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Surnames Beginning with P

Pabodie, Pabst, Pace, Pagan, Page, Palmer, Pangburn, Pardee, Parish, Parke, Parker, Parnell, Parr, Parrish, Parsons, Paton/Patton, Paxton, Pearse/Perse, Pearson, Peart, Peaslee, Peet, Peirce, Pendarvis, Pengry/Pingry/Pingrey, Penick, Penland, Penney, Pennington, Pentz, Percy, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Pershing, Peters, Petrie, Petry, Pettingill, Pfaffenberger, Phelps, Pickens, Pierce, Piersol, Pike, Pisel, Plaisted, Plaster/Plasters/Plasterers, Pleasants, Plessis/Plessitis, Plummer, Poage, Pobst, Pocahontas, Poffenberger, Poland, Pollard, Pollock, Pomeroy, Pond, Poole, Poore, Pope, Porter, Postle(s), Potter, Potts, Pounds, Powell, Prescott, Prentice, Pretzer, Prindle/Pringle, Proctor, Purcell, Purvis, Puterbaugh, Putnam


"Elizabeth (Alden) PABODIE and her descendants." MU

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See Pobst

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"History of the Pace Family" Freda Reid Turner, Wolfe Publishing, 1995. History of the Pace family compiled from manuscripts of Annie Jones, Barnabas Pace, and Maud McClure Kelly. SW1

"The Pace Family 1607-1750." Freda Reid Turner. W.H. Wolfe Associates, 1993. Information on the Pace family that migrated from England to Jamestown in the first decade of the colony's existence and eventually ended up all over the southeastern United States. SW1

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"The Pagan, Hunt and Sanderson Genealogies," 1994 Glenda Pagan Hibdon. Tracing the descendants of William Pagan, John Hunt, Sr., Robert Sanderson and Jeremiah Jaggers in Arkansas, Alabama and other states in the South. Indexed. RK

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"Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia, second edition." By Richard Channing Moore Page, M.D. Printed by C.J. Carrier Company, 2000. Page, Nelson, Walker, Pendleton, and Randolph families, with references to Bland, Burwell, Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer, Harrison, Rives, Thornton, Wellford, Washington families in Virginia. L16

"The Robert and Rachel Brockman Page Family." SSC

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See also under Suffolk Co., MA.

"A genealogical record of the descendants of John and Mary Palmer of Concord, Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa. : in two divisions, Palmer-Trimble. Palmer division, embracing also, largely, the surnames: Almond, Arment, Baker ... and others." BS

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"The Pangburn Letters." early 1980's, Donn E. Wagner. User submitted data, News letter, the continuing of this letter is done with the blessing of Don E. Wagner's surviving relatives... Wife and was his wish that it continue. RP5

"William Pangburn and his Wife Hannah Fitz Randolph 1620-1909." Pangburn Society of Allegheny Co. PA., 1909. Descendants and Ancestors of William Pangburn & Hannah Fitz Randolph. Both born in NJ. locations of descandants, PA., Ohio, Ky. >>> Hannah was the Daughter of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, NJ. Surnames: McClure, Speer, Metz, Davidson, Hill, Owens, McDonough, Logan, Young, Evans, McMasters, Simpson, Pollard, McGrew, McGaffick, Perry, Wall, Kerr, Crane, Newcomb, Dawson, Hamen, Cooper, Thompson, Mitchell, Chapman, Grishem, Jordan, Parker, Mefford. With an outline of the APPLEGATE & WALL Famlies and their connection to the Pangburns. NOTE: This book is now available ONLINE. If you are a Mac user and have difficulty accessing this web site, then you may request a lookup from RP5

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"Pardee Genealogy." Aaron Pardee, 1896. Vanity publication. Not a true genealogy, but a memoire of his collection of relatives and friends. JAP

"The Pardee Genealogy." Donald Lines Jacobus, 1927. Virtually complete from John Pardee, 1591, Uffculme, Devonshire, England, to persons living in 1924 & 1925 in the US, including my father. JAP

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"The Life of John Peterson Parish (1811-1889)." Bert Stark, Jr., 1996. John Peterson Parish of Van Buren County, Arkansas descendents. LLS

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"Genealogy of The PARKE Family." by John P. Wallace, 1919. Surnames: PARKE, WALLACE, SCOTT, REID, WITHEROW, McLELLAN, HEMPHILL, RUTHERFORD, FLEMING, GRIER, LOVE, & others from Chester Co., PA from 1720. 116 p., no index. MRW

