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Barbados Census 1680 - St. Lucy Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Abbott William
Agard John
Alce James
Almond Benjamin
Almond William
Aluins Thomas
Anderson(livingonHenryffa’rleysLand) John
Andrews William
Applegate Edward
Archer Edward
Armestrong Edward
Armestrong John
Arrowsmith Richard
Arundell Richard
Atkinson Anthony
Atwell Henry
Bacor John
Baker Samuell
Bankes Thomas
Barnes Barnes
Barnes William
Barrat (now Marlows) Widdow
Bassell Newton
Bassnet John
Belgrave Robert
Bellgrave Joseph
Blayden (living at Leacockes) Jn:o
Bowing John
Boyce Andrew
Boyce(onJacobEnglishLand) John
Bradford Rob:t
Bragg Andrew
Brimley Hugh
Brittaine Rob:t
Brown Patricke
Brown (Irishman) James
Brown (Scotchman) James
Browne Daniell
Browne John
Browne Robert
Browne(onChampionground) John
Bryant James
Bullen Samuell
Bullocke Samuell
Burge John
Burill James
Burtone John
Bushapp Henry
Butler Humphry
Butler Thomas
Buxtone Samuell
Bycrafte Ralph sen:r
Byles William
Callender John
Callender Richard
Camell Hugh
Canes William
Carey John
Chandler John
Charles Kelley
Clarey Daniell
Clargey Thomas
Clarke Andrew
Clarke William
Cloud Fferon
Cockeram William
Colebourne John
Coleman George
Coleman William
Colier John
Collins Phillip
Connell Daniell
Connell William
Conner Daniell
Corbin John
Corlis William
Cornelius Mary
Cottell Thomas
Cowley Daniell
Cox Roger
Cozier Alexander
Crawley Thomas
Crickard William
Crone William
Cuddugging Thomas
Cullwell Edmund
Cummings Thomas
Cundell William
Cundell(onWhitefeildLand) John
Dagger George
Dauis John Junior
David Jinkins
Davis John Senior
Davis Thomas
Deale Thomas
Deere William
Dehorah John
Diging James
Doeham John
Doeham Patricke
Dowden Thomas Cap.t
Dowell Daniell
Dowell John
Dowell Thomas
Dowley William
Dowrage William
Draggon John
Duesberrey Daniell
Dunching Paterson
Dunn William
Dunstone Richard
Dymond Thomas
Eason Anthony
Edmond Daniell
Edmunds Richard
Edwards Anthony
Edwards Simon
Edwards Hugh
Elliott Peter
Ellis Pattericke
Emanuell Jemott
Emery Richard
Emery William
English Jacob
Even Edwards
Even Thomas
Evens Walter
Ffarington Arthur
Ffarley Henry
ffinch Dearing
Ffinn John
Ffisher John
Ffleming John
Ffletcher ffrancis
Ffletwood John
Ffling William
Fflood Thomas
Ffloyd Richard
Ffortune Thomas
Ffossit Elias
Ffrench John
Ffrissell Daniell
Ffurtelough Thomas
Galleway Edward
Garratt Rob.t
Gay John
Gideon L.t Goulding
Godden George
Goodyear William
Gough William
Grant John
Graves Edward
Graves Hugh
Graves Joseph
Graves William
Griffith Arthur
Griffith John
Grigory Anne
Grissell Tomson
Groves John
Guyer Edward
Haddocke ffrancis
Hafeyard Widdow ?
Haggan Grigory
Hamble Widdow ?
Hambleton Alexander
Hancocke Peter Esq.r
Hardacor Mathew
Harris John
Harris John
Harris Richard
Harte John
Harvey John
Hasell George
Hayes John
Heatcley James
Hector Jones
Henderson Thomas
Henery George
Hill Daniell
Hockely Peter
Hoggan Daniell
Holdstaff Richard
Hollaway William
Holloway John
Holmes George
Hoskins John Jun.r
Hoskins Richard Dr.
Hough Henry
Hunt John
Hunt Richard
Hunt William
Hussey Edward
Hussey Mathew
Hussey Rob.t
Jackson Thomas
James John
James Sen:r Swinney
Jemott Jn:o Jun.r
Jemott Jn:o Senior
Jemott Thomas
Jerimiah Dauis
Jochum John
John Merrit
Jones George
Jones Jn:o
Jones Thomas
Jones William
Jordane William
Jurden Samuell
Kane John
Kelley James
Kelley John
Kelley Phillip
Kellman William
Kendall John
Keneda Humphrey
Kerrey John
Kill=Patrick Roger
King Edmond
King John
Knights Jn:o
Knights Thomas
Lambart Joseph
Lambarte Simon Col.
