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See also these surnames: Allen, Boaz, Boyle, Clarke, Crabtree, DuVal, Gaines, Griffis, Helm, Hill, Jarboe, Logan, Owens, Porter, Sellards, Stephenson.

"1910 Eastern KY Miracode Index." Index of the 1910 Census for the Eastern States of Kentucky. Ancestry View. (The Miracode Index is similar to the Soundex.) GB4

"1910 Western KY Miracode Index." Index of the 1910 Census for the Western States of Kentucky. Ancestry View. (The Miracode Index is similar to the Soundex.) GB4

"Abstract of Early Kentucky wills and Inventories, Copied from Original and Recorded Wills and Inventories." 304 pages. Author: J. Estelle Stewart King. Publisher & date: Heritage Books (c) 2009. Searchable book, contains most if not all abstracts/inventories from Will book A, in each county. J15

"American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796." Murtie June Clark, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1990. Lists many frontier era militia, although not exhaustive. It will provide locations for further research for any names discovered. Please submit first and last name of individual you are seeking. Limit your requests to three. Specific to these states: Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. M16

"Civil War Abstracts Field Reports and Correspondence." Compiled by Randolph N. Smith, Clinton County Historical Society, 1992. Abstracts of field reports from South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee. Names listed include: Abner, Adams, Aiken, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baise, Baison, Baker, Barnes, Beason, Beaumont, Behle, Belbo, Benjamin, Bennett, Biffle, Biggerstaff, Bland, Bledsoe, Bolen, Boles, Booden, Booker, Bow, Boyle, Bradley, Bragg, Bramlette, Branner, Breckenridge, Brent, Bridewater, Bristow, Brown, Brownlow, Bruce, Bruton, Bryan, Buckner, Buell, Bullit, Bullock, Burbridge, Burford, Burgess, Burnside, Burton, Busteed, Butler, Byram, Byrd, Cameron, Campbell, Capps, Capron, Carrington, Carter, Cash, Caswell, Chalmers, Chapin, Chauncy, Cheatham, Chenault, Chitwoods, Cilton, Cleburne, Cloyd, Cluke, Coale, Coffey, Comar, Compton, Coop, Cooper, Cosby, Coy, Cozatt, Craddock, Craft, Crandell, Crittenden, Crook, Cross, Daniel, Davidson, Davis, Debaum, Denning, Dibrell, Dickerson, Dickson, Donelson, Drake, Drye, Ducat, Dudley, Duffield, Duke, Ducan, Eastin, Eaton, Edwards, Ellis, Estell, Fairleigh, Ferguson, Finnell, Flowerree, Forrest, Frain, Franklin, Frogg, Fry, Gano, Garner, Garrard, Gass, Gilbert, Gilkison, Gillmore, Glassford, Goddard, Good, Goodbur, Goodhue, Graham, Granger, grant, Granville, Gratz, Graves, Green, Greene, Gregg, Grider, Grigsby, Groom, Guthrie, Haggard, Halleck, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampson, Hanson, Hapkins, Hardee, Hare, hardin, Harlan, Harney, Harris, Hartsuff, Hascall, Haugh, Haynes, Hays, Hazen, Head, Helm, Henager, Hendren, Henry, Henshaw, Herd, Hickman, Hicks, Highley, Hillborough, Hillyer, Hines, Hobson, Hogan, Holloway, Holman, Honnell, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hough, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffhines, Huffman, Hugger, Hughes, Hunt, Huntington, Hurt, Huwald, Jackson, Jacob, Jaeans, James, Jenkins, Jennings, Jesse, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judah, Kautz, Keen, Kirkpatrick, Kise, Knight, Leasure, Lee, Leeson, Letcher, Leverage, Liberty, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lippincott, Lieuzy, Longdorf, Loose, Longstreet, Loring, Lyon, Mackall, Manson, Marcum, Marshall, Martin, Maury, Maxwell, Mays, Maywell, McClellen, McCollum, McComas, McCook, McCoy, McCullough, McHenry, McKinney, McKinstry, McLain, McLean, McMillen, McNairy, McPherrin, McRea, McWilliams, Mehringer, Mershon, Metcalfe, Miller, Milton, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Mundy, Murphy, Murray, Neely, Nelson, Niemeyer, Norton, O'Brien, O'Grady, O'Neil, Owen, Owsley, Paces, Paine, Pardy, Parrish, Payne, Peach, Pegram, Pennebaker, Peterman, Peyton, Pharris, Phifer, Pierce, Polk, Pond, Pound, Prutzman, Purdy, Quigg, Raiborne, Rains, Randol, Ratcliff, Ray, Reed, Richardson, Riddle, Riffe, Rigney, Riley, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Rosecrans, Rousseau, Runkle, Ryan, Sanders, Sanford, Saufley, Saunders, Schoepf, Scott, Searcy, Semple, Settle, Shackleford, Sharp, Shaw, Sheliha, Sherman, Sidwell, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Stager, Stanley, Stanton, Starling, Starnes, Stevenson, Stockes, Stone, Stoughton, Stover, Strickland, String, Sturgis, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swope, Symonds, Talent, Tarrant, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thrope, Thruston, Thurman, Tompkins, True, Tucker, Vance, Vandiver, Van Dorn, Van Winkle, Viers, Wade, Wagoner, Waitsborough, Wallace, Walter, Walthall, Wampler, Ward, Washington, Weatherford, Welsh, Wharton, Wheat, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Willemin, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wiltsie, Winfrey, Withers, Wolford, Wood, Woods, Woodward, Wooley, Wright, Wynn, Yates, Young, Zeddon, Zollicoffer. TLF

