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"Montana, Its Story and Biography." Tom Stout, The American Historical Society, 1921. Biographies of inhabitants and general history of the state. Three volumes. PW2

"Montana Territory 1870 Census Index." Thelmas Marshall. Great Falls Genealogy Society. April 1994. This index covers Montana Teritory, which in 1870 consisted of 10 counties Missoula, Deer Lodge, Beaverhead, Lewis& Clark, Jefferson, Madison, Chouteau, Gallatin, Dawson, Big Horn. All person with the same surname are listed together. Each surname is listed once. Each household is designated with age, book, page and line. SPO

"Montana Territory Census Index of 1880." Lewiston Genealogy Society, Inc., Lewiston, MT. January 1987. Index covers Montana Territory, which in 1880 consisted of eleven counties. Beaverhead, Chouteau, Custer, Dawson, Deer Lodge, Gallatin, Jefferson, Lewis& Clark, Madison, Meagher, and Missoula. All persons with the same surname are listed together. Each surname is listed once. Each household is designed with a line and page number. All persons with the same surname living in the same household are listed under one line and page number. SPO

"New Partners, Old Roots: A History of Merging Lutheran Churches in the Pacific Northwest." Emerson et al, North Pacific District American Lutheran Church et al, 1986. Contains brief histories of Lutheran congregations in the Pacific Northwest. Most histories include names of Pastors, as well as some early members. Includes congregations that may no longer exist or have merged with other congregations. As this book is not indexed by surname, please provide the community and, if known, congregation name. JH6

"Yankee Jim's National Park Toll Road and the Yellowstone Trail." Doris Whithorn, privately published, April 1989. The life and times of James George, born in Ohio. He built 27 miles of road between Yellowstone National Park and Livingston, Montana in the late 1800s. Surnames of other people include: Baronett, Blair, Bozeman, Brown, Chadbourne, Chandler, Clifford, Conferr, Covely, Curl, Cutler, Dailey, Daily, Dowling, Eaton, English, Farrow, Foss, Henderson, Horr, Hosford, Huston, Ingersol, Johnson, Joy, Rudyard Kipling, Lee, Lenhardt, Lohman, McCartney, Mendenhall, Metlen, Miller, Sargent, Spencer, Stone, Story, Swift, Vivian, Weaver, Werks. JG5

Beaverhead Co.

"Beaverhead County History, Vol. 1 & 2." Beaverhead Co. Museum Association These 2 volumes contain articles submited by local residents about their families and their ancestors who lived in Beaverhead County from the early days to 1997. All of the towns of Beaverhead County are covered. PED

Cascade Co.

"A Century In The Foothills 1876 - 1976." Eden Area Historical Committee, June 1976. A History of the Eden Area, Cascade County, Montana, including a history of Black Butte, Calvert, Eden, Giffen, Pleasant View and Red Butte. LB3

"Mountains and Meadows." Cascade Historical Committee; Blue Print & Letter Printers in Great Falls; about 1970. "A pioneer history of Cascade, Chestnut Valley, Hardy, St. Peter's Mission, and Castner Falls 1805-1925." 305 pages. Contains a history of the area as well as biographies of early settlers. B18, KMT

Dawson Co.

"Honyockers Heritage." by Betty Whiteman. Early stories about Richey, Montana settlers. RW2

"Our Times Our Lives." Family Histories. 1989, Dawson Co Tree Branches. More than 1000 family histories of early homesteaders in Eastern Montana. Please check the index at before making a request. RW2

Gallatin Co.

"Calamity's in Town." Written by Bill and Doris Whithorn, Undated. Excerpted newspaper articles about Calamity Jane from newspapers in Livingston, Bozeman, and Park County, Montana, from 1884 to 1960; 48 pages with 16 black and white photos. BLL

Golden Valley Co.

"Dawn in Golden Valley." Albie Gordon, Margaret Lehfeldt and Mary Morsanny; December, 1971, Golden Valley County, MT. The authors preface: "In this book an attempt has been made to record the way of life, the hardships, the accomplishments of those who were responsible for the development of this county. We pay tribute to all the citizens who joined in this community enterprise and contributed their own histories and art work. We hope their cooperative and helpful response will be rewarding to those who today and in the future wish to look back across the years." 373 pages of life sketches, photographs, history of the county. MAE

Hill Co.

"Always the Wind." North Havre St. Joe Area Residents; Havre, MT 1979 (Hill County). This book contains surnames and stories of the homesteaders in the Havre, MT area starting in 1910. This book contains history of the Havre area and it's churches, clubs, schools,homesteaders. The Table of Contents is an alphabetical list of families during the homestead era. Many captioned photos of families. CS

"Grit, Guts and Gusto...A History of Hill County." Hill County Bicentennial Commission 1976. A history of Hill County, Montana which includes Indians, Military, homesteaders, sheepmen, stockmen. Jim Hill and the railroad. Postal history and it's post offices. The rural towns of: Amos, Assinaboine Station, Box Elder, Casady, Cottonwood, Fairchild, Fresno, Gildford, Goldstone, Hingham, Inverness, Kremlin, Laredo, Miller, Oldham, Pacific Junction, Rudyard, Simpson, Toledo. An extensive history of Havre. Churches, hospitals and doctors, government, schools, college. Many historical photos. CS

Jefferson Co.

