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rollhono.jpg (38038 bytes) "Dedicated to the People of Ione"
Plaque placed in October 1942 honoring the names of every serviceman in Ione Township who was serving at that time in the Armed Forces during World War II.

Someone has been tracking this plaque that is no longer in place on the Bank of America building in Ione where it was placed in 1942. They have found that it was removed due to deterioration in the mid 1950's. At bottom after the dedicated to is: This seventeenth day of October 1942 By Robert E. McCall, in memory of his brother, George L. McCall a native of Ione, who gave his life for his country in World War 1

Have seen many of these names on list so thought I'd post the entire roll of honor. "In the columns below are listed the names of men from this township now serving in the armed forces.
Jacquelyn Mosher

Donald Watt
George Siler
Sam Alexander
Eugene Baker
C.R. Butler
Robert Cheney
Arthur Lewis
Robert Cronin
G. Patterson
Wayne Barnes
R.S. Clifford
Al Tullis, Jr.
Karl Moman
Oliver Smith
G.W. Gebhardt
Dick Warren
Burton Davis
John Strohm
Vern Klusman
John Wheeler
Alton Sweet
Louis Hammer
Vincent Touhey
Robert Hanson
Wayne McMillen
J.R. McMillan
George Hann
Ramon Villa
Frank Villa
Art Raferty
Walter Motz

William Coran
A.J. Walloupe
G.G. Cornelius
B.G. Samprucci
John Samprucci
John Hefner
Oscar Kirk
Cyril Day
W.H. Maestretto
Francis Bordges
Wilson Manning
Erling Schmidt
Edwin Marcus
Ralph Yancey
Mervin Howdy
Gus Danisch
W.S. Stewart
Fred Gritton
C. Patmon, Jr.
David Barnes
R.E. Cecchini
Jonas Hann
Marion Fish
Barney Fueling
Bill Gowett

Ernest Dooley
W.A. Kidd
Harry Brundis
William Johnson
Harry Hawkins
George McKenzie
Al Campbell
Jack Allen
Stan Phillips
Fay Taylor
Loren Burris
Harold Burris
Charles Muntz
Charles Herald
James Warren
Dominic Vicini
Deno Lenzi
John McVanner
Carleton Dutsche
George Halliday
Howard Schnaible
G. M. Dinsmore, Jr.
G. M. Dinsmore, Sr.
Ernest Fairbank
Eugene Siligo

William Clark
A.A. Hilbert
C.E. Burkhart
Edwin Sheridan
William Bonham
William Kelby
Clifford Towle
L.J. Yager
James Coan
D.M. Stewart

Leo Nicolini
David G. Smith
Donald Bacon
Enos Oliver
Carlos Harper
George Laker, Jr.
F.C. Alexander
G.H. Woolsey
David Porter
Donald Kidd

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