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See also under Palatine Migration and these surnames: Badertscher, Hartsell/Hartzell, Hirtzel/Hirzel, Hunsicker.

"Genealogies Vaudoises." Special Edition, Bridel, Lausanne, 1920. Genealogies of some of the notable families of the Pays de Vaud, some of which are old noble Swiss families, some are protestant emigrés that settled in Vaud in the 17th and 18th C. PDLC

"The Swiss Emigration Book", Volume 1. Compiled by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler. Listing of emigrants from the 18th and 19th century who migrated from and through Switzerland to America. Sources include emigration records and passport lists from the Cantons of Solthurn, Basel and Aargau. PCT

Canton Bern

"Men of Bern, The 1798 Burgervereichnesse of Canton Bern." In 1798 when Napolean invaded Switzerland, all men 20-70 had to sign an oath of allegience. This created the first known census of Switzerland. Often it indicates name, occupation, DOB, POB, living at, etc. Only Canton Bern has been published so far. JEK

Canton Graubuenden

"Raetisches Namenbuch BAND III Die Personennamen Graubuendens mit Ausblicken auf Nachbargebeite" Konrad Huber, Francke Verlag Bern, 1986. A continuation of the work begun by Robert von Planta and Andrea Schorta, Raetische Namenbuch is over 1000 pages of surnames with corresponding etymology. TP

Canton St. Gallen

"Buergerbuch der Ortsbuerger-Gemeinde St.Gallen (several issues)." The book lists all surnames of citizens of the town St.Gallen (in canton St.Gallen) alive in the year before publication: citizenship does not imply that these people actually lived in the town. It also needs to be stressed that only citizens of the town of St.Gallen are covered - not citizens of other communities in the canton (=state) of the same name. Short biographical data are given on all citizens. Especially on old families some introductory genealogical remarks are added, beginning with the first mention: these are based on the genealogical collection "Stemmatologia Sangallensis", which is kept at the Town Archives. WWS

Canton Ticino

"Death Register Index from Gordola, Canton Ticino, Switzerland 1787-1900." I abstracted and produced this database of about 3200 deaths recorded in Gordola between 1787 and 1900 (from families generally living in the Verzasca River Valley*) from FHL microfilm #1751141. Each death record usually includes the name of a father and/or spouse. Many also include the age of the victim and a mother's name. I have cross-referenced the index by deceased's name, father's name, mother's name, and spouse's name. Armed with this information you could easily obtain copies of death records from your local FHL. *The main locations mentioned in these records are Sonongo, Frasco, Fusi, Contra, Gerra Verzasca, Brione Verzasca, Gordola, Fontobbia, Minusio, Lavertezzo, Vogorno, Tenero, and Cugnasco. CS2

Canton Wallis (Valais)

"Familien Chronik von Simplon-Dorf und Gondo-Zwischbergen." Ernst zenklusen,Alt-Pfarrer 1964 - 1967. Family registers, most dating from 1600's to the 1960's. Names include Arnold/Arnoldt, Escher, Gerold, Jordan, Kluser, Zenklusen, Seiler, Theiler (earliest death 1369; earliest birth 1432), Ritter/Rittiner, Dorsaz, Henzen, Mocellini, Scotton, Trachsler. Abgewanderte und Familien von Gondo-Zwischbergen: Blumen, Ambord, Clausen, Michlig, Zumofen, Zumkemi, Lauwiner, Zurwerra, Schmidhalter, Squaratti, Lauber, Tscherrig. JEL1

"Ergaenzungen zur Familien=Chronik von Simplon-Dorf und Gondo-Zwischbergen." Ernst Zenklusen, Alt - Pfarrer 1971. Addendum to Familien=Chronik (above) to 1971. Names Arnold, Escher, Jordan, Kluser, Zenklusen, Ritter/Rittiner, Seiler, Theiler, Scotton, Dorsaz, Henzen, Mocellini, Schmidhalter, Zurwerra, Tscherrig, Gerold, Lauber, Squaratti. Also includes from Paul Heldner, Heraldiker, Glis, Familienkunde (small drawings of Coat of Arms) for Arnold, Dorsaz, Escher, Gerold, Henzen, Jordan, Lauber, Ritter, Rittiner, Schmidhalter, Seiler, Squaratti, Tscherrig, Theiler, Trachsler, Zenklusen, Kluser, Zurwerra, Zumkemi, Mocellini, Scotton, Das Gemeindewappen von Simplon, Das Gemeindewappen von Gondo-Zwischbergen, and Das Wappenfeld (color code). JEL1