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"Parker in America, 1630-1910, What the Historians Say of Them, What a Large Number Say of Themselves, Genealogical and Biographical Interesting Historical Incidents." Author: Augustus G. Parker. Publisher: Niagara Frontier Publishing Company. Location Published: Buffalo NY. Date Published: 1911. Number of Pages: 592. Great beginning source for anyone with Parker lineage, no actual source material, mostly written stories collected by Augustus Parker at the turn of the 20th century. There is no index, so data is hard to find, but the chapter headings include clues to go by so please include a town & state name, a rough time guess about when the person you are asking me to look up lived, and his or her name. ND

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"William Parnell and Maria Ann Gidley: A Family Tree." (2009) by Gail Holdeman. Begins with Thomas Parnell (1740) and Mary Nichols in Rattery, Devonshire, England to Nebraska 1940. Self published, copyrighted. GH2

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"The Parr Family." Helen Parr Fleming, McClain Publishing, 1969. Descendants of Stephen Parr from 1730 to 1968 with over 1000 descendants listed. Covers eight generations, including the allied families of Holdren, Hutchison, Moore, Jolly, Franks, Sheets, et al. through Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Includes early English, Quaker, Pennsuylvania, Delaware and Maryland records. GN2

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"Parrish-Dack-Families." John Ford Parrish Descendants of Samuel Parrish, son of Joel Parrish and Sarah DeWolfe born 30 September 1798 in Elizabeth, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada. M28

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"Hybrid Vigor 1711-1987." Les Weaver, Vantage Press Inc., 1988. Family history Weber/Weaver, Bare, Parsons, Pounds, Saul; PA, etc. not indexed. Some images, willing to scan. K21

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See also under Miller

"Descendants of James Patton and Florence Graham of Floyd Co., Ky." David Agricola priv pub 1997, rev 9th ed 2002. Almost 1800 descendants discussed- in the male lines mostly. Many of the Pattons of Eastern Ky belong in this lineage, especially Breathitt Co Ky, Estill Co Ky, Johnson Co Ky. D5

"Listen to the Mockingbird." Daniel Dunbar Howe. Sections on families of Howe, Hoge, Dejarnette, Haven and Patton. DC4

"A Patton Compendium, sections 1-7. PATONS of Scotland." David V Agricola. privately pub, 1999. Discusses
(1) Patons of Ferroque, Kincardineshire, beginning ca 1564
(2) Patons of Fife (brief discussion)
(3) Patons of Cairnie and Dunkeld
(4) Patons of Ayrshire, including the family ancestral to Rev Wm Paton who migrated to Ireland about 1617.
(5) Patons of Crailing. D5

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"The Paxtons: Their origin in Scotland, and their migrations through England and Ireland, to the Colony of Pennsylvania, whence they moved South and West, and found homes in many states and territories." W. M. Paxton, Platte City, Missouri, 1903. Family history of the Paxtons by William McClung Paxton who also wrote a history of the Marshall Family. MK5

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See under Massachusetts.

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"Peart Family History volume 1." Amelia Peart MacDonald Marx & Joseph Grant Stevenson copyright 1968 by J. Grant Stevenson. History of the Jacob Peart [born 1801 Lyneheath, England] family and related families: Mary Thompson; wife of Franklin Dewey Richards, Myron John Richards with wives, Isabella Mary Young & Julia Anna Petersen, Wealthy Richards, Edward Barrett Clark, Wilford Woodruff Richards, Joseph Echo Porter Stevenson and others. M28

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"Peaslee Genealogy." Robert Peaslee, 1984. This book contains the descendants of Joseph Peaslee and Mary Johnson, from the research of my uncle Robert Peaslee. MR7

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"John Peet, 1597-1686, of Stratford, Connecticut & His Descendants." by Terry Charles Peet, 1986. Book covers 12 generations, but not in all lines. A separate section covers Descendants of Charles Peet of New Milford, CT 1774-1846. Appendices cover:
Descendants of Isaac and Lewis Peet;
Descendants of John Peet 1796-1873;
Descendants of Isaac Peet (sons Joseph, George B. b 1833);
Descendants of Thomas Peatt (1779-1855);
Descendants of Dr. Samuel Peete of North Carolina;
Thomas Peet of Lincolnshire, England and His Descendants;
Long Island Peet Family Data
My DB on PEETs is 6,500 and I have many more to put into the DB, as time permits. I am doing a one-surname study of PEET. LGD

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See also under Percy.

