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See also these surnames: Blake, Cilley, Drake, Fabyan, Howe, Lang, Lombard, Pengry/Pingry, Percy, Poore, Salter, Sargent, Snow, Woodman.

"Genealogical And Family History of the State of New Hampshire." Vol. 4 (ONLY). Ezra S. Stearns, William F. Whitcher, and Edward E. Parkers. Lewis Publishing Company. 1908. MDS

"Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire." Sybil Noyes, 1928-1939. Noyes, Libby, Davis; Genealogical Publishing Company; 1996. This book contains information on Maine and New Hampshire families in the 1600s and 1700s ONLY. It does NOT contain information for the 1800s and 1900s. This was originally published in five parts between 1928-1939. The total pages are 795. The arrangement is mainly the same as in Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England except the head of the family is given a paragraph and numbered. In the beginning of the book is listed the sources they used and are numbered. It is easy to document each of the entry's for each of the facts. This book is much easier to follow than Savage's as each individual is at the beginning of the paragraph and there are more details on the individuals. It is similar to Savage in that it appears to cover the 1600's or about the first three generations. BW5

"Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire." Sybil Noyes, Charles Thornton Libby, Walter Goodwin Davis; Genealogical Publishing Co.; 1928-2002. Genealogical Information indexed by surnames from Maine and New Hampshire that was published after 1928 up to 2002. JOB

"History of the Ninth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion." Edward O. Lord, Republican Press Assocaition 1895. Contains a history and some biographical information. List of members with their short military record. SLJ

"History of Pembroke, NH 1730-1895 in two volumes: Historical & Genealogical" Rev. N. F. Carter, Republican Press Association, 1895. CDL

"Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories," by William Copeley, pub. by New Hampshire Gen. Soc. This is a list of surnames, under each are the town histories in which it is mentioned. (no page numbers or indication of how extensive is the mention.) DH

"New Hampshire 1732 Census." by Jay Mack Holbrook; pub by Holbrook Research Institute, Oxford, MA 1981. A compiled census with an alphabetical listing of heads of household, their residence, their status and number of males over 16, and the source of the information. MM15

"New Hampshire A History, Resources, Attractions and its People," Vol. V. Hobart Pillsbury, The Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1928. Not very comprehensive. LDB

"New Hampshire As It Is." Edwin Charlton, Tracy & Sanford, 1855. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive.]

"New Hampshire As It Is, In Three Parts." Edwin A Charlton, 1856. A historical sketch, Gazetteer and general view of New Hampshire. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"New Hampshire Marriage Licenses and intentions 1709 - 1961." Pauline Johnson Oesterlin, Heritage Books, Inc. 1991. Reference to marriage records found in the New Hampshire State Archives, manu of which may not be recorded elsewhere. Licenses issued by John and or Benning Wentworth from 1742 through 1776 are listed, as well as licenses given in the state from 1709 until 1911, and some special licenses which were issued from 1921 throught 1961. Also included are transcriptions of records from Concord, Jaffrey, and Stratham covering the years 1791 to 1860, which arrived at the State Archives in 1991. The records include the name of the bride and groom, their residences, the date of the intention or marriage, and for the out-of-state ministers, the minsters' names and residences. L10, SPO

"Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New Hampshire Vol II, 1866." Much info covering the wars NH took part in from its settlement in 1623 to 1861. Covers wars and battles up to the Civil War with many names in the rosters and history. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"State Papers, Documents, Records Relating to the State of NH During the Period of the American Revolution, 1776-1783." Vol VIII, Nathaniel Bouton DD, Sect of NH Historical Society, 1874. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"The Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire." Alonzo Fogg, 1874. [This book is freely available at Google Books.]

Belknap Co.

"History of Merrimack & Belknap Counties New Hampshire." D. Hamilton Hurd, 1885. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"The Town Register: Meredith, Tilton, Gilmanton, Sanbornton, Gilford, Belmont, and New Hampton." 1908 Town directory. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive.]

Carroll Co.

"Footsteps of Pride in the Past 1774-1974 Wakefield, New Hampshire 1987." Elizabeth Banks MacRury - Wilson's Printers, Sanford, ME - 1987. First 200 years of the Town of Wakefield, NH. L10

"History of the Town of Wolfeborough, New Hampshire." by Benjamin F. Parker, Wolfeboro Historical Society, 1988. (reprint of 1901 book). JAR, L10

"Ossipee, New Hampshire 1785-1985: A History," Volume 1. Edward M. Cook, for Town of Ossipee by Peter E. Randall, 1989. L10

"Our Yesterdays: The Story of Brookfield, New Hampshire." by Carolyn D. Chase, Queen's Bay Publishing, 1999. JAR

Cheshire Co.

