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See also under Metis Nation and Boser/Bös/Böss and Schroeder surnames.

"Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan." Compiled by the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. CL3

Swift Current Region 1

"Admiral - Prairie to Wheatfields." Admiral History Book Club /Derksen Printers, Steinbach, MB 1978. History of Admiral and area, Andersonville, Frenchville, Beauchamp, Blairville, Boule Creek, Clifford, Congress, Epinard, Esmond, Horse Creek, Levi, Pelletier Hill, Sherman, Stone Farm, Vallee St. Clair, Wheatville and Wise Creek. MR3

"The Frontiersmen 1967." Frontier Jubilee Committee, 1967. History and families of Frontier and area. This book is not indexed. Provide land location if available. MR3

"Maple Creek & Area - Where Past is Present." Maple Creek and Area History Committee, 2000. History of Maple Creek and area, the land and the people. 2 Volumes. MR3

"Next Year Country." Notukeu History Book Club, 1980. History and families of Scotsguard/Instow area. MR3

"Our Side of The Hills." Reno History Book Association, Consul, Sask 1992. RM of Reno #51 including the villages of Robsart, Vidora, Consul, Senate, Govenlock and surrounding areas. MR3

"Prairie Wool." Stone Diggers Historical Society Climax, Sask 1980. Climax and area including the Village of Canuck and the school districts of Riverburn, Stone and Tabor and Vidette and Waldville Schools. MR3

"Simmie Saga." Simmie and District Historical Book Club, 1981. Contains biographies of many settlers and families of the Southwest Saskatchewan District known as the Simmie District. Information is categorized by school district (e.g. Cedar View School District). An index contains a list of individuals primarily by family name (head of household). JEA

"Softly the Winds are Whispering." Connie Mitchell, 1978. Family histories of residents of Patriot School District, south of Bracken/Canuck Saskatchewan. MR3

"Tompkins - Trials and Triumphs." Pioneer History Group, Tompkins, Sask. 1976. A history of Tompkins and its early trading area including the school districts of Alpine, Antelope Lake, Anzac, Benchview, Bone Creek, Stone District, Brixton, Boyer Lake, Central, Haldane, Harnett, Honora, Kieville, Kinmount, North Fork, Nadeauville, Painsville, Pleasant Mound, Progressive, Sidewood and Vincent Lake. This book is NOT indexed -- please send as many details as possible. MR3

Moose Jaw Region 2

"Arrowheads to Wheatfields - History of Avonlea, Hearne & Districts." Published by Avonlea Historical Committee in 1983. Profiles of the Avonlea, Hearne, New Warren, Claybank area and early families who settled the area. Located 15 miles south-west of the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. List of surnames available. Including school districts of Amherst, Capitolia, Claybank, Croft, Crown, Crystal Hill, Good Land, Long Creek, Moorefield, Queen Alexandra, Richburg, Sanderson, Sinclair, Sudom, Sunshine and Thompson. MR3

"A Dipper Full of Dreams." Drinkwater Historical Society Box 81 Drinkwater, Sask 1991. Drinkwater and District including school districts of Coventry, Kelso, Okabena and Stelcam. Includes indexes of Drinkwater cemetery and Fairview Cemetery. MR3

"From Buffalo Trails to Blacktop." Caron History Book Committee, Caron, Sask 1982. RM of Caron #162 including school districts of Breadalbane, Caron Prairie, Clay Hill, Grayburn, King William, Kipling, McRoberts, Pelican Lake, Royal George, Summerside, Sweet Grass and Westview. MR3

"From Prairie Grass to Wheat Fields: A History of McCord and Area." McCord History Book Committee, 2001. MR3

"From the Turning of the Sod." Coronach Historical Committee 1980. The story of the early settlers in the R.M. of Hart Butte No. 11 - Coronach and area. MR3

