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Allison's of Plymouth

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John Augustus Allison

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Mary Eva Chapman Allison
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John William Allison, Mary Eva Chapman Allison & John Lyliss (a family friend).
Edward Lee "Ned" Allison, my 2g. grandfather was born in 1829 in Virginia and came to Amador County sometime between 1852 & 1854 after residing in Missouri for a few years. He owned two 80 acre parcels, one in Plymouth that he claimed was used for farming (though there is a mine on the land) and one in Oleta that was strictly for mining. His wife, Mary Allen Moore, was English and had come to America when she was only a year old. They raised 8 children on the ranch;

James Albert  - b. Nov. 1, 1855 (m. Grace Mott)
John Augustus - b. Aug. 19, 1857 (m. Mary Chapman)
Sarah E. - b. March 30, 1860 (m. Jos. Brinole, ? Smith, & Harry Kaufman)
Eliza - b. 1861 (m. John Wright)
Isabella - b. Jan 30, 1862 (m. Ted Pinder & Henry Cable)
Mary Eva - b. May 25, 1863 (m. James White)
Martha - b. 1865 (m. Theo. Lucich)
William Joseph - b. 1869

John Augustus Allison, my g. grandfather married Mary Eva Chapman of Eldorado County in May of 1883. Mary had been born in May of 1865 in Cherry Creek, NV in the back of a wagon while enroute to CA from IN. Their marriage produced 9 children;

John William (pictured above) - b. April 1884 (m. Olive Ollie)
Addie - b. Aug. 8, 1885 (m. Bill McGregor)
Alberta - b. abt. 1887 (m. Del McGregor)
Martha "Peg" - b. abt. 1890 (m. Raymond Fisher)
Margaret A. - b. Sept. 24, 1892 (m. Ray Butler)
Henry James - b. Aug. 22, 1895 (m. Lula Opal Wall)
Dewey - b. Oct. 13, 1898 (m. ?, a Mormon from Joseph, UT)
William Augustus -b. Aug. 5, 1901 (m. Inez Pawson)
Eva - b. Dec. 4, 1903 (m. Frank Jouch)

After John's death on March 3, 1908, Mary Eva could no longer afford to continue raising the family on the ranch. She moved first to Diamond Springs where her Chapman family was, and then later to the Placerville area.

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Allison Ranch
Plymouth, CA

This photo of the remains of the 3rd Allison house was taken in 1992=>

<= Shot of the barn & sheep in 1923. 

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There were three houses built on the Alison Ranch. The first built by Edward Lee Allison, a second nearby by his son John Augustus Allison, and this third one (pictured above) built on the spot of the original by Edward's daughter Isabella Allison and her 2nd husband Henry Cable.

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Submitted by Art Michaelis on 4-18-99

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