"Jefferson County Cemetery Inscriptions." Jefferson County, Montana. Vicki M. Miller, 1980. Listings of 8 Jefferson County, Montana cemeteries. Basin Cemetery, Elkhorn Cemetery, Boulder Valley Church Cemetery (St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church), Old Whitehall Cemetery, Jefferson City Cemetery, Boulder Cemetery, Fish Creek.Indexed. SPO

Lewis and Clark Co.

"Resurrection Cemetery 1907-1990." Taken from the Cemetery Book of the Catholic Diocese of Helena, MT. Compiled and Published by the Lewis & Clark Genealogical Society, P O Box 5313, Helena, MT 59604, 1990. SJK

"Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery 1963-2010." Compiled and Published by Sandi Evilsizer Koscak, 2010. Complete list of burials and cremations by alpha and date. CD with all photos. SJK

Liberty Co.

"Our Heritage - Historical Events in Liberty County." Liberty County Museum, Chester, MT 1976. This book contains 400 stories of homesteaders in Liberty County, Montana. Family names given. Also histories of churches, schools and the towns of: Whitlash, Hill, Laird, Alma, Joplin, Trommer, Lothair, Tiber, Utopia, Buelows (Bison), Chester & South Chester, George, Warsaw, Marias, Selma-Kinread. Book has an Index for easy look up. Many photos. CS

Lincoln Co.

"The Story of the Tobacco Plains Country, the Autobiography of a Community." Published by "The Pioneers of the Tobacco Plains Country," 1950, editor: Olga Weydemeyer Johnson History and stories about pioneers who settled in the area around Eureka, Lincoln County, Montana. MD2

Madison Co.

"Golden Gulch The Story of Montana's Fabulous Alder Gulch." Dick Pace, Jursnick Printing Co, Wenatchee, WA, 1998. Covers Alder Gulch area running through Virginia City, Bannack, Central City, Summit, etc. D16

Park Co.,

"Calamity's in Town." Written by Bill and Doris Whithorn, Undated. Excerpted newspaper articles about Calamity Jane from newspapers in Livingston, Bozeman, and Park County, Montana, from 1884 to 1960; 48 pages with 16 black and white photos. BLL

"Photo History of Gardiner, Jardine, Crevasse (MT), Entrance to Yellowstone National Park Wonderland." Written by Bill and Doris Whithorn, 1972. 125 annotated black and white photos (includes 3 maps) of people, businesses, organizations, and events in the three towns in Park County, Montana; 48 pages. BLL

Pondera Co.

"On Track of History: Brady, Montana 1909-1999." Book Committee, Shelby Promoter, 1999. History of the town of Brady, Montana. Includes family stories. J25

Richland Co.

"Courage Enough I & II." family histories 1976, MonDak Pioneers. Two books published 20 years apart of early pioneer homesteaders and settlers to Eastern Montana. Please check the index at before making a request. RW2

Roosevelt Co.

"Treasured Years." 1976. Hundreds of early family stories about settlers in Roosevelt County. Please check the index at before making a request. RW2

Stillwater Co.

"They Gazed on the Beartooths," compiled by Jim Annin; published privately by Jim Annin, 1964; printed by the Reporter Printing & Supply Co., Billings, MT. This 3 volume set encompasses some 100 years of the history of Stillwater County and it's pioneering families. Two of these volumes contain biographical accounts of these amazing people. The third volume explores in depth the history of the area with space given to the early days of towns such as Absarokee, Columbus, Park City, Reed Point, Fishtail and Rapelje. There are photographs of people and places, and some anecdotal information as well. C9

Teton Co.

"Boots & Shovels." Fairfield Heritage Committee; The Fairfield Times; 1978. "A history of the Greenfield Irrigation District, Divison of The Sun River Project, Fairfield, Montana." 714 pages. Contains a history of Teton County, Montana as well as biographies of early settlers and their decendants. B18

Valley Co.

"Footprints in the Valley - a History of Valley County, Montana." Pioneer Museum, 1991, Glasgow Courier and Printing, Glasgow, Montana and Promoter Publishing, Shelby, Montana. As complete a History of Valley County, Montana as will be found. The First Volume (792 pp) and part of the second volume contain family histories. The remainder is prominent men, General County history, Schools, churches, town histories, etc. DS16

Yellowstone Co.

"The Beacon." Yearbook, Custer Public School, Custer, MT, 1949. MAE

"The Beacon." Yearbook, Custer Public School, Custer, MT 1950. MAE

"The Cougar." Yearbook, Custer Public School, Custer, MT 1952. MAE

"Yellowstone." Rocky Mountain College Yearbook, Billings, MT., 1963. MAE