"Early Kentucky Settlers." The Records of Jefferson Co. Ky. Filson Club Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988. JK

"'First Census' of Kentucky 1790." Charles B. Hinemann, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1940. Notice in book: "This is not offered as a State or Federal enumeration of inhabitants. It is a privately compiled list of tax payers appearing in the tax lists of all Kentucky counties which were established at the time of the First Federal Census." W2

"A History of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S." (The Blue guys ) Joseph R Reinhart, Beargrass Press Louisville Ky 2000. (see website at: It tells the exciting story of one of the Bluegrass State's premier combat units and the men who fought and died serving in it during it's three years in the Army of the Ohio and its powerful successor, the Army of the Cumberland. Battles: Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, Brown's Ferry, Orchard Knob, Missionary Ridge, and in Shermans four month Atlanta Campaign. Official records, Diaries, letters some translated from German make it a great book. WRK

"Isaac Mize Family of Eastern Kentucky." Franklin Miller, Jr., 1985. Family of Isaac Mize (1793-1882). Includes Walker line, also. PLS

"KENTUCKY CEMETERY RECORDS VOL II." Kentucky Society of DAR, compiled by Malle B. Goyle. Cemtery Transcriptions in various Kentucky Counties. Find a list of the counties, the names of the cemeteries, and a surname listing at (please check the list before making a request). SJK

"Kentucky Genealogical Records & Abstracts Volume 1: 1781-1839." Sherida K. Eddleman. A variety of records including tax, marraige, will, cemetary records etc. KG

"Kentucky Genealogical Records & Abstracts," Vol. 2 1796-1839. 219 pages. Author: Sherida K. Eddlemon. Publisher & date: Heritage Books (c) 2006. This book is a hodge-podge going through a lot of the counties. All of the cemeteries I have put onto Find-a-grave. There is usually one entry per county. example: Barren county = Heads of Household 1810 Census; Bath county = 2 Cemeteries; Carter county = Marriages, 1838-1839; Counties listed: Adair, Barren, Bath, Campbell, Carter, Daviess, Estill, Fayette, Floyd, Fulton, Grant, Grayson, Greenup, Hardin, Lawrence, Livingston, Oldham, Scott, Union, Webster, Whitley and Woodford. J15

"Kentucky in the War of 1812." Anderson Chenault Quisenberry; Genealogical Publishing Company; Orig - 1912; reprint 1969. First book length account of Kentucky's participation in the War of 1812. W2

"Kentucky Marriage Records." Genealogical Publishing Co. JK

"Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854." Compiled by G. Glenn Clift, Originally published in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vols. 39-41 1941-1943, Reprinted by permission of The Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1977. The obituary notices have been edited to include name of deceased, place, wife or husband, parentage or other survivor or survivors and date of death. RB2

