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South Carolina

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See also Drew Co., AR, Kansas, Maryland, and these surnames: Ballenger, Baskins, Claxton, Ferguson, Gore, Harris, Kirkpatrick, Lowndes, Miller, Peden, Townsend, White.

"All Saints Parish Down By The Riverside." Charles Joiner, University of Illinois Press, 1984. This book is about a 10 year project of documenting the slaves that were on rice plantations in All Saints parish of South Carolina. There are 11 pages of index with about 200 to 300 names. some people have only one name and some use the plantation manster for a last. Some have their a different name. There is no one answer to that question. It describes the tasks assigned, living conditions, the creativty that made the plantations productive. There are also pictures of people and places. WRK

"ALSTONS & ALLSTONS of North and South Carolina." CBC

"Broken Fortunes.Randolph W. Kirkland, Jr., The SC Genealogical Society, 1995. South Carolina soldiers, sailors and citizens who died in service to the state - 1861-1865. H3

"The Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church: 1803-1903." Charleston, SC: Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co., 1905. RMM

"Charles Woodmason: The Carolina Backcountry on the Eve of the Revolution." Richard J. Hooker, Editor, Published by the University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1953. This is the diary, sermon book, and letters of newly ordained Anglican minister named Charles Woodmason who traveled throughout the back country settlements of South Carolina for six years starting in 1766. He centered his travels around Camden, SC and traveled along the upper Wateree and Catawba rivers, to the settlements on Lynches River, and as far as the Cherokee towns beyond the Saluda River. He describes the people and the life of the times and names individuals, churches, and places that he visited. If you are interested in life in the back country of SC before the revolution, this book provides good insights. K26

"The Diaries of Evan Pugh 1762-1801." Rev. Evan Pugh; St. David's Society, 1993. CM8

"Echoes in Time: The Murray, Connor, and Moorer Families of South Carolina." Monroe Black, Atlanta, Georgia, Higginson Book Company, 1997. TLF

"Forver Young - Kith and Kin of James & Mary (Kellough) Young." Miriam Young Pack. YOUNG and related families from South Carolina (1786) to Alabama (1818). JI

"The Genealogy of the Pendarvis-Bedon Families of South Carolina, 1670-1900." James Barnwell Heyward, Foote & Davis Co, Atlanta, 1905. The book I have is a copy made for my grandmother of the book JB Heyward compiled in 1905, and I have no way of knowing if what in it is true, although there are transcripts of wills and other documents that the author recorded. It contains the lineages of Joseph Pendarvis, the Carolina pioneer, and George Bedon, also a Carolina pioneer; both of whom settled in or near Charleston. Some of the related families are Screven, Posey, Proctor, Guerard, Heyward. LM1

"History of The Old Cheraws." Right Rev. Alexander Gregg, D. D; The Reprint Publishers, 1975, 1982 reprinted. Pee Dee section of SC (NE corner). The timeperiod covered is 1730-1810. It has an index, handy for genealogical research. CM8

"Kings Mountain and It's Heroes; A History of The Battle of Kings Mountain October 7, 1780, and the Events Which Led To It." L. C. Draper. Overland Mountain Press. Johnson City TN. 1996. HJW

"THE MANLY FAMILY of South Carolina." CBC

"Marylanders to Carolina; Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800." Henry C. Peden, Jr., Willow Bend Books, 2000. KC4

"More Marylanders to Carolina; Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800." Henry C. Peden, Jr., Willow Bend Books, 2001. KC4

"North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina." Brent H. Holcomb, (c) 1980, Published by A. Press in 1980 and reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company, 2009. Indexed by name and organized by county. Under copyright, so I can send you the results of a lookup, but not copy or scan pages. Until 1777, the border between North and South Carolina was disputed, and land grants were issued by four North Carolina counties (Anson, Bladen, Mecklenburg, and Tryon) for land that was subsequently deemed part of South Carolina. MLS