"History of Rindge, New Hampshire - 1736-1874." Ezra Stearns, Press of George Ellis- Boston-1875.  There are 417 pages of the history of the town and small area around it plus 351 pages of a genealogical register of the familes of the area.There is an index to the historical portion- the genealogical portion is alphabetical by families. M1

"History of the Town of Marlborough, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire." Charles A. Bemis 1974. Reprint of 1881 addition. Gives history of the town from founding to the 1880's. Also has genealogy of many of the residents of the town. SLJ

Dover Co.

"Vital Records of Dover, New Hampshire, 1686-1850." Dover Historical Society, 1894 (Repr. Heritage Books, 1977) Birth, marriages, baptisms, deaths. JAR

Grafton Co.

"40 Year History, Dartmouth, Class of 1924." Alumni Yearbook written in 1964 with photographs, dates, education, etc. K28

"Dartmouth College Yearbook 1914 (The Aegis)." Harrigan Press Worcester, Mass. PH8

"History of Piermont, New Hampshire 1764-1947." L.S. Horton, E. Underhill, E. Deal-Higginson Book Company. General History of Piermont, Historical Sketches, Family Histories, and some Genealogies. C34

"Thanks to the Past, The story of Orford, N.H." Alice Doan Hodgson, 1965. History of Orford and some of the families of Orford. C34

Hillsborough Co.

"Families of Antrim, New Hampshire." W.R. Cochrane, Genealogical Publishing Co., 2001. Genealogies of families of Antrim, NH from it's earliest settlement to 1877. MWC

"Genealogies of Amherst, NH Families." Daniel F. Secomb, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1999. Genealogies and family registers of Amherst. MWC

"Greenough & Co.'s Directory of the Inhabitants, Institutions, Manufacturing Establishments, Business, Societies, Business Firms, Etc., Etc., in the City of Nashua, for 1877-78." Greenough & Co., Compilers and Publishers, 22 School Street, Boston, 1877. Directory of the City of Nashua, NH for the year 1877 listing people, business, cemeteries, churches, county officers, judiciary, etc. for the city. JK6

"The History of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, 1735-1921, Volume 2." George Waldo Browne, John B. Clark Co., 1922. Volume 2: Biographies and genealogies. [This book is freely availabe at the Internet Archive.]

"History of Hudson, NH 1673-1913." Kimball Webster, Reprint of the 1913 edition, Phoenix Publishing, 1977. MHW

"History of the town of Mason, N. H. from the first grant in 1749, to the year 1858." John B. Hill, 1858. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archive.]

"The History of Merrimack, New Hampshire with Genealogies of Merrimack Families." 1976. JK6

"History of Mont Vernon NH. Blanchad Printing Company," 1907. Second printing by Wallace Press, 1976. MHW

"History of Mont Vernon NH," 1958. MHW

"The History of New Ipswich NH 1735-1941." Charles H. Chandler; Sentinel Printing Co. Fitchburg MA; 1914. About one-third of the book is a history of the town for the period stated. The remainder contains genealogical records of the principal families (those who resided there at least two generations), most traced back to the original immigrant using family records and published works. The book derives from and expands on a book of similar name by Kidder publ. 1855, but with expanded genealogies. I have generally found the genealogical information to be accurate and in conformance with the best scholarship. SR8

"History of the Town of Amherst Hillsborough County New Hamshire." by Daniel F. Secomb Originally Published 1883, Reprinted 1972. Genealogy, family history, etc. A18, JK6

"History of the Town of Antrim, NH." Rev. W.H. Cochrane, published by the Town of Antrim, 1880. Genealogy, town history, etc. A18

"History Of The Town Of Goffstown, NH 1733 - 1920," (2 Volumes). George Plummer Hadley. First volume involves the layout of the town and its history. The second volume goes into the occupants of the town and their families. CW4

"History of the Town of Lyndeborough, New Hampshire 1735-1905." Rev. D. Donovan and Jacob A. Woodward, Tufts College Press, H. W. Whittemore & Co., 1906. History of the the town of Lyndeborough, Hillsborough, New Hampshire plus geneaologies of families in the town within the inclusive dates. L10, RP7

