Robert
Sawyer Margarett
Scawell Esqu' Richd
Scott Beniamin
Scrutton John
Searl Esqu' John
Shelton Samuell
Sheron George
Shore Richard
Shorte Owen
Shurland John
Siluester Madam
Simpson James
Sisters Elizabeth
Skaros George
Slany Anthony
Slaughter Thomas
Smith Elizabeth
Snerling Robert
Snipe John
Sparowhawk James
Speght William
Spencer John
Stanford Robert
Stephens John
Stone John
Strawne Henry
Strode Henry
Strode Margrett
Studdy Thomas
Sutton Henry
Taylor John
Terrill Samuell
Thistlethwaite Peter
Thomas Thompson
Thompson John
Thornburgh George
Thorowgood Thomas
Tichbourn Winnefred
Tilney Thomas
Trowell Phillipp
Tubbs Edward
Tyler Robert
Tysoe William
Vfford John
Vinton Thomas
Waddine Thomas
Walrond Thomas
Walter Richard
Walters Christoph'
Walton Richard
Ward Richard
Ward William
Warner Stephen
Wasley John
Watt Dauid
Wattkines Dauid
Wattkines Robert
Wattkines Thomas
Webster John
Wells John
White Milicent
White Patrick
Whitehead Tho:
Williams Richard
Wilson Anthony
Wilson Charles
Wilson Edward
Wilson Margarett
Wilson William
Wilson Junio Charles
Wise Christoph'
Wright John
Wright William
Wyatt Christoph'
Wynn Richard