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Barbados Census 1680 - St. Thomas Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Browne M:r/Junio:r William
Browne M:r/Seno:r Michaell
Burge M:r John
Campion Henry
Campion John
Cantwell M:r/Chyrurgion Thomas
Carleton M:r Robert
Carter L:tColl’ James
Cason Richard
Charles Robert
Chester M:r Thomas
Clarke Mary
Cockraine Nicholas
Cole Docto:r James
Cole M:rs/Widd W:m
Connell Elizabeth
Cooper M:rs/Widd Robert
Cox Robert
Cox Cap:t Edmund
Curley Kimberlyne
Currey W:m
Dauies Marrino.r John
Davies Esq:r Josias
Deacosts M:r James
Deane M:r William
Downes L:t W:m
Drew Widd W:m
Dry L:t Thomas
Duboyce Chyrurgion Eliazer
Dunn Thomas
Dunn A409(dec:dplant’) M:r Priscillah
Dunnavant Teague
Dymmocke Cap:t Ann
Earle William
Eastchurch M:r Josias
Edney Cap:t William
Ellford M:rs/Widd Robert
Elliot Cap:t Thomas
Farr Widd John
Ffagon Widd Dauid
Ffarmer M:rs/Widd Ffrncis
Ffarmer Majo:r Thomas
Ffeake L:t Dennis
Fflaharty Robert
Fforstall M:r Giles
Ffretwell M:r Herculus
Gallaway Richard
Gardener Dauid
Gasskine W:m
Gibbs Thomas
Gibbs M:r William
Gill M:r Peter
Gillham Ann
Gladeing John
Glassbroocke M:r Katherine
Goddard Cap:t Ellino:r
Goddard L:t Elizabeth
Goodall Cap:t John
Goreing Richard
Grimsditch Widd Timonthy
Gubbins M:r Richard
Haies Bryon
Haies Ralph
Hailes Cap:t James
Hancocke W:m
Harford W:m
Harris M:r Joseph
Harwood M:r Christopher
Heard Emanuell
Heard James
Heard Thomas
Heely Nicholas
Hickes L:t W:m
Hollaway M:r W:m
Holmes Patricke
Howard Elizabeth
Howe John
Hutchins John
Isaac L:t Thomas
James M:r Thomas
Johnson Widd Samuell
Jones Henry
Joyce Widd Howell
Keaton Richard
Keetch Augustine
Kelley M:rs/Widd John
King Cap:t Richard
Knights Esq:r Nicholas
Lane Cap:t Michaell
Lane M:r George
Laurance James
Legg M:rs/Widd W:m
Lillington Cap:t W:m
Mackarty George
Mackerness M:r John
Mann John
Mansfeild Junio:r Whinifrid
Mansfeild Senio:r James
Martine Chyrurgian Mary
Miller James
Miller W:m
Moore M:r Amy
Moore Widd John
Morgon M:rs/Widd Benjamine
Morris M:r Anthony
Morrison Widd Ralph
Mounter William
Nichollson Ann
Northeast M:r George
Nowell Daniell
Orsbourne M:r W:m
Owen Jn:o
Paddmore Widd John
Paige Esq.r John
Palmer Widd Jn:o
Pare L:t Samuell
Peale Widd W:m
Pearce Thomas
Pearcehouse M:rs/Widd Mary
Pearson Joane
Pearson Cap:t Lewis
Perry Joyce
Pim Robert
Povey Cap:t Allexand:r
Poynes John
Prediox Esq:r John
Queene Robert
Ranton Symond
Read Esq:r Ellinor
Read M:r John
Read M:rs/Widd Mary
Redward M:r Edward
Reece Mary
Richardson M:r Bennony
Robinson Elizabeth
Rootes Cap:t John
Rootsey L:t Richard
Ross Richard
Ross Sabaustine
Ross W:m
Ross (aty:eSpring) Patricke
Sampson Cap:t Nicholas
Seaward Jeofrey
Sharpe Esq:r James
Sholey M:r John
Sholley M:r William
Smith Widd John
Smith Widd Mary
Southwood W:m
Spikeman Robert
Standfast John
Stephens L:t John
Sutton Cap:t John
Swann Daniell
Tennant M:rs/Widd John
Towell Daniell
Towell Phillip
Trottman M:rs/Widd John
Turpine Mallachy
Turton W:m
Usher Thomas
Vass Theobald
Walke Corn:t Margrett
Wallwyne Esq:r Mary
Wardall Esq:r Edmund
Wattson John
West John
West Widd John
Wheeler M:r John
Widd/M:rs John
Williams Mary
Williams M:r Danniell
Wiseman Druman
Withes Constant
Wright Docto:r ?
Yates M:r Edward