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Barbados Census 1680 - St. Phillip Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Allamby Cap:t Robert
Anderson Humphry
Anthrobus L:t John
Applewhite A137L:t John
Aris M:r Margaret
Arnould Sarah
Ayshford L:t Thomas
Ayshford M:r John
Baldin Cap:t Anne
Banfeild John
Bannam Thomas
Bannister M:r Thomazin
Bannister M:r William
Barker Willoughby
Barnad James
Barnes John
Bartlett Mary
Bawler Thomas
Baylie Michaell
Beasant Widd/M:rs ?
Becke Esq Edward
Bently M.r Jane
Best George
Billing Thomas
Binney Edward
Blackmoore John*Henry
Blades Marygery
Bleeke Richard
Boone Thomas
Boscumbe Honor
Bottley ?
Boucher Cap:t John
Boulton Andrew
Bowman Robert
Boyle M:r George
Braithwaite Ffrancis
Breackspeare Phillipp
Bread M:r Nathaniel
Bread Widd/M:rs John
Bressy M.r Richard
Bridle M.r John
Brigs Martin
Browne John
Browne Necholas
Brudin Alexander
Brumfeild John
Brumfeild Richard
Bryan Joseph
Buchshire Lawrence
Burke Richard
Burrows Robert
Bushell John
Bushell Esq.r Robert
Carter Edmund
Carter John
Catlin Cap.t ffrancis
Cave James
Cave Thomas
Chapman John
Chapman Teige
Chapman Willliam
Chisman Phillipp
Christy Thomas
Claarke John
Clarke John
Clarke Thomas
Clarkeson Thomas
Clary George
Cleaver Cap.t Fferdinando
Cod Daniel
Coke James
Cole Ffrancis
Cole Roger
Colleton Coll.o Sweeting
Connell John
Cooke Juni.r Mathew
Cooper Richar
Cooper Richard
Cou. William
Cox William
Crawford John
Crockson Patrick
Cryer M.r John
Cullam George
Cullpeppar M.r Ffrancis
Culpeppar M.r Jasper
Curtis John
Curtis Phillipp
Curtis Robert
Curtis Thomas
Dale Morris
Davenporte John
Davis John
Davis Peter
Davis William
Davis William
Death William
Demspter Cap: for his owne Nicholas
Dent Cap:t Benjamin
Dillame John
Dillapre Ffrancis
Drax Allin
Drury Emanuel
Dun John
Dunkin Nathaniel
Eagle Major William
Easeman John
Eastwick William
Enos Jeremiah
Euet Richard
Evans Thomas*Isaac
Evans M.r William
Evarson William
ff.ttPatricks John
ffarewell M.r Vincent
ffauntleroy Esq.r Dearmon
ffeild John
ffinney M.r James
ffittam Richard
ffloharty George
ffluellin Andrew
ffortescue (alias Sutherwood) Thomas
ffortescue Cap:t James
ffrankland Jun.r Henry
ffrankland Sen.r Patrick
ffreeman Alexander
ffrere John
ffrizall Peter
Gate Mathew
Gausford James
Gee George
Gee Widdow James
Gettings Jun.r Samuel
Gettings Senio.r Sam.ll
Gibbs Cornelius
Gibbs Hopoe
Gibbs Peter
Gilbert William
Gittings William
Glascock Jonahtan
Golding Johnathan
Gollison James
Goodall Esq.r Tobias
Goodin John
Griffin William
Griffith Stephen
Groome John
Guy ?
