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Native American - General Reference

"Men who Rode with Custer." It gives a brief discription about the men of the 7th that was at the Little Bighorn that summer day in 1876. MB2

"Native American Directory: Vital Records of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin." By Lorraine (Rainwaters) Henry. Heritage Books, 1998. Gives births, deaths, and marriages of documented Native People of the 1700s and 1800s. JAR

"Who's Looking for Whom in Native American Ancestry. Vol. 1." By Laurie Beth Duffy. Heritage Books, 1997. Lists Native American ancestors and the researchers looking for them. Gives contact information. JAR

Cherokee Nation

"1924 Baker Roll." The final Roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina. MB2

"CHEROKEE DRENNEN ROLL OF 1851." Marybelle W. Chase, 1994. This roll is divided by districts and lists names mostly Indian and some English. These were emigrant Cherokee's who were each paid a sum of $92.83. MB2

"Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835." Jack D. Baker 1977. This book contains names of Cherokee's who enrolled themselves as emigrants for the Arkansas country. These Cherokees gave up all rights, title and claims to all lands within the limits of the Cherokee Nation. Time frame is December 23, 1817 to February 9, 1834. MB2

"Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835," and "Cherokee Roots Vol I Eastern Cherokee Rolls." 1. Transcribed by Jack D. Baker 2. By: Bob Blankenship. "Cherokee Roots" VOL I: Eastern Cherokee Rolls listing 1817 Reservation Rolls; 1817-1835Emigration Roll; 1835 Henderson Roll; 1848 Mullay Roll; 1851 Siler Roll; 1852 Chapman Roll; 1869 Swetland Roll; 1883 Hester Roll; 1908 Churchhill Roll; 1909 Guion Miller East; 1924 Baker Roll. Instructions on Enrollment procedures for the Eastern Band of Cherokees. Willing to do look-ups. JP3

"Cherokee-English Dictionary." Edited by William Pulte 1975. This book list some Cherokee Phrases and their English counterparts. MB2

"CHEROKEE LAND LOTTERY 1832." James F. Smith. This is a work which list the great majority of early settlers of Northwestern Georgia. MB2

"CHEROKEE OLD SETTLERS." David Keith Hampton, 1993. The 1896 Old Settler payroll, The 1851 Old Settler Payroll. This is book that deals with Cherokees that had to give up their claim to ownership land in the West and as a result were given a per capita payment for the land in the amount of $270.95 The lists consist of names, age, sex, residence, and group Number. There is a total of 3,273 names on the lists. MB2

"Cherokee Roots, Vol 1 and 2." Bob Blankenship, 1992. A Cherokee Roots publication. Official United States census of Cherokee Indians east of the Mississippi River 1817-1924 (vol 1). Vol 2 - official census of Cherokees from 1851-1909 residing west of the Mississippi River. M6

"Dawes Roll 'Plus' of Cherokee Nation '1898'." Bob Blankenship, 6th Printing, 2nd Edition, A Cherokee Roots Publication, 1994. The 1898 Dawes Roll plus Guion Miller Roll information for those that were on both rolls. One can look forward in time from 1898 to the 1906 Guion Miller Roll and see such things as a 1906 Surname change brought about by marriage, divorce, or adoption. Also ages, addresses, relationships, Miller Roll Number, Miller Application Number, etc. This, in addition to all information provided in the original 1898 Dawes Roll. All 36,714 Cherokee Nation Citizens of Cherokee Blood are included. Minors are assigned a roll number and census card number commensurate with their families. MB2

"Guion Miller Roll Plus." Bob Blankenship 1994. This resource lists 62,769 names and related information concerning those people eligible to participate in a monetary award due to treaty violations as a result of a U.S. Court of claims decision on May 18, 1905. MB2

"History of the Cherokee Indians: Old Families and Their Genealogy." Emmet Starr, 1921. KM6

"Your name in Cherokee." This book contains more than a thousand English names written in the Cherokee/English phonetics. MB2

Choctaw Nation

"Life and Times of the Choctaw Original Enrollees." Wesley and Charleen Samuels, privately published 1997. Stories and family histories told by the actual Choctaw families. DM3

Dakota Nation

"The Flandrau Papers: Treasure Trove for Mixed Blood Dakota Indian Genealogy." Park Geneaolgical Books, 1997. Lists over 400 individuals seeking annuities restitution in 1897. Gives locale of filing, age, occupation, sometimes address. Frequently features a family group, parent or guardian with children. Witnesses are often relatives. Nicknames are revealed. Facilitates data links between 1889 Mdewakanton Sioux census, state and federal censuses. Considered to generally affirm Indian ancestry. Does not list blood quantum nor agency affiliation. A given surname may encompass numerous individuals: approximate birth year is helpful. KB2

Pequot Nation

"A Man Called Sampson, 1580-1989." Will Ottery & Rudi Ottery. Penobscot Press, 1989. "The ancestry and progency of Sampson, a Mashantucket Pequot Indian, born in what is now New London County, Connecticut - including brief descriptions of family connections to other historic native American family groups, the ancient Pequot tribe, the Pequot War, and the Brothertown tribe of New York and the Brothertown tribe of Wisconsin." AA

"Sampson Occom and The Christian Indians of New England." W. Deloss Love, Ph.D, The Pilgrim Press, 1899. AA