"Furrows and Faith." Lake Johnston-Sutton Historical Society, Mossbank, Sask 1980. RM of Lake Johnston #102/RM of Sutton including the towns of Expanse, Dunkirk, Bishopric, Mitchellton, Ardill, Mossbank, Vantage, Ettington, Mazenod and Palmer. Includes indexes of Expanse Cemetery, Emmanuel Lutheran (Scandinavian) Cemetery, Mitchellton Cemetery, Mossbank Lutheran Cemetery, Mossbank Community Cemetery, Ettington Grand Lutheran Cemetery, St Johannes Cemetery, St Mathew Cemetery, Mazenod Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mazenod Community Cemetery and Palmer Cemetery. MR3

"The Grains of Time." RM of Rogers History Book Committee Box 127 Coderre, Sask. 1993. Coderre, Courval and RM of Rodgers #133 Includes cemetery indexes of Coderre Roman Catholic Cemetery; St Joseph roman Catholic Cemetery Courval; Grace United Church Cemetery, Coderre; Rodgers Protestant Cemetery, Courval; St Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Eastleigh. MR3

"Harvest of Memories RM 134 and Shamrock." Shamrock History Book Society, 1990. Including the villages of Kelstern and Trewdale. MR3

"Mankota: The First 50 Years 1928-1978." Mankota Book Committee, 1980. MR3

"Meyronne Memories 1908-1967." Mrs. MH Little and Mrs. Clifford Day; June 16, 1967. No mention of publisher. CL3

"A Place by the Notukeu." Vanguard Historical Society, Box 340, Vanguard, Sask 1984. Vanguard and area including school districts of Arnold, Barholis, Burton, Douglas, Easby, Gaspers, Glen Rosa, Glen View, Harold, Malvern Link, Middlefold, Spencer and Turkey Track. MR3

"Prairie, Pioneers, Progress." Hodgeville Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee, Box 160, Hodgeville, Sask. 1980. Hodgeville and RM of Lawtonia # 135. MR3

"Prairie Rose Memories: R.M. of Praire Rose #309 including the villages of Jansen and Esk." Volumes 1 and 2; Prairie Rose Historical Society; Jansen, SK; 1992. A history of the Rural Municipality with many family biographies and photos. MM14

"The Prairie Rose Story: 50th Anniversary." Mrs. C. M. Buckaway; Council of the Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose; ca. 1955 The history of the settlement of the Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose, Sask., incorporated in 1905. Includes descriptions of the R.M., names most of the early settlers and tells some of their stories, gives history of extreme and unusual events, history of the schools and the city councils. Includes photographs. Not indexed or paginated. MM14

"Rolling Hills Review 1840-1980." Crestwynd Community Club, Crestwynd, Sask 1980. Crestwynd and area including Old Wives, Bevitt, Bay Island, Don Jean, iety Hill and Windcrest districts. LW1, MR3

"Terrell 101 Faith and Freedom." Terrell Historical Committee Box 60 Spring Valley, Sask. 1981. RM of Terrell #101. Including the towns of Cardross, Galilee, Mitchellton, Spring Valley and area. MR3

"They Came to Wood Mountain." No author or publisher information given. Noted that many of the stories were written in 1967. Wood Mountain area "south of Twelve Mile Lake to the United States border stretching from Willow Bunch on theeast to Horse Creek on the west." "Most of the stories in this book are from within the municipality of Old Post No. 43". MR3

"Warm Prairie Winds." Red Lake & District History Moose Jaw Sask. 1983. Moose Jaw area including the RM of Baildon/RM of Hillsborough, hamlet of Buttress, School districts of Camlachie, Quincy, Newberry, Red lake, Brooksfield, City View, Ranch and Thomson's Lake. Includes cemetery transcriptions of the Swedish Cemetery at Archive (also known as the Newberry Cemetery) and Hillsdale Cemetery, Baildon. MR3

"Wheat Fields and Wild Roses Briercrest and Districts." Briercrest & District Historical Society Box 14, Briercrest Sask 1988. Village of Briercrest and area. Includes indexes of Blue Hill Cemetery, Briercrest Cemetery and Briercrest Lutheran Cemetery. MR3