"The lawyers and lawmakers of Kentucky." Publisher: Southern Historical Press Publication Date: 1982-06, H. (of Illinois Bar)(arranges and Edited Under the supervision) Levin. RB2

"Marylanders to Kentucky 1775 - 1825." Henry C. Peden, Jr.; Family Line Publications; 1991. RC3

"The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky." Major J. A. Brents, McDowell Publications, 1862 (reprint 2001). Brownlow, Johnson, Hale, Zackarys, Huddleton, Beaty, Ferguson, Coffey, Philpott, Hamilton, Nelson, Bramlette, Garrard, Fry, Bird, Carter, Wolford, Honnell, Letcher, Helveti, Morrison, Alexander, Smith, Hoskins. TLF

"Passing Generations 1885-1903." Carolyn Wimp, Ancestral Trails. JK

"Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823." Dorothy Potter, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982. JK

"Roster of the Volunteer Officers and Soldiers from Kentucky in the War of 1812." Sam E. Hill, Adjutant General; Southern Historical Press; Orig - 1891, Reprint 1992. Primary source for data on soldiers from Kentucky who participated in the War of 1812. W2

"Second Census of Kentucky 1800." G. Glen Clift, GPC, 1954. This is actually a tax list. Simply lists Name, County, and Date. Not other information listed. The vast majority of dates list the year as 1800, but there are the occasional 1799 and 1801. About half of the entries list day and month also. PM1

"Who's Who in Kentucky, 1955." Historical Records Association, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Short autobiographical articles about business people in Kentucky in 1955. Probably a "vanity press" type book, where people paid to have their information printed, plus extra if a picture was included. Index of all names can be found at the USGenWeb Archives page for Bullitt Co., KY (under "Miscellaneous Files"). No copyright date in book. PJS

Barren Co.

"Barren County Kentucky Cemeteries." Brice T Leech and Kenneth Beard, Editors Tomstone transcriptions of most cemeteries in Barren County and their locations. SJK

"Barren County Kentucky Deeds 1798-1813." Patricia Hatcher, Pioneer Heritage Press, 1998. This books lists any item that was recorded as a deed. CD2

"Barren County Kentucky Vital Statistics." Births 1852-1859,1861,1878 (3323 white births , 1387 slave and black births). Deaths 1852-1859, 1861, 1877-1879 (Partial) 1940 white deaths & 700 black and slave deaths. by Sandra K Gorin, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, 205 Clements Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141-3409 Copyright July 5, 2007. SJK

"Barren County Kentucky Unrecorded Burials Annotated." Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Happy Valley Memorial Gardens, Burials out of County of Barren County Citizens, Burials of Unknown locations, Cremations and Donations to Science. The 1880's thru May 18,2006." By Sandra K Gorin, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, 205 Clements Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141-3409 Copyright May 2006. SJK

"Marriage Records of Barren County, Kentucky 1799-1849, 'The First Fifty Years.'" Martha Powell Reneau, 1984. This is indexed and includes Barren County marriages between 1799-1849. CD2

Bell Co.

"Bell County Kentucky Marriage Index Vol 1 & 2 1867-1937." by Mark and Phyllis Treadway 2002. SJK

Bourbon Co.

See under Wright surname.

Boyle Co.

"Early Days in Danville." Calvin Morgan Fackler, The Standard Printing Co., 1941. Early days of Danville, Kentucky from the beginning to 1860s. TLF

"History of Mercer and Boyle Counties." by Maria T. Daviess. published by the Harrodsburg Herald, 1924 (1961 reprint), 175pp. This history originally appeared in the "Harrodsburg Democrat" newspaper in the late 1880s. Includes town histories, historical events, bios of area pioneers, including a chapter on the McAfee family (my line - I am willing to share additional info). I have prepared an index to this book; please check the index first before requesting a lookup. JRT

Bracken Co.

"Bracken County Kentucky Marriages & Bonds 1797-1859." Rosemarie Bonwell Pell, Bracken County Historical Society, July 1996. Book is divided into two sections, one for male, one for female. In many cases there is more than one listing, i.e., marriage bond, marriage license, marriage certificate, marriage return, consent and the Marriage Register Book. MWA

Breathitt Co.

See under Stamper surname.

Butler Co.