"The Peirce Family from 1623 to 1870" by Ebenezer W. Peirce 1870. This book has no documentation but I have found the families and names to be quite correct. This book covers the Lineal Descendants of Abraham Peirce who came to America in 1623. I will be happy to do limited look ups and will try to do copies. This book is so old that I hate to handle it that much. GC

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See under South Carolina.

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See also under Merrimack Co., NH.

"A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Moses Pengry." William M. Pingry, Warner&Hyde, 1881. Huge index of surnames and other mentioned people who knew the Pengry's. Lots of pictures, some signatures. Family lived in Mass, NH, VT, NY, Nova Scotia and many other places. Complete genealogical record from the 1600's to 1881. [This book is freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

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"The Penick Family." Lyman Priest, McClure Printing Co., Inc., 1982. Lists Penick, Pinick, Pinnix, Pinnock and other spellings. Originates with Edward Pinick and his wife Elizabeth, whose son Edward was baptized on 15 Aug 1686 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA. Edward married Esther/Easter ???. Edward's will was proved 6 Mar 1734/35, Hanover Co., VA. DRS, RNH

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See under Clift.

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See under Cumberland Co., ME.

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"The Penningtons of Big Buffalo." Ruth Dickey, 1980s. Penningtons of Lawrence County, Tennessee. CP1

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See Crone

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"Annals of the House of Percy." by EDWARD BARRINGTON DE FOY, RICHARD CLAY & SONS, 1887. Percy Pierce Peirce Perse Pearse, Northumberland, England, New England, New Hampshire, Mass. History of the Pierce's from the royal Percy line back in England. Includes Earls and Dukes of Northumberland, Percy who was to marry Anne Boleyn, one who fought with William the Conqueror to modern times. Has family shield and photos. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archives: Volume 1, Volume 2, Part 1, Volume 2, Part 2]

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"ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS of HORACE THADDEUS PERKINS 1832-1915." By: David L. Perkins. Sunnyvale, CA (1977). DPR

"BRANCHES & ROOTS of OLIVER PERKINS: A Genealogical Study of his Ancestry, his Descendants and their Allied Families." By: Steven G. Perkins, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD  (1999). DPR

"THE DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD PERKINS of NEW HAVEN,CONN." CAROLINE ERICKSON PERKINS ROCHESTER, NY. 1914. Includes Anna Johnson, wife of Azariah Perkins who was a descendant of Edward Perkins of New Haven,Conn. The theory of her line was written by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A. of New Haven,Conn.and is included in this book pages 73-80." DPR

"THE EDWARD E. and JEANETTE (ATWELL) PERKINS FAMILY of NEBRASKA." By: Burton Frederick Kiltz, Richmond, VA (1983). DPR

"New Edition of the records of the family of RUFUS PERKINS ect.." HENRY E.PERKINS, HENRY STOWELL & SON, PRINTERS,TROY, NY 1916. (primarily Rockingham and Chester Cos., Vermont). DPR

"Perkins Book." Paula Mortensen, 1998. (An index to the book is posted on the book's website. SG4

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Perrin (Perrinjaquet)

"History of the Perrin (PerrinJaquet) Family." Compiled by James M. Perrin, Hammond, LA, 1978. Over 600 Perrin and Perrinjaquet descendants generally located in Travers, Switzerland and St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. SCM

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"The Perry Family of Hertford County, North Carolina," B.B. Winborne, Raleigh, NC 1909. CWM

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"The Pershing Family in America." Edgar J. Pershing, George S. Ferguson, 1924. Pershing descendants in America. ED1

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"Peters of New England." Edmond Frank Peters and Eleanor Bradley Peters. NY: Knickerbocker Press, 1903. Eleanor Peters built Edmond Peters' partial coverage of the descendants of Andrew Peeters, 17th century immigrant settler of Ipswich and Andover, MA into a full-blown study of the lineage, with special efforts to correct misinformation earlier advanced by Rev. Samuel Andrew Peters (1735-1826). Extensive discussion of some individuals and family migrations. 444 pp. We also have recent Higginson Book Co. reprint of this title. Second author a gg aunt of volunteer. MPR