Weyburn Region 3

"Frobyshire to Frobisher." Frobisher Happy Gang, Frobisher, Sask. / Friesen Printers, Altona, MB. 1979. History of Frobisher and area. MR3

"Froude and Area History 1899-1999." Froude History Committee, 1999. Local History and Biography of the people of the Froude District 1899-1999. SK

"Lang Syne: A History of Lang Saskatchewan." Lang Syne History Book Committee, Lang, Sask. 1980. Villages of Lang and Yellow Grass. MR3

"Memories of Shand: History of a Saskatchewan Coal Mining Community." Compiled and Edited by Alice Pawson 1992. Stories, clippings and memories of the town of Shand. Not indexed. MR3

"More Griffin Prairie Wool." Mary Scarrow, Mabel Charlton. Compiled by Mabel Charlton Augmenting and Supplementing "Griffin Prairie Wool" (published 1967). "Wool gathering" by Mary Scarrow and Mabel Charlton. Compiled by Mabel Charlton. NOT indexed -- please send as many details as possible. MR3

"Mountain Hills To Prairie Flats". Golden Heritage, Arcola - Kisbey, 1987. SS1

"Poet's Corner." Lampman & District History Book Committee, Lampman, Sask. 1982. Lampman and District and the RM of Browning including the hamlet of Browning, Steelman and the village of Willmar and the school districts of Cateville, Cote, Crystal, Enniskillan, Erin, Glasston, Idlewilde, Lampman, Morrisville, Rockland, Roseleigh, Sinclair, Weir Hill, Willmar and Yankee. MR3

"Prairie Memories Creelman & District." Creelman Celebrate Saskatchewan 1980 Committe, 1980. Local History Book for Creelman Saskatchewan historical and biographical. SK

"A Sacred Heritage." Odessa and District, 1983. SS1

"The Saga of Souris Valley RM #7." Souris Valley No 7 History Club, Box 22, Oungre, Saskatchewan, 1976. Village of Oungre and School districts of Big Timber Bromhead Dravland Flaata Greendale Green Mount Hamar Hoffer Knoxville Little Butte Murray Smith Norge Lyndale Range View Ratcliffe Ramford Round Grove Salisbury Schneller Shakespeare Summit Tribune Velhaven. MR3

"Settlers of the Hills." Lake Alma Over 50 Club ,1976. "This book contains autobiographical accounts of the pioneers and others who helped in the development of the Rural Municipality of Lake Alma No 8" Includes school districts of Lake Alma, Grendale, Blooming, Tree Lake, Loraine, Welhaven, Busy Bee, Highland View, Overland and Norge. MR3

"A Tale That is Told - Estevan and area 1890-1980." Estevan History Book Committee 1980. MR3

"Toil, Tears and Thanksgiving RM of Benson No 35." Benson Historical Society, Friesen Printers 1981. History of the RM and village of Benson and the hamlets of Bryant, Cullen, Viewfield and Woodley. MR3

"Yesterday's Prairie Wind 1882-1980." Gainsborough and District Historical Society; Editor Olive Murray. A History of Gainsborough, Ash Grove, Cayuga, Claremont, Fern, Newlyn, Winlaw and Winmore. MR3

Kindersley Region 4

"The History of the Golden Prairie Community." Publishing Committee The History of Golden Prairie Community, 1968. This book is not indexed. MR3

"Prairie to Wheat Fields." Elrose and District History Book Committee 1985. Town of Elrose and the communities and school districts of Tezorton, Alford,Hughton, Wartime, Gunworth, Mondou, Lille, East Gap, Wendy Plain, Orvill, Hester, Poplar Butte, Milan, Coteau View, Ivor and Ypres. MR3

Regina Region 5

"Between Long Lake and Last Mountain." Strasbourg, Bulyea, Duval History Book Committee 1982. Family write-up of people in the areas. C25

"Combining Communities - Lake Valley/Rowlette." Lake Valley-Rowletta History Book Society. History and settlers of the towns of Lake Valley and Rowletta and the surrounding school districts of Beattie-Premier, Faulkton, Wilson, Kipling, Pelican Lake and West Marquis. MR3

