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"History of Nevada 1881." Reproduction of Thompson and Wests, published by Howell-North Books 1958. History of the entire state of Nevada up to 1881. It has many Biographical Sketches of its prominent men;places; people in state, county,and town governments and pioneers, 680 pages. RMC

"The Journals of Alfred Doten 1849-1903." Author:Alfred Doten, Edited: Walter Van Tilburg Clark. Publisher, Univerity of Nevada Press, 1973. Observations by a Journalist of people, places and towns beginning in California during the Gold Rush of 1849; and Nevada Mining, and State building, until his death in 1903. Lots of Names of the miners, lawmakers and pioneers of this era. RMC

"Nevada's Northeast Frontier." Patterson, Ulph & Goodwin; published by Univerity of Nevada Press, 1969, reprint 1991. Many names, places and activities of NE Nevada i.e., Elko,Lander,White Pine and Eureka counties. RMC

"Nevada State Historical Society Papers, Vol. IV 1923-1924." Nevada State Historical Society 1924. Early Nevada history (from 1840s expeditions to 1890s+). Map of emigrant trails, and other maps. Some biographies. Stories of Nevada events and areas. Indexed. JA

Elko Co.

"Old Heart of Nevada." Author Shawn Hall, Publisher University of Nevada Press, Date 1998. History of Elko county (from it's earliest days), its towns, industry, land ownership, geographic areas (includes descriptions, aka's and map co-ordinates), businesses, farms, ranches, newspapers, military, Indian references and chronicles, family surnames and some history (not all-inclusive of course). Includes cross references and bibliographies. This book is commonly purchaseable on if the inquirier wishes to purchase independently. The book was 12 years being researched before being published. GFP

Humboldt Co.

"Humboldt County 1905." Allen C. Bragg, N. Central Nevada Historical Society. In 1905 Allen C. Bragg traveled over 1200 miles in Pershing and Humboldt counties reporting on miners, ranchers and outlying farms. This book is a collection of his interviews. Indexed. KI

Storey Co.

"Comstock Mining and Miners." Author Eliot Lord, Published by Nevada Publications , 1883, reprint 1959. Many names and places associated with the early mining activities in and around Virginia City, Northern Nevada. RMC

Washoe Co.

"Washoe County Cemeteries." KC

White Pine Co.

"Blue & White 1924." Published by the Senior Class of White Pine County High School, Ely, Nevada, 1924. 100pp. K21

"Blue & White 1925." Published by the Senior Class of White Pine County High School, Ely, Nevada, 1925. 112pp. K21

"Blue & White 1926." Published by the Senior Class of White Pine County High School, Ely, Nevada, 1926. 112pp. K21