"Butler County, Kentucky Cemeteries," by Butler County Cemetery Book Committee. ARRB

Caldwell Co.

"Caldwell County History." Samuel W. Stegar. A Full Index of Bios has been posted at: - please check before making a lookup request. SJK

"Caldwell County Probate Records Vol. 1 1809-1834." A Full Index of wills has been posted at: - please check before making a lookup request. SJK

Campbell Co.

"Campbell County Kentucky Marriage Bonds 1795-1827 (Early Bluegrass Marriages series)." Gwendolyn Evans, Kentucky Tree-Search, 1984. Marriage bonds, includes familial relations when given and consents, but not bondsmen or witnesses. P9

Clarke Co.

See also Foster family.

Clinton Co.

"Early Times in Clinton Clunty, Volume 1." Jack Ferguson, no date listed, no publisher listed Describes Clinton County, Kentucky from earliest times up to 1865 and the founding families. Included are: Stockton, Smith, Wood, Ferguson, Jones, Huff, Groce, Talbott, Cowan, Denton, Davis, Grider, Reneau, Beaty, Wade, Koger, Crockett, Snow, Pierce, Conner, Williams, Frogge, Mackey, Bristow, Burchett, Flowers, Thrasher, Cole, Hunter, Cross, Means, and Craig. TLF

"Early Times in Clinton County, Volume II." Jack Ferguson, United States Copyright Office, Oct 13, 1993 Clinton County, Kentucky history and families from 1865-1900. Highlighted Families are: Asberry, Piercey, Johnson, Taylor, Duvall, Dyer, Cummings, Pennycuff-Penticuff, Carr, Harper, Parrigin, Sawyer-Sawyers, Branham, Tuggle, Booher, Crouch, Guffey, Honeycutt, Looper, Luttrell-Littrell, Marcum, Owen-Owens, Perkins, Sheffield, Tompkins, Wright. TLF