"History of the Town of Wilton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire with a Genealogical Register." Abiel Abbot Livermore and Sewall Putnam, Lowell Mass, Marden & Rowell Printers, 1888. RP7

"Lyndeborough, N.H. Tombstones 1764-1980." Ann Louise Nichols,-self-published, 1984. Transcriptions of cemetery stones in 9 Lyndeboro cemeteries. L10

"The State of New Hampshire Hillsborough County Register of Probate Index 1771 - 1884." Published 1973. JK6

"Town in Transistion: Hudson, NH 1913-1977." Hudson History Committee, Phoenix Publishing, 1977. MHW

"Where the Past Has Been Preserved, Hollis, New Hampshire 1879-1979." Published 1980. JK6

Merrimack Co.

"Historic Cemeteries of Henniker, NH and the index of burials." Henniker Historical Society, 2002. Every cemetery in Henniker, NH. Timeline goes up to 2002 only. JN3

"History of Boscawen and Webster." compiled by Charles Carleston Coffin, Republican Press Association, 1878. Not very comprehensive in terms of the number of genealogies but it was able to help me in my search. LDB

"History of Merrimack & Belknap Counties New Hampshire." D. Hamilton Hurd, 1885. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"History of Northfield, 1780-1905 in 2 parts." Lucy Cross, Rumford Press, 1905. Town history and genealogies (not always correct but good leads). [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive.]

"History of Pembroke, NH, 1730-1895." Rev. N.F. Carter, Republican Press Association, 1895. Lists many families residing in Pembroke and their ancestors. LDB

"History of Salisbury, NH." John J. Dearborn, 1890. Surnames include: Dunlap, Pingrey, Gookin, Pettingill. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"History of Sutton, New Hampshire." Augusta H. Worthen, Republican Press, 1890. In two volumes by the Republican Press Assn, Concord, NH) by Augusta Harvey Worthen and Erastus Wadleigh, Esq, reprint produced by the New England History Press, Somersworth, NH 1975. PART 1 includes History of Perrystown, early settlers in 1780; tax payers 1800-1888; town meetings to 1869, and town officers to 1889; and Miscellaneous. PART 2 - consists of Historical Collections Lists of Family Genealogies. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive. Volume 1 and Volume 2].

"History of the Town of Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1727-1912." James O. Lyford, Rumford Press, 1912. In two parts: town history and genealogies. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive. Volume 1 and Volume 2].

"Hopkinton, New Hampshire Vital Records: Volume 1." Pauline Johnson Oeberlin - Heritage Books, Inc. - 1998. Vital records taken from the original Town Vital Records 1737 - 1858, plus selected Congregational Church records. L10

Rockingham Co.

"The Dedicatory Proceedings of the Soldiers' Monument at Chester, NH." George C. Hazelton, August 22, 1904. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"Facts Relating to the Early History of Chester, NH." G. Parker Lyon, 1863. From the settlement in 1720, until the Formation of the State Constitution in the year 1784. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

"Genealogical & Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts." compiled by William Richard Cutter, A.M., Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1908. A 4 volume set of over 2200 pages, featuring profiles of the families of prominent businessmen in Eastern Massachusetts; prepared under the direction of William R. Cutter, AM, historian of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Profiles were apparently prepared by families and submitted for publication. Some profiles are very detailed. Since these are anecdotal in nature, we recommend that you check primary sources to verify the information. Have discovered immigrant ancestors in York County, Maine; Rockingham County, NH as well as Essex County, MA. SL3

"Genealogy of John Brown of Hampton, N.H." Marguerite Willette Brown Hillside Publishing Co. 1977. Decendents of John Brown son of Angus of Fordell, Scotland. BP4

"History of Windham in New Hampshire, 1719-1883." Morrison, L.A. Reprinted by Phoenix Publishing, Canaan, NH, 1975. Facsimile of the 1883 edition published in Boston by Cupples, Upham & Co. First 300 pages detail town history, next 500 pages presents genealogies of 200 families. Well indexed by subject and name. DE2

"The Lang Family." Howard Parker Moore, Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Inc c 1935. A Genealogy of the First Five Generations in America of The Lang Family. Descendants of ROBERT LANG, Fisherman, of the Isles of Shoals and of Sagamore Creek, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Born before 1650 Married, 1668, Ann Williams with some notices of allied Sagamore Creek and other Portsmouth families. Williams, Walford, Brooking, Wallis, Staples, Peverly, Sherburne Jones, Savage, Moses, Jeffry, Beck, Banfield etc. SL3

