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Family of Josiah Goodson and Ann Kirven

Josiah Goodson, son of Thomas Goodson of Darlington County, South Carolina [1], was born about 1799 in South Carolina [2]. His wife Ann P. Kirven, daughter of Caid Kirven [11], was born about 1805 in South Carolina [2].

Two deeds involving Josiah Goodson [10] are found in Darlington District records:

On 3 Nov 1826, Albert Pollard, Mary Pollard and Margaret Pollard sold 270 acres of land to Josiah Goodson of Darlington District. This land had been willed from Joshua Pollard to his wife Mary Pollard and his son Leroy Pollard. Witnesses were John Kervin and Alfred Kervin, and the deed was recorded 19 Nov 1833. [Book L, p. 388]

On 2 Nov 1833, Josiah Goodson of Darlington District sold 270 acres of land to James Dove. This land was on the SW side of Black Creek and on the West side of the great Cypress Pond being part of several grants granted to Joshua Pollard 15 Oct 1784 containing 100 acres and another granted to Joshua Pollard 21 Jan 1784 containing 100 acres, one other 9 acres being part of a 500 acre tract granted to Thomas Powe Esq. in 1786 the balance part of a 500 acre tract granted to Jesse Mercer in 1788 and deeded to Joshua Pollard in 1789. 170 acres of said tract was willed by Joshua Pollard to his wife Mary Pollard and 100 acres willed to Leroy Pollard, said land is now in the possession of Elijah Goodson bounded as follows, to wit on the North by Wm. H. Frasers land, on the West by William Vann's land, on the South by John Kervin's land, on the East by Mrs. Martha Williams land. Witnesses were John Kervin and William Vann. Ann Goodson, wife of Josiah Goodson, relinquished her dower rights on 4 Nov 1833. This deed was recorded 2 Dec 1833. [Book L, p. 402-403]

Shortly after this, it appears that the family migrated from South Carolina to Alabama. On 24 Nov 1835 Josiah Goodson and Allen Fort, his brother-in-law, entered land in Henry County, Alabama (both Twp 7 Range 27) [3].

By 1840, when the census was taken, they were living in Pike County as follows:

Josiah Goodson, p. 384
2m 5-10, 2m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40, 3f<5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40 (2 slaves)

Edwin Goodson's household appeared on p. 385 on the same census.

The 1850 census of Pike County, Alabama was the first census to record family members by name, showing the household as listed below:

    Josiah Goodson      57 [51?] M      Farmer  $400    b SC
    Ann Goodson         45 [48?] F                      b SC
    William Goodson     19       M                      b SC
    Peter Goodson       18       M      Farmer          b SC
    Margaret Goodson    16       F                      b Ala
    Ann Goodson         14       F                      b Ala
    Mary Goodson        12       F                      b Ala
    Catharine Goodson   10       F                      b Ala
    Joseph Goodson       8       M                      b Ala
    Washington Goodson   6       M                      b Ala
    Manley Goodson       3       M                      b Ala

During the 1850's, they lived in Butler County, Alabama. Josiah Goodson paid real estate taxes in Precinct #4 of Butler Co., AL in 1856 [9], and in Book E, p. 424 of Butler County deed books is recorded the sale of land from Jesse B. Huggins and Sarah Huggins his wife to Josiah Goodson on 29 Dec 1857. The land was located in Section 26, Township 9, Range 16 [4].

The family was living in Butler County in 1860 when the census was recorded.

In 1870, Josiah and Ann were listed in Crenshaw County, as follows:

        Josiah Goodson  70      M       W       Farming b SC
        Ann Goodson     49      F       W               b Ala

Josiah Goodson died in Crenshaw County on 1 Aug 1874 [4]. Ann Goodson died about 1881 in Crensahw County [4].