"A Military History of Clinton County, Kentucky, a Tribute to Those who Served 1775-2000." Clinton County Historical Society, McDowell Publications, 2001. List citizens of Clinton County, Kentucky who served in the military from the Revolution to the the year 2000. Included are photos and descriptions of military service. Some surnames include: Aaron, Abbott, Abston, Abnor, Adams, Adkins, Agee, Albertson, Allen, Alley, Amonett, Anderson, Andrew, Angel, Appleby, Armstrong, Asberry, Ashinhurst, Asriel, Atkinson, Ausborn, Auvry, Avery, Ayers, Baily, Baker, Baldock, Baley, Ball, Ballenger, Ballew, Ballinger, Ballner, Bandy, Barbee, Barber, Barclay, Barger, Barnes, Barnett, Barnham, Barrett, Battle, Baxter, Beady, Beard, Beaty, Beauregard, Beck, Beckett, Bell, Bennett, Benny, Bernard, Bertram, Best, Bilbrey, Bird, Blackburn, Blaine, Blair, Blakey, Blancherd, Blane, Blankenship, Blankline, Blanton, Bledsoe, Blevins, Bogg, Boklage, Bokma, Boles, Bonds, Booher, Booker, Boone, Bowlin, Bowling, Boyd, Boyle, Braden, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bragg, Braham, Brake, Bramblett, Brammer, Brammett, Branham, Braswell, Bray, Breckinridge, Brent, Brents, Bridgeman, Bright, Bristow, Britt, Brock, Bromley, Bromuess, Brooks, Brown, Browneller, Bruce, Brumet, Brumett, Brumette, Brumley, Brummett, Bruner, Bryant, Bryce, Bryson, Buck, Buckner, Buell, Buford, Bullard, Bunch, Burbridge, Burch, Burcham, Burchett, Burchette, Burchook, Burgess, Burke, Burkett, Burnett, Burns, Burris, Burton, Bush, Buster, Butler, Butram, Byers, Byrd, Caldwell, Calhoun, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Cannon, Cantrell, Cargile, Carleton, Carlton, Carpenter, Carr, Carrica, Carter, Carton, Carver, Cary, Cash, Cass, Castle, Catron, Cattern, Cattron, Cecil, Cerrato, Chaffee, Chambers, Chancey, Chandler, Chapman, Chauncey, Chenault, Chilton, Choat, Choate, Chrisley, Chriswell, Churchill, Cianciola, Chaborn, Claiborn, Clark, Clayborn, Clayton, Claywell, Clifton, Cline, Clinton, Cluke, Coe, Coffey, Cole, Collins, Combest, Combs, Compton, Comstock, Conaster, Conner, Cook, Cooksey, Cool, Cooley, Coop, Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Cornstalk, Cottrell, Couch, Covey, Covington, Cowan, Cox, Coy, Crabtree, Craft, Craig, Craven, Cravens, Crawford, Crezelius, Critz, Crocker, Crockett, Cross, Crouch, Crow, Crumpton, Cumming, Cummings, Cummins, Cundiff, Cushy, Cyphers, Dabney, Daffron, Dale, Daley, Dalton, Daniel, Daniels, Danney, Datlon, Davisdon, Davies, Davis, Davison, Deal, Deforest, Delk, Deller, Delph, Denis, Denney, Dennie, Dennis, Denny, Denton, Derossett, Deweese, Dewey, Dick, Dicken, Dickens, Dickerson, Diffee, Dill, Dillon, Dishman, Dixon, Dolton, Dooly, Dorris, Dowell, Druin, Duckett, Dulworth, Duncan, Dunmore, Dunson, Durlin, Duval, Duvall, Dyer, Easter, Echles, Edwards, Egroce, Elder, Eldride, Eliott, Elliott, Ellis, Elmore, Embree, Enis, Epley, Ermon, Estes, Evans, Ewing, Fairchild, Farley, Farmer, Farr, Farragut, Felkins, Felty, Ferdinand, Ferguson, Ferrall, Ferrall, Ferrell, Ferrill, Fewsten, Fischer, Fitzgerald, Flake, Flowers, Floyd, Flynn, Foranner, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Franklin, Frazier, Frederickson, Frogg, Garrard, Garrett, Gates, Gentle, Gernt, Gibbens, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gildewell, Gildwell, Gillonwaters, Giltner, Gist, Giuffrida, Glidewell, Godsey, Goering, Goldy, Goode, Goodin, Goodman, Goosage, Grace, Graham, Grant, Gray, Grayer, Green, Greene, Gregson, Grider, Griffen, Griffin, Grimsley, Groce, Groom, Grooms, Gross, Gufey, Guffey, Guin, Guinn, Gunnels, Gunter, Guthrie, Haag, Haddix, Hagan, Haggard, Hall, Halman, Halstead, Hamilton, Hammond, Hammons, Hamon, Hamons, Hancock, Hand, Harber, Harbor, Harbour, Hardesty, Hardin, Hardison, Hare, Harlan, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hartweger, harvey, Hassler, Hatfield, Hawkins, Hawley, Hay, Hayden, hayes, Heath, Helm, Helms, Helton, Hendricks, Henney, Henry, Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Higginbatham, Higginbotham, Higginbottom, Hildreth, Hill, Hinds, Hitler, Hobbs, Hobson, Hoffman, Hogan, Hogue, Holsapple, Holt, Honeycutt, Hoodenpyle, Hoots, Hoover, Hopkins, Horner, Hornsworth, Horton, Hoskins, Hotler, Hotts, Howard, Huason, Hubbard, Hubble, Huckaby, Huckelby, Huckleby, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Hull, Hulse, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Hurt, Huse, Hutchinson, Irby, Irwin, Jackman, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jandecka, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jeffries, Jennings, John, Johnson, Jolley, Jolly, Jones, Jonson, Judd, Kagle, Kearney, Keen, Keene, Keeton, Keith, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelsey, Kennedy, Kerney