"North and South Carolina Marriage Records From the Earliest Colonial Days to the Civil War." William Montgomery Clemens. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc 1975. Some give date, some only names and county. Not complete record, some records were destroyed or lost. Marriage records prior to the 1900's are scarce for North (or South) Carolina. Until then, marriage licenses or bonds were not necessarily required by law, and many families opted to simply have banns read in order to meet the public notice requirement. Historians have generally relied on surviving church, court and private records (including submissions to publications like genealogical magazines) when compiling their resource materials, but they are far from inclusive. Family researchers should not be discouraged, therefore, by an inability to locate a surviving record. DN1, SE

"Probate Records of South Carolina Volume 3, Journal of the Court of Ordinary 1764-1771." Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S., Southern Historical Press 1979. The index includes names as well as parishes and some other place names mentioned within the journal. There is a listing of marriages for the year 1766 from January through July. Also listed are two marriages for December 1765. JK6

"Recollections of the Ball Family of South Carolina & the Comingtee Plantation." Anne Simons Deas, Ball Family, 1909. Descendants of Elias "Red Cap" Ball. MRC

"Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772." Jean Stephenson, Clearfield Company, 1971. Sub-Title: Rev. William Martin and His Five Shiploads of Settlers. P15

"South Carolina Baptists 1670-1805." Leah Townsend; Clearfield Co, Inc.; 1974, 1978 Reprinted. CM8

"South Carolina Marriages 1688-1799." Complied by: Brent H. Holcomb, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, MD 1980. Marriage records from early South Carolina. Marriages taken from parish registers, some Quaker records, church records, private papers, etc. jg11

"South Carolina Marriages 1688-1820." GB4

"South Carolina Wills--1670 to 1853 or later." Mary Bondurant Warren, Heritage Papers, 1981, 1992. Alphabetical list of wills in South Carolina. Includes county, book, and page. Please note this is an index ONLY, and does not list heirs, survivors, etc. DN1

Aiken Co.

"Ninety Years In Aiken County." Gasper Loren Toole II, Self Published ca 1961, Reprinted by Higginson Book Co. Salem, Massachusetts. Please see Larry's Index to see if your person of interest is listed. If so, please provide Larry the full name and page number(s) for each person. Please do not request a lookup if your person of interest is not in the index. LS7

Anderson Co.

See also under these surnames: Hunter, Jones.

Barnwell District

"The Harters of Barnwell District, SC c. 1753." By Mickey Smith, 1994. CM8

Charleston Co.

"The Charleston City Guide." By James Clayton Prentiss and published by the author I believe in 1872. Advertisements of Charleston businesses and a description of the history of the area from its formation until after the war between the States. D6

"Charleston, The Place and the People." Mrs St Julien Ravenel, published 1906 by The MacMillan company. From the founding of the city to the war of 1812, the mexican war and a description of confederate charleston.....historic names and places. D6

"Charleston South Carolina." Special committe of the Chamber of Commerce of Charleston and published by the Chamber of Commerce, 1880. On trade in the area. D6

"Directory of the City of Charleston." Probably compiled by their version of the Chamber of Commerce and published by J H Bagget Publisher. names, occupations, places of business and residence. D6

"Epitaphs From St. Michael's, Charleston, South Carolina." Clare Jervey (editor), The State Company, Columbia SC, 1906. Inscriptions on the tablets and gravestones in St. Michael's Church and Churchyard, to which is added from the church records, a list of interments of persons to whom there are no stones. MRC

"Marriage Notices in Charleston Courier." compiled and edited by A. S. Salley Jr. and published by the State Company 1919. Exactly what the title says... a list of marriages that appeared in the Charleston Courier from 1803 to 1808 some of them are quite amusing. D6