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"The Mohawk Valley Petries and Allied Families." by Hazel Patrick, Herkimer County Historical Society, Herkimer, NY, 1979. Some families include: Bellinger, Casler, Herkimer, Petrie, Snell, Timmerman/Zimmerman, Waggoner/Wagner, and more. Petrie progenitor is Johan Jost Petri of Strassburg, Alsace (d. abt 1710). KLB

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"Personal research and sources Barbara E. Laughlin." Families and descendants of: James Micajah JACKSON; Ferdinand PETRY, Joseph KING; William MCCARTY; John J. LAUGHLIN. Available in some cases: photographs of tombstones; obituaries;copies of birth, death and marriage records; census records, WWI draft registrations; family photographs; copies of bible entries. All sources are cited. B22

"Three Sons of Steffan Petry." Rummel & Rummel, Gateway Press, Inc, 1977. Migration of Petry's from Germany to America and immigration throughout the United States. Descendant surnames, locations, dates of birth, marriage and deaths. Some family history stories and photographs are included. Actual sources are not cited. B22

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See under Merrimack Co., NH.

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"An annul begins with Ezekiel PHELPS and Margaret Watkins 1793." Geneva M. Phelps, 1988, Rt.1,Box 57, Flemington, WV 26347. Will index search for MD PHELPS of 16xx,17xx. DEP

"Dorset Pilgrams." Frank Thistlethwaite, 1989. Will index search for MA, CT PHELPS of 16xx,17xx. Discuss Bibliography. DEP

"John PHELPS Settler on Cheat River." Research MSS, Don Phelps, 1994 (b.1728 Hartford CT?,bpt. 10 May 1730 First Church Hartford, m. 12 May 1748 Union, CT Mary CONVERSE, d.?) Father of Sarah, Hugh, Elijah, Mary, Samuel, John Jr., of Wood Co.,WV 1786 settlers. Research log, copies of various primary documents: Hugh's Family Bible, SA McCarthy letter of 1916, Warantee Map of land on Cheat River, etc). Exchange for other researcher's MSS and logs on John PHELPS. DEP

"Phelps Family History." AGRI, 1978 Will search a record type for any 16xx,17xx PHELPS. DEP

"Search for the passengers of the Mary & John, V 7 Maverick thru Stoughton." Burton W. Spear (1987) Mary & John Clearing House, 5602 305th St., Toledo OH 43611. Will index search first 4 generations descendents of William and George PHELPS. DEP

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See Holcombe

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See also under Peirce, Percy.

"Pierce genealogy ............" Frederick Beech Pierce - 1882 - Heritage Books Inc (reprint) 1992. Being the record of the posterity of THOMAS PIERCE, an early inhabitant of Charlestown (Mass.), and afterwards, Charlestown Village (Woburn, Mass) in New England, with wiils, inventories, biographical sketches, etc. L10

"Pierce Genealogy." by Frederic B. Pierce (1882). DP3

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"History and Genealogy of the Piersol Family in England and America," Vol. 3 Clarence Pearsall, H.S. Crocker Co. Inc., 1928. JK2

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"The Family of John Pike of Newbury, Mass., 1635-1995." Pike, Penobscot Press, 1995. BW5

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See under Shultz surname.

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"Plaisted Family throughout the World." Written by Arthur H. Plaisted, 1939. A book written about the Plaisted family throughout the world. Variants also include Plessis and Plessitis. JH3

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"DEANE/DEAN FAMILY." Joyce A Halvorsen, published 2009. Beginning with Michael Plasters Jr. b. 1732 d. 1764 who was the first of the Plaster name to arrive in America. He married twice: Tamar Houston in 1756(she was bor 1732 and d. 1764) and second marriage to Charity Williams in Mar 1765. Charity was born 1730 d. 1805. This family's sons fought during the Revolutionary War. Sources available. Research taken from my self published album and through and other sources. The Plaster and Scurlock married into each other early on. If you want information about your Plaster/Plasters or Scurlock family, indicate the paternal name and birthdate and I will research it. I will supply sources and copies of research information when completed. This is volunteer time and expense, so please ask for one or two names at a time. Supply your correct e-mail address. JA8

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"Pleasants and Allied Families." Norma Carter Miller and George Lane Miller, Print Shop of Dixon, Illinois, 1980. This 423 pp book describes descendants of John Pleasants, who emigrated to Virginia abt. 1665 from Norwich, England. CDM1

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See under Maryland.

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See under Rockbridge Co., VA.