, Kerns, Key, Kidd, Kilpatrick, Kindred, King, Kissiah, Kistner, Kniffin, Knipp, Koger, Krulak, Lackey, Lackfield, Laconte, Ladd, Lafayette, Lagro, Land, Langford, Lantham, Larhorne, Latham, Lauman, Lawhorn, Lawless, Lawrence, Lawson, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lee, Lefever, Leonard, Leslie, Lester, Letcher, Leveridge, Lewis, Lincoln, Lind, Linder, Little, Littrell, Livingston, Lloyd, Logan, Logsdon, Logston, Lollar, Long, Looper, Lorton, Losey, Loveall, Lovelace, Lovelall, Lowe, Lowery, Lowhorn, Lowhorne, Lowyer, Lozano, Lucy, Luster, Luttrell, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Macarthur, Maccongale, Mace, Mackey, Madge, Madison, Majors, Malone, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marcum, Marlow, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Massengale, Massengill, matthews, Mauldin, Maupin, Maxey, Maynard, Mays, Meader, Meadow, Means, Meeks, Melton, Mercader, merce, Mercer, Merritt, Miller, Minton, Mitchell, Mogan, Mogg, Molen, Moles, Montgomery, Moody, Moons, Moore, Moppin, Moreland, Morgan, Morningstar, Morrin, Morris, Morrison, Mueller, Mullins, Muncey, Murphy, Murray, Muth, Myers, McCallister, McClay, McClellan, McComas, McConnel, McCormick, McCoy, McCrae, McCreary, McCurry, McDonald, McDowell, McFadden, McFall, McFarland, McFarlin, McFarling, McGill, McGowan, McGowend, McGuffey, McIver, McKee, McKiney, McKinley, McMillan, McMillon, McWhorter, Napoleon, Nazor, Neal, Neall, Neathery, Neighbors, Melson, Newell, Nixon, Noe, Nolan, Norris, Northrip, Northrup, Northup, Not, Nunn, Nuszabaum, Oaks, Oatts, Obrien, Odaniel, Odoff, Ogden, Ohara, Oliver, Ooten, Orton, Osborne, Ousley, Overlin, Owen, Owens, Page, Palmer, Parigin, Parmley, Parrigin, Parrish, Parsons, Patch, Patrick, Patton, Paugh, Payne, Pearl, Peek, Pegram, Pemberton, Pennycuff, Penticuff, Perane, Percy, Perdew, Perdue, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Peters, Petty, Pharis, Pharris, Philips, Phillips, Phlemming, Pickens, Pierce, Piercey, Piercy, Pile, Pillar, Pillow, Pitman, Pittman, Polk, Polson, Polston, Poore, Poteet, Poulston, Powell, Prdue, Presly, Preston, Prewitt, Price, Prince, Pritchard, Pritchett, Pruitt, Pryor, Putnam, Qualls, Radford, Ragan, Ragland, Ragle, Ragon, Ragsdale, Rains, Rainwater, Ramsey, Ranat, Ranck, Randall, Rankin, Rathian, Ratovil, Raul, Ray, Rayborn, Reagan, Reagon, Reano, Rector, Redden, Rednour, Reece, Reed, Reeder, Reeves, Regal, Regon, Reneau, Renfro, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rhule, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Riddle, Ridgeway, Rigdon, Rigney, Ringley, Roach, Robbins, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roe, Roeper, Roger, Rogers, Rommel, Roosevelt, Ross, Rowe, Rucker, Rush, Russell, Ryan, Sakellars, Salisbury, Salter, Sanders, Sandusky, Sarborough, Saufley, Savage, Sawyer, Sawyers, Schakne, Scheckles, Schwenke, Sconyers, Scott, Sell, Sells, Selvidge, Sensing, Sewell, Shackley, Sharp, Sheckles, Sheffield, Shell, Shelley, Shelton, Sherfield, Sheridan, Sherman, Shields, Shipley, Shockley, Shoopman, Shrewsbury, Shy, Siddell, Sidwell, Sim, Simmons, Simpson, Slaughter, Slidell, Sloan, Smallwood, Smith, Smithers, Snavely, Snow, Sorrel, Souder, South, Souttherland, Southwood, Sowder, Sowers, Spahr, Sparrow, Spears, Speck, Speer, Spencer, Spoose, Sproul, Sprouls, Spruance, Stailey, Stamper, Stanford, Stanley, Starks, Starnes, Starns, Staton, Stearns, Steele, Stephenson, Sterling, Steuben, Stevens, Steward, Stewart, Stinson, Stockton, Stone, Stoops, Storie, Story, Stovall, Stoveall, Stow, Stowe, Strickland, Sullivan, Summers, Sumpter, Suratt, Surratt, Sutherland, Sutton, Swift, Swiggett, Swisher, Swopes, Sykes, Szarka, Tabor, Tackett, Tagan, Talbot, Talbott, Tallent, Tarah, Taul, Taylor, Teel, Tell, Tellent, Terrill, Terrvilliger, Thomas, Thomason, Thompkins, Thompson, Thornhill, Thornsberry, Thrasher, Threet, Thurman, Thurston, Tichenor, Tidrow, Tiller, Titus, Tobin, Toland, Tompkins, Trapp, Travis, Traylor, Tribble, Tuck, Tucker, Tuggle, Turner, Tweedy, Ujhely, Underwood, Upchurch, Van, Vance, Vaughn, Vickery, Vickory, Vickry, Vigle, Vincent, Vitatoe, Volentour, Wade, Walker, Wallace, Wallen, Walls, Ward, Wariner, Warinner, Warren, Warriner, Warwick, Washburn, Washington, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wayne, Weatherford, Wedding, Welch, Weldon, Wellman, Wells, Westmoreland, Wheeler, White, Whitesel, Whittenburg, Wilborn, Wilkerson, Willen, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wincent, Winfrey, Winningham, Winsett, Winters, Wise, Witham, Withers, Witten, Wolford, Womack, Wooddum, Woodrum, Woods, Woodson, Wooldridge, Woolsey, Wooten, Wray, Wright, Wyatt, Wynn, WcWhorter, Yates, York, Young, Zachary, Zachery, Zackary, Zollicoffer. TLF