"Down Memory Lane." Simpson History Book Committee. 727 Pages. Printed 1987. Family Histories, Simpson Village & Community, R. M. Wood Creek #281 and School Histories. JE2

"From Prairie Plow Till Now." Milestone History Book Committee, Milestone, Sask. History of Milestone and district. MR3

"Heritage of the Wheatlands." Tuxford Heritage Committee, Tuxford, Sask. 1977. Tuxford and area including school districts of Blofield, Buffalo Lake, Clinton, Fairwell, South Lake and Westlake. MR3

"Holdfast- History and Heritage." Holdfast History and Heritage Committee/Phillips Publishers Ltd. 1980. History of Holfast and district. MR3

"Looking Back at Victory." Ethel Welch and Irene Foster 1979. History of the RM of Victory #226 and the towns of Beechy and Demaine. MR3

"Marquis Memories." Marquis History Book Group, Marquis, Sask. 1983. RM of Marquis #191 including school districts of Barton, Westlake and West Marquis. MR3

"Milestones and Memories 1900-1980." Outlook, Broderick, Bratton, Glenside. Compiled by Outlook-Broderick History Book Committee, Turner Warwick Printers Inc., 1980. Thumbnail sketches of early pioneer families of above named areas. Typical Saskatchewan celabratory community history book. CS8, MR3

"Mileposts to Memories." Area: Sovereign and the RM of St Andrews. Published by Sovereign Historical Group, Sovereign, Saskatchewan. ISBN 0-88925-320-X. MR3

"Penzance Prairie Profiles." Penzance Historical Society 1982. Town of Penzance and the school districts of Edenholme, Iduna, Mariposa, Rock Lily and Sarnia. [This book is now freely available online at Our Roots.]

"Ploughshares & Prairie Trails - Dilke and District." Dilke & District Historical Committee 1982. MR3

"Prairie Tapestry." Book Published by Davidson & District Historical Society. Printed 1983. 830 pages. Family histories, School Districts, Town of Davidson, Village of Girvin. Listed are the old settlers with names, arrival time and previous residence. JE2

Yorkton Region 6

"Dongola School Days 1901 - 1954: History of Dongola School District Number 603 (Tantallon)." The school location: S12 TP19 RG 32 W1. This book is unindexed. Please send as much information as possible. MR3

"Emerald's Past in Prose Poetry and Pictures." Wishart - Bankend Historical Society, 1981. A History of Emerald Municipality #277 including Daystar Reserve and the School Districts of Allenby, Bankend, Birch Creek, Clarkson, Caleraine, Cresswell, Emerald, Firefly, Gilbert, Halicz, Hollis, Honneybank, Ladstock, Larisa, Lily White, Marlow , Mt, Hecla, Perryville, Round Hills, Round Plain, Royal Rock, Touchwood, Wallhalla, West Bend, Westmoor and Wishart. Note there is NO index in this book. Families are listed alphabetically under the school district where they lived. Please provide as much information as possible - the school district name if possible. A land location (Twp/Range) is also helpful. MR3

"A History of Fort Qu'Appelle and Area." The Fort Qu'Appelle and Districy History Book Committee 1995. This book contain histories, documents, photographs and information about Fort Qu'Appelle and the people who inhabited that part of the Qu'Appelle Valley from the early 1800s until the present time. Included in this book are 846 family histories. JDB2

"Indian Head", History of Indian Head and District, 1984. SS1

"Memories of Lestock." A Local History of Lestock and Districts Including the communities of George's, Arpad, Westmoor, Virag, Touchwood Hills, Poplar Peak, Muskowekwan, Millersdale, Marr-Hall, Marlow, Granatier. Lestock Historical Society Friesen Printers 1980. NOT indexed -- please provide as many details as possible. MR3

"SALTCOATS ROOTS AND BRANCHES." Saskatchewan. Published by Saltcoats and District Historical Society, 1982. J1