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"Nine Roads From Cloverdale," comp. Katie M. P. H. Westman and Lucille E. R. McMillan, pub. Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1988. 336 pp. Indexed , illus. Treats the descendants of Johann Heinrich Gottfried Pabst (1809-1895), who came to America in 1834 and settled in Roanoke Co, VA, adopting the Americanized name Henry G. Pobst. Other families treated include Ranck, Moomaw, Stover, Graybill, Spencer and Sanger. DCFD

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"Pocahontas' Descendants." by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, and Eileen M. Chappel; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1985. A revision, enlargement and extension of the list as set out by Wyndham Robertson in his book "Pocahontas and Her Descendants" 1887. CG3

"Pocahontas and Her Descendants." Wyndham Robertson, 1993, reprint by Gen. Pub Co. of 1887 original. Pocahontas descendants thru her sixth generation. No index. I'll try to find per your request. JMC2

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"From Germany to Antietam, The Early History of the Pfaffenberger Family, 2nd Edition." by Thomas Poffenberger, 2003 (miscellaneous pages). RC5

"From Germany to Antietam." Thomas Poffenberger, Xlibris Corp, 2000. This is a family history of the George Pfaffenberger family. They went from Pa. to Md. Name was changed to Poffenberger. Gives a lot of early history in Germany. BR

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"Descendants of Samuel Warren Poland." Gail Poland Meeks; 2000. PEP

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"The Ancestry and Descendants Of Jonathan Pollard 1759-1821." Lucian M. Underwood. The Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan Pollard 1759 - 1821 With Records of Allied Families. The Digital images for this book are also now at the Pollard Genealogy & History Book Web site. The searchable transcription is still in progress . the link is about 1/3 of the way down the index page. RP5

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"The Family of Pollock of Newry and Descendants." by Rev. Allen Stewart Hartigan, published 1901. The progenitor of this Pollock family history is Robert Pollock, b. c. 1600, Co. Renfrew. It is mainly concerned with the Irish Pollocks, although mention is made of some who moved to America. Other families mentioned are Hartigan, Pratt, Corry, Douglas, Stewart, Gosset, Gore, Lett, Mant, Dubedat, Glenny, Evans, Quinn, Collett, Barrington, Barry, Jellett, Le Fanu, May, Butson, Phipps, Payne, Eyre, Dobbs, Higginson, Boyd, Aylmer, Hughes, Hill, Molesworth. THIS BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. (DM-T)

See also Pogue.

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"History & Genealogy of Pomeroy Family." Albert A. Pomeroy, Franklin Printing, 1912. An extensive research of this family from the Battle of Hastings to the late 1800s. Primary attention to Eltweed Pomeroy (bp1585-1673), the progenitor of the American Pomeroys. He was one of the founders of Windsor CT. There are dead ends in many of the lines as it gets into the 1800s, but the early lines are well recorded. ME1

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"Genealogical Record of Samuel POND, and His Descendants." Daniel Streeter Pond; Geo. W. Runyan, at the Record Office, New London, Ohio, 1875. Immigrant Samuel was born abt. 1620, settled in Connecticut. Spreads as was often the case, mostly West from there. I've SURNAME-INDEXED this book myself and will look up any POND or any other related surnames. DSB

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See under Ireland.

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"Descendents of Samuel Poore (1620-1683)." C. Branford Smith, Parker River Researchers 1991. Includes probates and resources. EP3

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See also under Utah.

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See also under Pennsylvania.

"The History of Our Family Connection." John M Porter, 1872, unpublished. An outline of the John Porter line out of Prince Edward Co VA ca 1755 with migrations of children to Southern KY and Greene/Morgan Co GA and subsequent descendants through 1890 to MO, TX, IL. Major collateral families include: Carson, Owen, Helm, Ewing, Stroud, Halsell, McReynolds, Beard, McKay, Saffold, Fannin, Blacklock, Phegley, Read/Reed/Reid. An outline of the Hugh Porter line out of Prince Edward Co VA also included. JTL

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"Postle(s) in America." Martha A. Montgomery and Joanne V. Thomas. A preliminary survey of Postle(s) with emphasis placed on Delaware and Ohio Families. PD3

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"History and Genealogies of the Potter Families in America." Charles Edward Potter ed., Alfred Mudge & Son, printers, Boston 1888. Lists the genealogical information of 8 Potters and their descendants that were in America prior to 1650. Some family history is included also. [This book is freely available to download from the Internet Archive.]