Daviess Co.

"Daviess County Marriage Records, Volume 1 (1780-1914)." Harold Bishop Morgan- McDowell Publications copyright 2004. Lists marriages from Daviess County Ky. from 1780-1914. J34

"Daviess County Kentucky Marriage Records, Volume 2 (1915-1950)." Harold Bishop Morgan, McDowell Publications Copyright 2004. Lists marriages of Daviess County Ky from 1915-1950. J34

Edmonson Co.

"The Sanders Family of Edmonson County, Kentucky." Barry W. Downs, McDowell Publications, 1989. Primarily a genealogy and history of the Samuel Sanders Family who migrated and settled in the Brush Creek region of Green County, Kentucky and the Forks region of Edmonson County, Kentucky. DM3

Estill Co.

"Cemetery Records of Estill County, Kentucky 1808-1976." Compiled by Ellen Rogers and Diane Rogers, Gateway Press Inc Baltimore 1976. MM9

Fayette Co.

See also Breckinridge family.

"1850 Fayette Co., KY. Census." S-K Publications. GB4

Floyd Co.

See also the Patton surname.

Franklin Co.

"Frankfort Cemetery . . . In Kentucky." The Kentucky Genealogical Society, Inc., copyright 1988. This book is "a compilation of names and dates on all gravemarkers in the Frankfort Cemetery" (located in Franklin County, town of Frankfort, Kentucky). Burials occurred in this cemetery beginning about 1845 and continue through the present. A few graves contain bodies of persons who died before the opening of the cemetery, those bodies having been relocated to this cemetery from some other location. This book is organized by physical "section" of the cemetery. Within each section, information is ordered as it was recorded by the volunteers when they "walked" the cemetery, recording the information. The recorded information includes whatever was legible on the gravemarker, usually name, birth date, death date, and often additional information (such as "wife of...", "son of...", etc.) Because of the way the information was recorded, it is often possible to identify other persons who were buried in the same plot (and thus additional genealogical / relationship clues!). There is a surname index at the back of the book. I find it useful to use this book in tandem with my other Frankfort Cemetery Book, "Index of the Frankfort Cemetery, 2005." To request information, please provide complete names and any birth date or death date information (or at least an estimated time frame). PL1, VPC

"A History of Peaks Mill." Lucian A. Parker, ( Pub)-not known, copyright 1995. Pictorial history, Genealogical data, Church histories, School, Graveyard and some Family information. PL1

"Index Of The Franfort Cemetery." The Kentucky Genealogical Society, 1988. Lists First Middle and Last names of Intered. Section, Lot and Grave number. Interment, Birth, Death, Age, Sex, Marital status and Page Number. PL1