"The Whispering Aspens: A History of RM of Tullymet No. 216 Saskatchewan (Townships 22,23,24 in Range 10,11,12 West of the 2nd meridian). Balcarres/Ituna area. Published by the RM of Tullymet History Book Committee - no year given.MR3

Battleford Region 7

"Big Manitou Country 1905-1980 Volume II." Big Manitou Lake Historicial Association Marsden, Saskatchewan. History of the districts around Big Manitou Lake and the villages of Marsden, Neilburg, Point Lake, Roland View, Sherlock lake, Stanmore, Wells, and SYonker Saskatchewan. MR3

"Blended Heritage." Blended Heritage History Committee/Friesen Publishers/1978 Community histories of Ada, Alada, Baldwinton, Bluebell, Cairnsview, Dufferin, East Bank, Happyland, Irene, Langemarch, Madawaska, Mount Ethel, Ruth, Seagram, Thule, Vance, Wasteena, Wilbert, Winter, RM of Round Valley #410. MR3

"Footsteps In Time." Meota History Book Committee, Saskatchewan. Printed 1980. 523 pages. Includes the following towns, School Districts, Villages and Communities of Meota, Prince, Cochin, Jackfish Lake, Family Histories and surrounding areas. JE2

"Grassland to Grainland." Historical Seven Book Association 1982. History of Adanac, Phippen, Queenston, Crooked Valley, Local Centre, Cleavering and Tako. MR3

"Westside Echoes." Turner-Warwick Printers. The Rural Districts West of Unity, Saskatchewan-Alfred Knowles, Belton, Buccleugh, Mount Everest, Rosebrier, Rosemary, Scotstown, Sunny Glen. W1

Saskatoon Region 8

"Aberdeen." Aberdeen Historical Society, 1982. History of Aberdeen and the RM of Aberdeen #373. MR3

"The Best of Humboldt." Humboldt Journal, 1982. MR3

"Dovre-75 Years." Garth Ulrich, 1989. A History of Dovre Lutheran Church, Spalding, SK on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the congregation, including baptism, confirmation, wedding and funeral records. The book also includes the same for the now defunct Lutheran congregations in the Spalding district: Bigstone, Bethany, Good Hope and Vor Frelser's (Our Saviour's). GU

"FOOTSTEPS TO FOLLOW: A history of Young & Zelma Saskatchewan and districts." By the Young Celebration Committee, 1981. J1

"Harvest of Memories 1895-1995." Domremy. Domremy Historical Society, 1995. MR3

"Journey Down School's Memory Lane." 1989: St. Peter's Press, Muenster, SK. ISBN 0-921257-28-7. GU

"Milestones & Memories 1900-1980." Outlook-Broderick History Book Committee, Turner Warwick Printers Inc., 1980. Towns of Outlook, Broderick, Bratton, Glenside. MR3

"Reflections of Radisson 1902-1982." Radisson and District Historical Society History of Radisson, Saskatchewan and the school districts of Grand Valley, Hillsborough, Hopewell, Lamoyle, Saginaw, Scottville, Turtle Lake, Twin Lakes, Waterbury and Wheatheart. MR3

"Spalding Roots and Branches." Spalding and District Historical Society, 1981. GU

"They Plowed the way and We followed: Vanscoy and Districts to 1980." Vanscoy & District History 1980. ISBN 0-88925-157-6. History and family stories of Vanscoy and District - RM 345. MR3

