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Alamo was a farming community in the 1890's. Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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NAME Occupation Nativity
Edward A Bunce Farmer Connecticut
Manuel Lorenzo Bispo Farmer Portugal
Manuel V de Brun Farmer Portugal
Julius Avon Beley Farmer New York
John Adelbert Benson Engineer New York
George Weeks Baker Miner United States
John August Bauer Laborer California
Samuel Housten Brooks Capitalist California
David Crockett Bell Farmer Ohio
Lyman Cook Farmer California
Edward Martan Curley Teamster California
William Edward Cook Gardener England
Charles Cyrus Conners Clerk California
John James Davis Hostler Missouri
Gilherne Dias Laborer Portugal
Myron Ward Hill Farmer Pennsylvania
August John Henry Hotel Clerk California
B John Henry Hotelkeeper France
Fred L Hamburg Farmer California
John Harty Laborer Ireland
George Elbert Hall Student California
Charles Clarence Hemme Orchardist California
August Humburg Capitalist California
August Hemme Farmer Germany
Frank Henry Harnett Laborer California
Thomas B Jenkins Farmer Louisana
James C Jones Farmer California
John J Koester Laborer New York
Nathaniel Keyser Artist Massachusetts
James Francis Kenna Laborer New York
Charles M Larson Farmer Sweden
Laborer California
Johnson P Morillo Laborer California
Richard John Mott Farmer Michigan
Rober John Mott Farmer Michigan
Antonio C Mendonca Farmer Portugal
Charles Maringo Farmer California
Richard Gilbert Mulliken Farmer Pennsylvania
Jacomo Marengo Farmer Italy
James A McMillan Laborer Vermont
John T Nunez Farmer Portugal
Jesse Edgar Nottingham Farmer California
Martin Thomas Noon Horseman Ireland
Frank Posert Farmer Germany
Samuel Taylor Perkins Laborer California
John Franklin Ragsdale Farmer Missouri
John O;Neil Reis Stockraiser California
William Batte Reis Orchardist California
Daniel Seeley Blacksmith Pennsylvania
William H Seeley Saloon Keeper California
John Charles Seeley Farmer California
George Smith Laborer England
William V Stark Farmer Ohio
Alonzo Lincoln Stone Farmer California
Edward Irvin Shuey Orchardist Illinois
David Pidirican Smith Farmer Pennsylvania
Albert Sueyres Laborer California
William CE Smith Farmer California
Martin Frederick Shroder Laborer New York
Frank Trevitts Farmer Illinois
George Ellsworth Trevitts Carpenter Illinois
William John Teantain Labkorer Utah
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