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"POTTS Computer Database." Cyrus E. Potts. As of 1/29/10, the POTTS Database now contains over 30,000 Potts individuals plus their spouses (if married) for a total of over 45,000 individuals. If known, the database contains information on parents' names, birth date & location, spouses, marriage dates & location, number of children, death date and location, census references, other references, and researchers working the line. The database is available online at CEP

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See under Parsons.

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"The Descendants of William B. Powell and his wife Barbara Underwood." Betty Jean Smith Hobbs, Privately Printed, 1981. Besides Powell and Underwood, some other surnames mentioned (not inclusive): Babb, Bowles, Harrison, Hingerty, Holland, Johnson, Lewis, Mizelle, Oliver, Pierce, Pruden, Riddick, Smith, Thompson, and Williams. 19th and 20th century information. DP

"History and Genealogy of the Thomas J. and Henrietta (Howells) Powell families," by W.D.Shirk, Fairfield, IA, 1918. Chronicles this family's journey from Brecknock, Wales in 1817 to Coshocton, OH. SWW

"Long Island Genealogies." Mary Powell Bunker, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976. Thomas POWELL (b. 1641), Richard WILLETS (bef. 1657), and descendants. Includes early Powell wills, marriages, and land records. Also HALLOCK, TITUS, TOWNSEND, WILLIS, SEAMAN, BIRDSALL, JACKSON, MERRITT, MOTT, PEARSALL, UNDERHILL, WRIGHT and more. JJ6

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"Valentine Prentice, His Origins & the Descendants of his Grandsons." Linus Joseph Dewald, Heritage Books,Inc. 1992 Comprehensive genealogy in two volumes. MJO

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"European Ancestry of the Prescott Family of America." Doris Cline Ward/Ward Publishing Co/1976. The descent of the Prescott Family of America from Sir Richard de Prestcote. This book is not indexed, but focuses on the ancestors of only John Prescott of Massachusetts, Alice Standish, Mary Gawkroger, and Alice Moloyneaux. LJS1

"John Prescott of Lancaster Massachusetts 1643-1681." Frederick Lewis Weis/Dublin New Hampshire/1961. LJS1

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"PRETZER Families from Pomerania" by Dwayne L. and Mildred H. Pretzer. 1993. Well-indexed, covers descendants of Johann Heinrich PRETZER of Pomerania, Germany. BF2

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"Prindle-Pringle Genealogy." Wallace, Robert E. 1995, from manuscript by Adm Franklin Prindle. First generation William Prindle from Scotland about 1654 to Connecticut, through about 1900. BC7

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"Proctor Genealogy 1562-1982." A. Carlton Proctor, author & publisher, 1982. SH4

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"A Collection of References on the First Purcell Families of Georgia." Claude L. Purcell, 1971. GH1

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"True Life Story of Will Purvis." Author: Francis Williams Griffith. Publisher/Date: 1935 (original) 1989 (2nd reprint), Lamar County Historical Society. This biography covers the life of Will Purvis who was quite famous in MS for being convicted of murder and sentenced to hang. They hung Will but he survived the hanging and could not be rehung. Many of his family members are mentioned but there is no index. Will Purvis was born 27 Sep 1872 in Jasper Co, MS. He spend his boyhood in Wayne Co, MS and moved to Marion Co, MS when he was 12. The murder/trial/hanging took place in Marion Co, MS. He married Sarah Boon and lived his married life in Purvis, Lamar Co, MS (Lamar Co, MS was formed from Marion and Pearl River Counties in 1904. M15

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See under Washington Co., MD.

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"The Putnam Lineage." Eben Putnam. The Salem Press. 1907. Genealogical Notes conerning the Puttenham family in England and their Royal descent, and showing the ancestors and five generations of descendants of John Putnam of Salem, Massachusetts. (This book can be downloaded freely from the Internet Archives.)

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Surnames Beginning with Q

Quick, Quinn


"A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America 1642-1942." Arthur Craig Quick. 300 year history of the Quick family in America. Does not contain a lot of information about other family lines. The first three generations are pretty well documented. After 1900 there are errors. D2

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"The Quinn Clan." Sarah Quinn Hambrick and Felicia Hambrick Woods, Genealogy Publishing Service, 1993. Descendants of Luck and Elizabeth (Adams) Quinn in Franklin County, VA. JC5

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