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A Short Account of the Malignant Fever, lately prevalent in Philadelphia: with a statement of the Proceedings that took place on the subject, in different parts of the United States --- to which are added, Accounts of the Plague in London and Marseilles; and a List of the Dead, From August 1, to the middle of December 1793. By Mathew Carey Fourth Edition, Improved Philadelphia: Printed by the Author. January 15, 1794

Table of Contents

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Notes on the author, Matthew Carey

Preface to "A Short Account..." [pp. 3-6]

CHAPTER I State of Philadelphia previous to the appearance of the malignant fever„with a few observations on some of the probable consequences of that calamity. (pp. 9-13) [pp. 7-9]

CHAPTER II Symptoms ā A slight sketch of the mode of treatment. (pp. 13-16) [pp. 9-12]

CHAPTER III First alarm in Philadelphia. Flight of the citizens. Guardians of the poor borne down with labour. (pp. 16-21) [pp. 12-15]

CHAPTER IV General despondency. Deplorable scenes. Frightful view of human nature. A noble and exhilarating contrast. (pp. 21-28) [pp. 15-19]

CHAPTER V Distress increases. Benevolent citizens invited to assist the guardians of the poor. Ten volunteers. Appointment of the committee for relief of the sick. State of Philadelphia. (pp. 28-30) [pp. 19-20]

CHAPTER VI Magnanimous offer. Wretched state of Bushhill. Order introduced there. (pp. 31-35) [pp. 20-23]

CHAPTER VII Proceedings of the committee„Loans from the bank of North-America. Establishment of an orphan house. Relief of the poor. Appointment of the assistant committee.(pp. 35-39) [pp. 24-26]

CHAPTER VIII Repeated addresses of the committee on the purification of houses. „Assistant committee undertake to inspect infected houses personally. Extinction of the disorder. Governor's proclamation. Address of the clergy. A new and happy state of affairs. (pp. 39-44) [pp. 26-29]

CHAPTER IX Extravagant Letters from Philadelphia. Credulity put to the test. (pp. 45-47) [pp. 29-31]

CHAPTER X Proceedings at Chestertown„At New-York „At Trenton and Lamberton„At Baltimore. (pp. 47-53) [pp. 31-34]

CHAPTER XI Proceedings at Havre de Grace„At Hagerstown -- Alexandria„at Winchester„At Boston„at Newburyport„In Rhode Island„At New Bern„At Charlestown„In Georgia ā Fasting and Prayer. (pp. 53-58) [pp. 34-37]

CHAPTER XII Conflict between the law of self-preservation and the law of charity. The law of charity victorious. (pp. 58-60) [pp. 38-39]

CHAPTER XIII Disorder fatal to the doctors„to the clergy„to drunkards„to filles de joie„to maid servants„ to the poor„and in close streets.„Less destructive to the French„and to the negroes. (pp. 60-63) [pp. 39-41]

CHAPTER XIV State of the weather. Attempt to refute the opinion that cold and rain extinguished the disorder. Average-table of mortality. (pp. 64-67) [pp. 41-44]

CHAPTER XV„Origin of the disorder.(pp. 67-70) [pp. 44-46]

CHAPTER XVI Desultory facts and reflexions. A collection of scraps.(pp. 70-82) [pp. 47-54]

CHAPTER XVII Another collection of scraps. (pp. 82-95) [pp. 54-64]

APPENDIX 1 An account of the plague in London, in the year 1665. (pp. 96-105) [pp. 65-71]

APPENDIX 2 Account of The Plague at Marseilles, in 1720. (pp. 106-112) [pp. 71-75]

Transcriber's Notes for pp. 113-159 [p. 76]

APPENDIX 3 Number of Deaths in Philadelphia Churches, September & October, 1793 (pp. 114-115)

APPENDIX 4 Number of Deaths in Philadelphia Churches, November, 1793 (pp. 116-117)

APPENDIX 5 Meteorological Conditions, August & September, 1793 (pp. 118-119)

APPENDIX 6 Meteorological Conditions, October & November, 1793 (p. 120)

List of the Dead, From August 1, to the middle of December 1793 (pp. 121-159)


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