"People and Professions of Charleston, South Carolina, 1782-1802." Author: James W. Hagy. Publication Date: 1992, reprint 2008. This publication affords us as close a glimpse of the population of Charleston, South Carolina during the last quarter of the eighteenth century as we are likely to come by. Professor Hagy has compiled all the names and other pertinent genealogical information which can be found in the Charleston city directories of 1782, 1785, 1790, 1794, 1796, 1801, and 1802 and in the federal censuses for Charleston for 1790 and 1800. In assembling his data, the author has chosen to respect the integrity of his sources, thus the contents of each directory or census are arranged in a separate alphabetical sequence, preceded by a brief commentary concerning the methods used by the original compilers in producing the directory or census in question. In the case of the city directories, the names of inhabitants are followed by their occupations and addresses; for the censuses of 1790 and 1800, only the names of the heads of household appear. Since a given individual may appear/disappear in as many as nine different listings spanning a twenty-year period, the People and Professions of Charleston affords genealogists the rare opportunity of tracing the mobility or migration of a given ancestor at very close range. While this work cannot claim to include every resident of Charleston for the period under investigation, it nonetheless identifies over 13,000 persons who lived and/or worked there between 1782 and 1802. W5

"Register of St. Philip's Parish, Charleston, South Carolina, 1754 - 1810." D. E. Huger Smith & A. S. Salley (editors), University of SC Press, 1971. Records of St. Philip's Parish, Charleston, SC as follow: births: 1754 - 1774, burials: 1753 - 1803, marriages: 1755-1802, baptisms/christenings: 1756 - 1810. MRC

"Register of St. Philip's Church, Charleston, South Carolina, 1810 - 1822." Elise Pinckney (editor), National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of South Carolina, 1973. Records of St. Philip's Church, Charleston, SC as follow: baptisms: 1810 - 1822, confirmations: 1813 - 1822, marriages: 1810 - 1822, burials: 1810 - 1822. MRC

"The Siege of Charleston and the Operations on the South Atlantic Coast in the War Among the States." By Samuel Jones; published by The Neale Publishing Co., 1911. Descriptions of battles, lots of names and ranks. D6

"A Sketch of the Charleston Light Dragoons." By Edward L Wells and published by Lucas Richardson and Co., 1888. Formation, members and battles. D6

Charles Town

See also Charleston.

"Resister of St. Phillips Parish 1720-1758." A. S. Salley, Jr. (editor), University of SC Press, 1971. Records of St. Philip's Parish, Charles Town [now Charleston], SC as follow: births: 1718 - 1758, burials: 1720 - 1753, marriages: 1720-1755, christenings: 1720 - 1758 MRC

Clarendon Co.

"The Cemeteries of Old Sumter District, Vol. II, Clarendon County, South Carolina." The Sumter County Genealogical Society, 1991. H3

Darlington Co.

"1800 Census of Darlington District S.C." (Compiled by Mr.& Mrs. Rembert V. Ham), Darlington County Historical Commission, no date. K27

"1810 Census of Darlington District S.C." Darlington County Historical Commission, August 1997. K27

"Darlington District, S.C. Cemetery Survey Volume One" (Compiled by The Old Darlington District Chapter of the S.C. Genealogical Society, 1993). K27

"Darlington District, S.C. Cemetery Survey Volume Two" (Compiled by The Old Darlington District Chapter of the S.C. Genealogical Society, 1994). K27

"Darlington District, S.C. Cemetery Survey Volume Three" (Compiled by The Old Darlington District Chapter of the S.C. Genealogical Society, 1997). K27

Fairfield Co.

"Hill and Hill-Moberly Connections of Fairfield County, South Carolina." George A. Hill, self-published, copyright- 1989. Information on the Hill-Moberly-Hosch families of South Carolina. Also includes information on families as they moved to GA, and furthur West. Also included is information on the Funderburk/Funderburg family that married into the family. MB1

Georgetown Co.

"All Saints' Church, Waccamaw The Parish: The Place: The People: 1739-1948." by Henry DeSaussure Bull, Historical Activities Committee of the SC Society of Colonial Dames of America, 1948. History of the church, Baptisms, Confirmations, Communicants, Marriages,and Burials. M41

"Georgetown County, South Carolina Tombstone Inscriptions." Georgetown County Historical Society and the CDA, Regal Printing, 1980. Gives the location and names in Georgetown County Cemeteries. M41

"Georgetown Rice Plantations." by Alberta Morel Lachicotte, The State Commercial Printing Co., 1955. Gives history of rice plantations with some listing of the families that owned them. M41

"The History of Georgetown County, South Carolina." George C. Rogers, The Reprint Company, 1995. Gives a history of Georgetown county, with some listings of families and descendants. M41

Horry Co.