"Index of the Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky, December 2005." Frankfort Cemetery, December 2005. This is a white, soft cover book published by the Frankfort Cemetery, Franklin County, Kentucky (their address 215 East Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40601, telephone (502) 227-2403; current superintendent James L. Richardson). Updated versions are published every 5 years or so, December 2005 being the most recent. The book may be purchased directly from the Cemetery office. This book differs from my other book in that it contains information on ALL burials within the cemetery, even those that do not have a gravemarker. It is organized in alphabetical order by surname. The information available includes: last name, first name, middle initial; section, lot, and grave #, interment date, birth date, date of death, age, sex, marital status (Y, N, or M - yes, no, or married), and, if applicable, a page # cross-reference to my other book, "Frankfort Cemetery . . . In Kentucky". Obviously, not all pieces of information are available for all listings. This book contains 356 pages of listings, 60 individuals per page. To request information, please provide complete names and any birth date or death date information (or at least an estimated time frame). VPC

Fulton Co.

"1860 Fulton Co., KY. Census." Fulton Co., Genealogical Society. GB4

"1870 Fulton Co., KY. Census." Fulton Co., Genealogical Society. GB4

"Fulton County, Kentucky Cemeteries Volume 5." Fulton County Genealogical Society. Transcriptions of the Hickman City Cemetery in Fulton County, KY. B15

Garrard Co.

"Garrard County Cemetery Records, Vol. 1." Garrard County Historical Society (nd). CWM

"Garrard Co. Kentucky Wills and Estates 1796-1819 and 1819-1833." Charles M. Franklin, Ye Olde Genealogy Shoppe, Indianapolis, 1986. CWM

Grayson Co.

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Green Co.

See also under the Sanders surname.

Hardin Co.

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Hart Co.

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Henry Co.

See also under Montfort surname.

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Jefferson Co.

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Kenton Co.

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Kentucky Co.

Note: Kentucky Co., Virginia was created from Fincastle Co., VA in 1776. In 1780, it became extinct when it was divided into Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties.

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Larue Co.

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Laurel Co.

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Lawrence Co.

See also the Berry surname.

Logan Co.

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Marshall Co.

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McCreary Co.

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Mercer Co.

See also under Banta surname.

"GONE TO THE WORLD." Marc Rhorer, Union Village Press [Lexington, KY] 1992. List of the membership of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing [Shakers] of Pleasant Hill, KY. It gives names, dates of birth [in most cases], when they joined or arrived at Pleasant Hill, dates of death or date they left the Shakers. BW4

"History of Mercer and Boyle Counties." by Maria T. Daviess. published by the Harrodsburg Herald, 1924 (1961 reprint), 175pp. This history originally appeared in the "Harrodsburg Democrat" newspaper in the late 1880s. Includes town histories, historical events, bios of area pioneers, including a chapter on the McAfee family (my line - I am willing to share additional info). I have prepared an index to this book; please check the index first before requesting a lookup. JRT

Will work with anyone interested in the Montfort family of Mercer, Henry and Shelby Counties, KY. who arrived with the Low Dutch Colony from PA starting in 1780 to Jefferson, Mercer, Henry and Shelby Counties of KY. BW4

Morgan Co.

See under Stamper surname.

Ohio Co.

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Pike Co.



Pulaski Co.

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"Pulaski County Kentucky Marriages 1799-1910." PC Historical Society, Compiled and Printed over Numerous Years. I will attempt to locate your individual, if photo copies are expected it will be $0.25 per page for the copy and $1.59 and up on shipping(Depends on the amount of copies being sent). Please inform me if you want a photo copy or just the requested information. Please be patient with me on the lookups as I work a full time job, have 3 small children and farm. I work on these every night if possible and return requests as soon as I possibly can. Thanks in advance. PS4

"Pulaski County, Ky Taxpayers & Census Records 1799-1920." Pulaski Co Historical Society, Compiled over several years. I will attempt to locate your individual, if photo copies are expected it will be $0.25 per page for the copy and $1.59 and up on shipping(Depends on the amount of copies being sent).Please inform me if you want a photo copy or just the requested information. Please be patient with me on the lookups as I work a full time job, have 3 small children and farm. I work on these every night if possible and return requests as soon as I possibly can. Thanks in advance. PS4

Robertson Co.

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births: 1874-1876, 1878, 1894, 1895, 1897, 1901, 1909
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Scott Co.

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Shelby Co.

See under Montfort surname.

Trigg Co.

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Wayne Co.

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