  1. John E. Goodson
    b ca 1826 SC
    m Anna T. Grider 10 Apr 1849 Pike Co., AL
    d 1866 Covington Co., AL [6]
  2. Robert Goodson[7]
    b ca 1827 SC [4]
    m Elizabeth Hambrick 2 Dec 1858 Butler Co., AL
    d before 1875
  3. William Goodson
    b ca 1831 [prob SC]
    m 1) Malinda Malvina Fife 9 Dec 1858 Butler Co., AL
    m 2) Francis Sylvania Swain [4]
    d 7 Nov 1888 Wauchula, DeSoto Co., FL [4]
  4. Peter Goodson
    b ca 1832 SC
    Living with his siter and brother-in-law J. A. and Margaret Baldwin in Montgomery Co., AL in 1860 [4]. Served in Company C, 17th Inf as 3rd Sgt. in Civil War [4].
  5. Margaret J. Goodson
    b ca 1833 AL
    m Joseph A. Baldwin 14 Sep 1854 Pike Co., AL
    d after 1902 [4]
  6. Anna E. Goodson
    b ca 1835 AL
    m John P. Cook 22 Oct 1857 Butler Co., AL
  7. Mary L. Goodson
    b ca 1837 AL
    m John H. Lasiter 26 Dec 1858 Butler Co., AL
    d after 1902 [4]
  8. Catharine Goodson
    b ca 1839 AL
    d [before 1875?]
  9. Josiah Goodson [8]
    b 18 Apr 1841 [4] Alabama
    m Kerran Casey 11 Oct 1866 Butler Co., AL
    d 22 Mar 1906 Crenshaw Co., AL [4]
    b Blackrock Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Crenshaw Co., AL [4]
  10. Washington Goodson
    b ca 1844 AL
    d [before 1875?]
  11. Manly K. Goodson[5]
    b ca 1847 Alabama
    m Mary A. Dukes 29 Dec 1867 Crenshaw Co., AL
    d before 1902 [4] possibly in Texas


  1. Estate records for Thomas Goodson named Josiah Goodson as one of the children. Both Allen Fort (son-in-law of Thomas Goodson) and Josiah Goodson entered land in Henry County, Alabama in 1835, and the 1833 deed in Darlington District gives his wife's name as Ann.
  2. Census records, 1840, 1850 Pike Co. AL; 1860 Butler Co., AL; 1870 Crenshaw Co., AL.
  3. Old Sparta and Elba Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1822-1860 by Marilyn Davis Hahn.
  4. Crenshaw County probate records; estate of Josiah Goodson, as abstracted by Chris Outlaw. The heirs in 1875 were: Josiah Goodson, age 32, Rutledge, AL; Manly K. Goodson, age 28, Rutledge AL; William Goodson Sr. age 42 Pigion Creek, AL; Margaret Baldwin, age 40, Atlanta GA; Ann Cook, 38, Atlanta GA; Mary Lassiter, 36, Montgomery AL; Heir of Robert Goodson decd was James Goodson, 21, Macon Co., AL; Heirs of John Goodson decd: [ ] Ganey minor heir, 4, residence unknown; Susan Stephens, 24, unknown; Catharine Taunton, age 19, unknown; Martha Goodson, 12, State of Florida; and William Goodson, 10, State of Florida. The widow was Administratrix until her death in 1881. At this time Josiah Jr. took over as Administrator. In 1881, Manly was living in Texas, William was living in Sumpter Co., Florida, and Susan was the only heir listed for John Goodson.
  5. Living in Brazos Co., TX in 1880:
            1880 Soundex, v 4, ed 16, sheet 23, line 19
            Manly K. Goodson        W  M       32      b Ala
            Mary E. Goodson         wife       32      b Georgia
            Dora F. Goodson         dau        10      b Ala
            Cary L. Goodson         dau         8       b Tex
            Kittie Evaline Goodson  dau         7       b Tex
            Ida Belle Goodson       dau         4       b Tex
            Mary E. Goodson         dau         3       b Tex
    Checked the TX Death Index 1903-1940 for Manly Goodson, but did not find him listed.
  6. Chris Outlaw.
  7. Son James Goodson b ca 1854, living in Macon Co., AL in 1875.
  8. Joseph could have been a middle name:
            1880 Rutledge, Crenshaw County, AL:
            Joseph Goodson  W   M       36      b Ala
            Kenrun[?]       w           35      b GA
            John            s           12      b Ala
            Alexander       s           10      b Ala
  9. Butler County in the Nineteenth Century by Marilyn Davis Hahn, 1978 (from Chris Outlaw).
  10. Another Josiah Goodson appears in early Darlington District deed: on a deed dated 24 Aug 1796 from William Goodson Sr. to Edwin Goodson for land on BellyAche Creek, Josiah Goodson appears as a witness. This older Josiah Goodson has not been identified, perhaps he was the man who was enumerated in 1820 in Bryan County, Georgia and/or the Josiah Goodson who appears in 1810 in Isle of Wight Co., VA: p. 156 1m <10, 1m 26-45, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26.
  11. Will of Cade Kirven, Darlington County, SC.

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