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"Antes de 1810." Elisa A. Menendez- 1953. Historical events, before 1810 and participants- 349 pages. RC8

Antonio Vazquez de Espinosa- Smithsonian Misc. collection- 1948. Description and summary of events in the Occidental Indies (from year 1500 on)- 801 pages. RC8

"Artigas Nemonare, Compendio y Descripcion de las Indias Occidentales." Nelson Caula-2000. The private life of Jose G. Artigas, the 8 women he loved; his 14 children. RC8

"Exodo del Pueblo Oriental." Museo Historico Nacional. Census of families who joined General Artigas in the Exodus of 1811. RC8

"Genesis de la Familia Uruguaya." Juan Alejandro Apolant-1975. List of first immigrants from Canary Islands; Census 1769 and 1772; Record of Births; Baptism; Marriages; and Death. 2,179 pages and 4 tomes. These records are for families that immigrated from the Canary Islands to Uruguay (in South America). RC8

"Hace un largo fondo de años." Maria del Carmen Miloslavich de Alvarez-1988. Uruguayan and Argentinian (Entre Rios) genealogy. RC8

"La emigracion alavesa a America en el siglo XIX." Angel Mari Arrieta. List of 19th-century Basque emigrants to Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Guatemala, Peru and Paraguay; and list of deceased. 515 pages. RC8

Departamento de Montevideo

"Padrones Ol,vidados de Montevideo del siglo XVIII." Juan Alejandro Apollant- 1966. Forgotten censuses of the eighteenth century, tomes I, II, III, and IV. RC8

"Veinte Linajes del Siglo XVIII." Luis Enrique Azarola Gil- 190 pages. Contribution to the history of Montevideo. RC8