"Through The Fields of Time - Plunkett & District." Plunkett History Committee, Friesen Printers, 1982. Families: Alexander & Hannah Allan, Percy Allen, Antal, Mervyn & Elaine Anderson,J. H. Porter Armatage, Ed & Marion Armitage, James & Margaret Baikie, George & Elizabeth Baker, Amrose & Liz Balogh, Michael & Hedie Balogh, Harry & Ted Ball, Jack & Marion Ball, Douglas & Evelyn Ball, Walter & Lillian Beadle; Joseph Beleznay; John Fletcher Bell; Bentley Bros (John, Jim & Emil); Joseph & Mary Bentley; Frank Beranek; Balaz & Marguerite Berenchy; Jack & Joan Bieber; Leonard & May Blundell; Bob & Alice Brady; Tom & Ada Brierley; Harry & Ellen Brumwell; William Brumwell; Harry & Rose Brumwell; Metro & Frances (Teresak) Bucholski; Andrew Busa; George, Garry & Marion Busch; Mike & Caroline Carlos; William Howard Chase; Albert & Eglantine, Archelaus, Raoul, Armand & Debbie, Albert, Enclyde, Jerome, Pascal Clavelle; William Coe; Walter Collins; Charles Henry Cox; James Credgeur; Wilford & Margaret Dale; Robert Dale; Charles A. Davies; Harry & Rose, Harry & Irene, Arthur & Nell, Walter & Miriam, Stan & Mary, Edward, Victor & Marie Dawes; Percy & Sadie, Floyd & Martha Dennis; Steve, Mike, Rick & Judy Dopko; Frank, Margaret Duh; Brock & Merle Duke; Bill, Gustav Eikstein; Peter & Mary Egeto; George & Lucy, Albert & Elsie Elve;Levi & Charlotte, Herbert & Pat, Lorne & Dolly, Merle & Iris, Stan & Emma Ernst; Michael & Mary Estok; Anton, Stephen & Mary, Joseph, Mike & Mary, Steve & Margaret, Alex, John P. Farago; Albert Farkas & John Hegedus; Albert & Irene Farkas; Fenn Family; Joseph, Ernest & Muriel, Stephen A., Joseph J. Fink; Charles Fodor; Jim Forbes; Jim & Pearl, Ted & Bertha Galvin; Gergley Family; Henry J. & Ethel Gregory; David, Robert & Catherine, David & Evie, Ron & Ivy, Frank & Connie Grisdale; Grogett Family; Habermehl Family; Arthur & Ethel, Cyril Charles, Fred, William James, Edwin, Bert & Minnie Hale; Robert, Bill & Doreen, Len Hastie; Louis & Julia Hegy; Philip, Henry, Edward, Heise; James & Florence Hill; Joseph, John, Michael, Stephen Hornyak; Stephen, Ben & Elizabeth, Frank Horvath; John & Katarzyna, Walter & Chris, Paul Hrynkiw; William & Helen Jackson; Nora Jacques; Mae Jensen; Frederick & Bessie Johnson; Evan & Katherine Kennedy; John & Rosalie, Louis & Nellie Kiss; Mike & Katarina, John & Mary, Joe & Vera Kostuk; Lazlo & Kathaleen Kovach; Peter Kristoff; W. H. Lamming; Jimmie, Arthur & Alice, Alfred John & Florence, Charles & Myrtle, George, Roger & Isabelle Langston; LeMay Family; Fred & Jane, Herb & Jen, Mike & Helen, Lyle & Agnes, William Leyh; Doug & Clara Leigh; Livergants Family; Les & Tillie Manson; Frank Marcoux; David Markley; Vera Mattson; Jack & Florence McCarthy; Paul McKeown; Dan Donald & Maggie McKinnon; McMeans Family; John & Anne, George & Frieda McWillie; Michael & Katherine, John & Annie Melnyk; William, Thomas Menzies; Stephen & Julia Meszaros; Mervin & Margaret Millsap; Jacob & Susana Molder; Andrew Molnar; Peter & Marguerite, Louis, Ezzio Julios, Bruno & Doris Morelli; John & Elizabeth, Alfred James Mundell; Robert Edwin & Helen, William Murray; August Nelson; Joe Nimchuk; John & Mary, Martin Norek; Alphonse & Maria Notschaele; Fred Nugent; John & Pearl Ogram; Jim & Mary, Jim & Jean, Gerald & Inger Olah; Eugene & Mary, Steve, Mickey Palfy; Mike &Kathleen Pasztor; Mike & Marie, Michael & Nadine Pastor; Paulett Family; Bert, Leonard George & Eva, David William Pearce; Pedrotti Family; James & Kathleen Pinke; Geza Ponak; Alex, Louis, Mike, Joe, George, Jim, Irene, Margaret, Leslie, Albert, Frank & Joan Pongracz; H. F. Rae; Jim & Floss Raycroft; Isac Raymond; John & Theresia, Peter Reiber;George Henry, Ivan, Tom, Nellie, Kathleen, Ronald, Joan, Alma, George, Frank Gilbert Roper; Peter & Elizabeth, Tony & Margaret Schlachter; George Scott; Bert & Elizabeth, William & Clara, Gordon & Margaret Seabrook; Otto & Evelyn Shoemaker; Elias Sichkaryk; Peter & George Simon; Andrew & Ester, Michael & Anna Sollosy; Walter G., Gib & Fran, Harold & Mona Streeton; William Jacob, Jim & Florence, William Jacob Jr. Stroheber; Sutherland & Chapman; Harry & Kathleen, Hector & Maisie Sutherland; Albert Swanson; Fred Syroteuk; Frank & Otelia, Frank & Ann Tayfel; Harry Terrell; John & Helen Torok; Joseph, John Toth; Anton Vaczy; Vanhouwe Family; Alex & Rose Veres; Percy & Irene Waddington; Peter, John & Susan, Edward & Genevieve, Helen & Max, Peter & Mary Welter; Peter, Svend Wignes; Fred Wiley; Samuel Allen, William George, Joseph Charles, Joseph Allan Williamson; Joseph, John, Robert & Deloris, W. L. Wilson; Walter & Agnes Workman; Matt & Nettie Yaremchuk; Ignatius Zoney; Mike & Mary Zurko. MCC