"A Memorial of the Town of Hampstead, New Hampshire." Harriette Eliza Noyes (Compiler) George B. Reed 1899 (reprinted by Heritage Books, Inc.). History and genealogy of Hampstead, New Hampshire from 1744 to 1899. Includes biographical sketches of prominent families and sections on births, and marriages. RP9

"Rockingham County, New Hampshire, Paupers." Pauline Johnson Oesterlin, Heritage Books, Inc., 1992. Early New Hampshire laws required that the towns support those that could not do so themselves, if they had not been "warned out" of town ninety days before their dependence would begin. This work serves as an index to records found in the New Hampshire State Archives, listing people who were in a postition to be supported by Rockingham County or by a town. The enteries are arranged alphabetically, and include the name, date and source of support, and the box and document numbers of the records. These records can than be found at the New Hampshire State Archives. SPO

"Rural oasis: history of Windham, New Hampshire, 1883-1975." Researched and written by the Town History Committee. Published by Phoenix Publishing, Canaan, NH, c1975. This companion volume to Morrison's "History of Windham, New Hampshire, 1719-1883" continues the town's history. Includes photographs of early homes. Appendix lists town officers from 1880-1973. Indexed by name. DE2

I have Town History books in the Hampton N.H. area. BP4

"Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire To the End of the Year 1900, vol. 1." George Freeman Sanborn, Jr., and Meinde Lutz Sanborn, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1992 Listed Hampton Town Books 1-4, 6, 10, 11, 12, & 13; Record of Marriage by Town Clerks; Old Norfolk County Records, Census Mortality Schedules, Marriages from Count Records in New Hampshire Province Deeds, Miscellaneous Items. Indexed. SPO

"Vital Records of Kingston NH." Judith A Arsenault. SL3

"Vital Records of Londonderry, NH 1719-1910." Daniel Gage Annis, reprinted by Genealogical Publighing Co., Baltimore, MD 1994. SL3

"Vital Statistics, From Town Records of Hampton Falls, N.H. through 1899." Copyright 1976 by Hampton Falls Free Library, Hampton Falls, N.H. Births, Marriages, and Deaths take from the town records through 1899. MC2

"Vital Statistics of North Hampton, NH 1742 - 1942." William Haslet Jones, Heritage Books, Inc. 1999. North Hampton was first established as a separate parish in the Town of Hampton in 1738. It was called North Hill. In 1742, it became a separate town and took the name of North Hampton. Birth, death, and marriage records for North Hampton have been gleaned from all known sources. Names are listed alphabetically within each section. Some 8,000 person are named. SPO

Strafford Co.

"Early Marriages of Strafford County, New Hampshire, Supplement 1630 - 1870." Robert Sayward Canney - Heritage Books, Inc. - 1997. A combination of previously unrecorded marriages and updated entries from the previous edition; info gathered from town records, Piscataqua Pioneer files, census records, private manuscripts, and published town histories. L10

"Historical Memoranda of Ancient Dover, NH." Quint, Rev, Dr Alonzo Hall, Editted by John Scales, 1900. JSP

"History, Town of Durham, N. H. Vol. II." no copyright Aithors, Everett S. Stackpole and Winthrop S. Meserve, Pub. by vote of the town, 1913. From the Foreward: Vital statistics of Durham, NH are not plentiful. There are periods when nothing was recorded. The marriages and baptisms of Rev. John Adams have been used in this book. Also court files at Concord, and records of Province, State and County files. A large portion of this volume has been gathered by correspondance from private family records. Many errors in dates will be detected probably, due to conflicting accounts. JA4

Sullivan Co.

"History and Genealogy of Langdon, NH 1787-1930." F. B. Kingsbury, Fall Mountain Printing, NH, 1933. Includes natural history, early settlers, early town meetings, religious history, military history, industry, merchants, etc., for Langdon, Sullivan Co., NH. Part 2 includes almost 500 pages of a genealogical register of early settlers. Has an index of names. LF1

"History of Newport, New Hampshire, from 1766 to 1878." Edmund Wheeler, Republican Press Association, 1879. Good family genealogies. LDB

"Roots and Branches of the Hunt-Fifield-Bailey Family and the Times in Which They Lived, 1630-1980." Hunt, Emma Amelia ... [et al.]. Claremont, NH : Claremont Print Shoppe, c1980. DE2