"1860 Census of Horry County SC." Horry County Historical Society, 1987. JA1

"Horry County SC Cemetery Records." Waccamaw Records. 9 of a ten volume set published from 1989 to 1996. JA1

"Independent Republic Quarterly, Horry County Historical Society SC." Horry County Historical Society SC 1988-1998. Almost complete set 1988 to 1998. Indexed. JA1

Kershaw Co.

"Historic Camden (2 Volumes)." Kirkland and Kennedy 1903; State Printing Co. Columbia, SC. CBC

Lexington Co.

"Lake Murray Records." Columbia Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society. From the records of the Lexington Water Power Company, regarding cemeteries effected by the damming of Lake Murray. Includes details of the removal of graves. VC

Marion Co.

"Early Pee Dee Settlers." John M. Gregg, Heritage Books, Inc. 1993. List of Pee Dee SC colonists. Gives names and any information known by individual. Eastern SC. CBC2

Marlboro Co.

"A History of Marlboro County, SC." Rev. J. A. W. Thomas; Regional Publishing Co; 1971;1978 reprinted. A history of Marlboro County, SC in the Pee Dee area (upper NE corner). Has name index handy for genealogical look-ups. CM8

Orangeburgh Co.

"Orangeburgh District 1768-1868 History and Records Daniel." Marchant Culler, Reprint Publishers, 1995. General history of Orangeburg County South Carolina, Confederate Militry Companies, Index 1850 census, marriage records of Samuel Smoke. H3

Piedmont region

"Carolina Scots." Douglas F. Kelly, (c) 1998 by 1739 Publications. Described as "An Historical and Genealogical Study of over 100 years of immigration". Focused on immigrants from Scotland to the Cape Fear Valley and Pee Dee Valley in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and South Carolina (from 1739 to 1840s). Full name index. Under copyright, so I can send you the results of a lookup, but not copy or scan pages. MLS

Richland Co.

"The History of Richland County, Vol. 1, 1732-1805." Edwin L. Green, The R.L. Bryan Co. Columbia, S.C. 1932. History of Richland Co. with lists of early settlers, family histories of notable early settlers, land plats, will abstracts for wills related to Richland County in the office of Judge of Probate, Charleston, Camden and Winnsboro, wills in the Richland Co. Judge of Probate 1785-1865. H3

"Lake Murray Records." Columbia Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society. From the records of the Lexington Water Power Company, regarding cemeteries effected by the damming of Lake Murray. Includes details of the removal of graves. VC

Saluda Co.

"Saluda County, South Carolina, Epitaphs." June Anderson Seay, The Gregath Co., 1986. Some church and family cemeteries located in Saluda County once part of Old Edgefield District. H3

Union Co.

"Union County Cemeteries." Mrs. E. D. Whaley, Sr., A Press, Inc., 1976. SS4

"UNION COUNTY HERITAGE." Mannie Lee Mabry, Editor, 1981, Union County Heritage Committee. Extensive history of surnames in Union Co. SC, plus surrounding counties, Fairfield, Spartenburg, Newberry, Chester. Information consist of family history, births, deaths, pictures, decendants of surname, place of living. MEL

"Union County, South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799." Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S., Southern Historical Press, 1979. This book of the court proceedings is index. JK6

Williamsburg Co.

"History of Williamsburg." William Willis Boddie,The State Company, 1923 1705-1923, Index of places and individuals, Eastern SC, Williamsburg County. CBC2

"James Edward Calder Family Journal 1858-1997." Calder, Dixie Rhinehart Calder Ferris, 1997. Lists various individuals connected to the Calder family of Williamsburg, SC. CBC2