"Through the Years...Delisle, Donavon, Gledhow & O'Malley, Laura, Swanson." Delisle Women's Institute (approximately 1972). A book compiled from the memory of citizens to record the 'opening up of the country, the way of life, and at least some of the names of the people who helped make that..." AL1

"Walk of Ages - families and pioneers of Cudworth & District including Bremen, Leofeld, Leofnard, & Old St. Benedict." Copyright 1986. Leona D. Weixl; Editor: published by the Cudworth History Book Committee: printed and bound in Canada by Friesen Printers, a Division of D.W. Friesen & Sons Ltd., Altona, MB, R0G 0B0. Table of Contents includes: Churches, School Districts, Hospital, Family Histories, Pioneers, Service Personnel/Armed Forces, Businesses, Farming, Sports, Culture, Organizations, Arts, Anniversaries, Generations, and Reunions. Contains writeups on 588 families. CM10

Kamsack Region 9

"Cordwood Days to Modern Ways." Porcupine Plain & District Historical Society, Porcupine Plain, Sask. (no year given) Carragana, Chelan, High Tor, Porcupine Plain, Somme and Weekes. MR3

"Fosston Flashbacks." History of Fosston and District, 1980. SS1

"Harvest of Memories Sturgis & district." History book Committee, Print West ISBN#1-894022-56-4. This is a century of history of the people of Sturgis, Saskatchewan, Canada. Names are listed alphabetically. It covers the area in and around the Town of Sturgis. VMD

"History of Wadena, Sask," 2 volumes, approx 1991. SS1

"Pages From The Past." History of Paswegin and School Districts Harrow, North Quill, Quill City, Tiger Lily and Wooler, 1982. SS1

"Spinning Memories A Woven History." Kamsack Togo Veregin Runnymede Cote. Kamsack History Book Committee, 1988. MR3

"A Tribute To Our Pioneers." History of Rose Valley and District, 1981. SS1

"With Quill In Hand." History of Quill Lake and District, 1st and 2nd Editions, 1983 and 1996. SS1

Lloydminster Region 10

"Bright Sand to Green Fields." Greenfield Historical Society, 1985. Covers the following: Bright Sand, Cottage Grove, Deer Valley, Dexter, Elmhurst, Emmaville, May Bell, Moose Head, Pine Ridge, Sky Rock, Spruce Bluff, Spruce Lake, Waskiagon. LW1