Land Edward
Laurance Row
Lawleenes James
Lee Edward
Leeche Daniell
Lenice Peter
Lewis Boswine
Lewis John Jun:r
Lewis Richard
Lewis William
Long John
Long Patrick
Luke Corbin
Mackcloud Daniell
Macknatt William
Mackolaster Daniell
Macolaster Thomas
Macoy Aron
Macoy Thomas
Maddockes John Esq.r
Maddocks John
Makenney Gilbert
Makenney Daniell
Marayne Dennis
Margaret Hailes
Marke Burden
Marke Kelley
Marraines John
Marrane Derman
Marshall William
Marten Marten
Marten Sinnet
Marten Tucker
Mary Luke
Mathew Allen
Mathias Mathew
Maycocke Thomas Cap.t
Medway John
Merrick John
Merricke Humphrey
Merrit John
Michael Cap.t Terrill
Mims James
Morgan Paull
Morgan William
Morris Mourton
Morris Daniell
Morris John
Morrison George
Mullinex John
Munrow Dennis
Munrow John
Murfee Dennis
Murfee Dermon
Murfee Edmond
Murfee Thomas
Murfey John
Neale William
Nelson Dennis
Newland Dauid
Nich.s Leacocke
Nicholds George
Nicholds Rich.d
Nicolas Laruine
Nicolas Simmons
Nicolds John Junior
Nicolds John senior
Nicolds Richard
Oliver Allen
Oliver Cauanna
Oliver Lambarte
Oswan Hoggerston
Oudham Edward
Owen Callahane
Owen Mackswine
Owen Regan
Owen Sweeleuan
Owen Williams
Paine Samson
Parfitt Augustine
Paterage Thomas
Pawlo Charles
Payder Mathew
Pearce John
Percifull Rounton
Peters Thomas
Philemon Pilgrim
Pickerin Joseph
Pickerin (Estate) Elizabeth
Pinck Anthony
Pinck Henry
Pirkins Thomas Junior
Pirkins Thomas Senior
Plunckett Rob.t
Porter John
Potter Ralph
Pow Edward
Pow Elizabeth
Pow ffrancis
Poyer Able
Price John
Price William
Purlow Mathews
Randall Beard
Reade Phillip
Reece Andrew
Regan William
Rice Barrow
Richd Hicris
Roach Edmund
Roach William
Rob.t Cap.t Gent ?
Rollock Andrew
Roope John
Ross Rob.t
Ruth Irons
Ryder Edward
Ryland Row
Salmon Thomas
Salter George
Saml Dowden
Saml L.t.Col. Titcombe
Saml. Cap:t Roulstone
Sanders Thomas
Sanders (for Booths Land) Thomas
Sanders (for Hides Land) Thomas
Savory John
Scott Thomas
Seares William
Sebellow Willson
Sharpe John
Shede Dennis
Shee Edmund
Shoham Dermon
Simson John
Sinclar Adam
Sinnett William
Skidderey Richard
Skinner Isaac
Smith Jn:o
Sober Peter
Spellane Dennis
Stephen Emerson
Stephens John jun.r
Stephens John sen:r
Stephens Peter
Stephens Thomas
Steventon William
Stockes Jn:o
Stoud Rob.t sen.r
Stroud Anthony
Stroud Rob.t Jun.r
Suffler William
Summers Walter
Surple Ambross
Sutton John
Sweeleuan John
Swinney Joseph sen:r
Tailor Jonathan
Talph Jun:r Bycrafte
Tate John
Tavenner Thomas
Taylor Tob.t
Taylor Ambrose
Teauge Carmedey
Teauge Daniell
Teauge Ffleachone
Teauge Haggon
Teauge Honan
Terrill Alexander
Terrill Thomas
Theophilus Goddin
Thomas John
Thomas Peter Jun:r
Thomas Robert Jun.r
Thomas William
Tibb John
Tibblin Aron
Tirvill Edward Dr.
Tomason Peter
Tomason Roger
Townsend William
Truslow John
Turner Rob.t
Turnham Rob.t
Underhand Phillip
Urquatt Thomas
Vinson John
Waight William
Walter Norman
Walton Eleonar
Warren Richard
Watkins Thomas
Waybourne John
Wedlock John
Weekes John
Weekes Thomas
Welch Walter
Welch Richard
Westone William
Whitefoote Amos
Whiteheade Edward
Whiteheade Thomas
Whiteley Mathew
Whitfeild John
Whitney John
Whitney Richard
Williams Evan
Williams John
Williams Thomas L.t
Williams William
Willouwghby Dame Yeamans
Willstone William
Wright Benjamin
Wright Thomas
Yarwood William
Younge Thomas