Guy John
Guy John
Hackitt Cap:t John
Haddoe Robert
Halse Thomas
Harding Jared
Harlstone M.r Isaak
Harris Edward
Harrisson Robert
Harrisson Jun.r Michaell
Harrisson Sen.r William
Hayly John
Heading Harbert
Hevis Margaret
Hickam John
Hickey Absolon
Higinbotham Elias
Higinbotham Cap:t Henry
Hilton Robert
Hodgkinson James
Holligan John
Homeyard John
Hopkins Cap:t Edward
Houlbich James
Howlet John
Huchinson John
Hudgwell John
Humphryes Thomas
Hunt Sen.r William
Hunter John
Huntly Peter
Ince Cap.t Patrick
Jack Capt Thomas
Jackman John
Jackson William
Jennings Ann
Jinner Phillipp
John John
Johnson M.r Daniell
Jones Cap.t Elizabeth
Jones Juni.r John
Jones M.r/Sen.r John
Joseph Elizabeth
Kearne Edward
Keith Thomas
Kelly John
Kempt William
Kennis John
Kerton Robert
Kirton John
Lambert Cap.t Mary
Lamprire Mellisent
Land John
Land Widdow Thomas M.r
Lashly John
Lee Robert
Lewis M.r John
Light James
Light John
Light Thomas
Lindsey Thomas
Linnaham John
Livesly L:tt John
Locksmith John
Lodwicke Nathan
Loftus John
Long Samuell
Lord James*Legouches
Lord John
Lord Jun.r Goudges
Lord Sen.r William
Lucas Katherine
Lucumb M.r (for the Bed millhouse pl Edmund
Lyder John
M.r Richard
Macoy William
Maeriesse Elizabeth
Mancer David
Map Lawrence
Mar Thomas
Mares Ffrancis
Markland L:tt John
Marshall John
Martin John
Martin Theophilus
Massey James
Mcfarson James
McLand William
McLandin Tho: ant.)
McManus Margaret
Medford Ffenwicke
Michell Cap.t Daniell
Midleton Murphy
Miller James
Mills Thomas
Mollony Richard
Monday John
Moore Cudbert
Moore Dorothy
Moore Henry
More John
Morgan Mary
Morrell Widdow Alexander
Morris David
Munrow Bryan
Murphey James
Murrell M.r Mathew
Murrow Richard
Newton Studly
Nickson Henry
Nightingale M.r John
Noale Esq.r Dearmon
Norgreave Thomas
Norris Ankiel
Norris Robert
Northey Susannah
Norton William
Nowell Sarah
Nugent ?
Nusum Thomas
Nyle James
Nyle Richard
Nyles Nicholas
Padmoore Christian
Paine Ann
Parsons James
Pattisson Granado
Peacocke Richard
Peare Thomas
Perkine John
Phillipps Elizabeth
Pig Danniell
Pinkett William
Pinkett Cap.t Abraham
Pococke Esq.r Patrick
Polegreene John
Powell John
Prece Joseph
Presly Jun.r Margaret
Presly Sen.r Thomas
Price M.r John
Prout Daniell
Proverbe John
Proverbe William
Punnet Thomas
Raineham Thomas
Ramsey Thomas
Rawlings Henry
Rawlings Cap: Christian
Reade Mathew
Reyners Richard
Rice Mary
Rice Thomas
Rice William
Rice William
Rice M.r Phillipp
Rice M.r William
Richards Thomas
Richardson John
Ring Widdow Thomas
Robbins Thomas
Robert Edmund
Robinson Ffrancis
Robinson John
Robuck Thomas
Rose George
Rouse Edmund
Rouse Cap.t Edward
Rouse Major Edward
Rouse(forPasfeildspt) Mary
Rowbotham Walter
Rowden George
Roy Nic’
Ruffley Robert
Rusworth Sarah
Sandford ?
Sargiant Jun.r Thomas
Sargiant Sen.r Eilliott Richard
Say Thomas
Saymore Edward
Sealy Thomas
Seares John
Sheppard Ambrose
Sheppard John
Sheppard Thomas
Shrowsby William
Sisnet John
Skeete Cap:t John
Smith Arthur
Smith George
Smith John
Smith Major John
Soley John
Spire Cap:t Thomas
Squire Richard
Stanton John
Stanton Thomazin
Start John
Steele ? M.r
Streele Robert
Stuart Roger
Sudberry John
Summars Cornelius
Symonds Edward
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor Samuell
Taylor Thomas
Thomson Henry
Thomson Ralph
Thomson Tho.
Thwaites John
Thwaites Widdow Thomas
Tichbourne Widdow Thomas
Townsend Urbin
Travanion Cap.t John
Trund.r John