"Footprints of yesterday and today." Volumes I & II. St. Walburg History Committee, Friesen Printers, 1988. History of families in St. Walburg and surrounding districts. LW1

"Golden Memories." The Mayfair History Book Committee, Turner-Warwick Printers Inc, 1986. Local histories of the Alticane, Mayfair, Mullingar, Redfield, & Whitkow Districts. M27

"Links with the Past: Belbutte-Bapaume." Belbutte-Bapaume History Committee, Spiritwood, Sask., 1980. General histories of two communities and family histories of pioneers with photos. No index. L9

"Mervin Memories." Mervin Homecoming Committee, 1982. History of the community of Mervin and school districts of Aroma, Brooksdale, Clover lake, Cordelia, Daysville, Dulwich, Louisville. MR3

"Our Pioneers - Pierceland and District." Peirceland and District Heritage Committee. Stories about early families in the districts of Black Raven, Chocolate Valley (Pierceland), Deer Haven, Glenvale, Mudie Lake, Northern Pine, Smoky Hill and Venusburg (Beacon Hill). GAB

"Preserving the Past: A History of the School Districts of Carruthers, Cosy Nook, Flat Lake, Lilydale, Reading and Sumner." Preserving the Past History Books Club, November 1978. This book is unusual in that it is not about a town but specifically about the school districts mentioned. Also in the table of contents are the RM of Hillsdale #440. These are in the area of the town of Maidstone. MR3

"Pine Cones and Pussy Willows - A History of Pierceland." Turnwer-Warwick Printers, North Battleford, Saskatchewan. A short history of the town of Pierceland and surrounding area. GAB

"Turtleford Treasures." Turtleford Historical Society, Friesen Printers, 1986. History of families in Turtleford and surrounding districts of Beaverbrook, Warnock, Vimy Ridge, Cleeves, Clayville, West Hazel, Turtle Grove, Handsworth and Hillhead. LW1

"A Walk Down memory Lane - Hafford & District." Hafford History Book Committee, 1983. Town of Hafford and the RM of Redberry. MR3

Prince Albert Region 11

"Bridging The Years." Nipawin history book, 1988. SS1

"Chances, Challenges & Cherished Memories." Prince Albert East School Area History Committee, 1998. Colleston, Cecil, Birson, Fanford, Steep Creek, Sask Forks general histories, family histories, photographs, indexed. L9

"Our Courageous Pioneers." History of Gronlid, including Argus, Athol, Edenbridge, Freedom, Maryville, Murphy Creek, Sandhill Creek, Taelman, Taras and Teddington, 1991. SS1

"Pioneer Ways to Modern Days." History of the town of Carrot River and the Rural Municipality of Moose Range, 1985. SS1

"A Salute to Pioneers: Clashmoor, Eldersley, Miner Creek." Published by Eldersley History Book, Tisdale, Saskatchewan. ISBN 0-88925-863-1. MR3

"Search For Yesteryears." Newfield School and Districts History Book Committee, Turner-Warwick Printers Inc., 1984. A history of Newfield School and districts of Elkhorn, Little Bridge, Murphy Creek, Newfield/Lost River and Teddington, west of Codette and Pontrilas. SS1

"Search For Yesteryears - Volume 2." Newfield Schools & District History Book Committee, 2007. Covers the same area as the 1984 edition with updated information and family histories. SS1

"Under Northern Lights." Codette & District Historical Society, Focus Publishing Inc., 1987. Local history of Codette and Pontrilas, including the former school districts of Brentwood, Inkster, Nipawin Rural, North Armley, Redwood, Sandwell, Sunnybrook. Also includes a very comprehensive agricultural history of the area. Contains approx. 800 family histories. SS1

"Under Northern Lights." 2nd Edition, Codette & District Historical Society, 2007. This book covers the same area as the 1987 editioin, with updated and new histories of families, the community, agriculture, and much more. Contains approx 580 histories, and 800 photos. SS1