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Amador County Cemetery Board

Jackson, CA



Current and planned projects

for the historic pioneer cemeteries

in Amador County, California


Pine Grove Cemetery:

Currently we have one member researching all the 20th century burials in the cemetery through a local mortuary. Efforts are being made in our "Who Was I?" campaign to identify all unmarked graves. Local historical newspapers and correspondence are also being reserched to identify unknowns.

Repairs to plots are carefully being made, keeping to the historic integrity of this shady cemetery. We have already placed a number of headstones where only mortuary markers stood. We have identified several previously unmarked graves and markers will be made in the summer of 2010 for these.



Aqueduct Cemetery:

We are in contact with two people who have relatives buried in Aqueduct Cemetery and are working together to identify all graves. Repairs to broken headstones amd curbing has been completed. (Feb. 2012)






IOOF Fiddletown:

This cemetery was cleared of weeds, brush and saplings threatening grave stones or curbing. The fence and gate were repaired. Headstones needing repair have been identified and repaired. Mapping of the cemetery will take place in the summer of 2012. (Feb. 2012)


Volcano Protestant Cemetery

Weeds were cut, tree limbs threatening stonework were removed. Several broken stones were repaired. Further work is needed. The Volcano Service District will be handling that in the future.





Fiddletown Masonic Cemetery


Clearing brush threatening stone work was done last spring. Weed abatement will be an ongoing project. We mapped locations of the graves. (Feb. 2012)





Fiddletown Protestant Cemetery

Clearing brush threatening stone work and cutting weeds. We will do weed abatement to keep weeds down and minimize fire danger. Broken headstones and damaged curbing is being repaired. (Feb. 2012) We are currently transcribing all the tombstones at this location. (Feb. 2012)




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