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This is primarily a farming area surrounding Martinez and bordering on Pacheco. It is made up of the lands in the Las Juntas Rancho and Rancho Boca de la Canada de Pinole. Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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NAME Occupation Nativity
John Adams Baker Germany
Thomas James Andrews Farmer Illinois
Carl P Anderson Sup. Con. Sweden
Lorenzo Dow Blogett Farmer Indinana
Soren A Beier Farmer Germany
Hartley M Bush Orchardist New York
Elam Brown Barber Fruitgrower Illinois
Egisto D Biagio Fisherman Italy
Angelo Ames Bailey Teacher Wisconsin
Edward E Brewen Laborer California
Frederick T Brackman Farmer California
John Henry L Brown Farmer California
Fredie Frank Brewen Laborer California
Lorin Brann Farmer Maine
Lewis Brackman Farmer California
Marion Brisco Brewen Blacksmith Missouri
Frank Edward Brann Farmer Maine
Henry Harrison Bell Rancher Ohio
Cyrus Wm Beardslee Connecticut
Chas S Beardslee Carpenter California
Charles Baumgart Farmer Prussia
Joseph Barry Teamster California
Charles Burton Laborer New York
Viggo Birch Laborer Denmark
Santa Barbalucca Carpenter Italy
Frederick D Browne Civil Engineer Canada
John Brereton Laborer Ireland
James Spencer Barnes Laborer Missouri
Vio Gardnier Bryant Poultry Raiser Nebraska
James Burke Stone Cutter Ireland
Charles Preston Baird Electrician California
James W Bradley Farmer California
Arthur Burr Coleman Viniculturist District of Columbia
Judson Edmund Colton Farmer California
John Cornwall Farmer Ireland
Rock Canevasini Wine Maker Switzerland
John Martin Cole Farmer New York
Albert P Chamberlain Farmer New York
Henry Cole Farmer England
Harry L Coleman Orchardist District of Columbia
Frank E Curtis Blacksmith Michigan
Peter Call Laborer Iowa
James Calvin Sup't Con Ohio
John Allen Clancy Drillman California
Frank A Cummings Insepctor California
Cesare Acndelari Fisherman Italy
Thomas Carroll Teamster Ireland
Harry Campbell Teamster California
Edward Corbett Laborer Ireland
Michael F Cooney Miner Ireland
Thomas S Duane Nurseryman Canada
Alonzo Dickinson Carpenter New Hampshire
Carl Franklin Diehl Fruitgrower Pennsylvania
Dudley H Digges Laborer California
Michael Drum Laborer Ireland
Timothy Daley Laborer Ireland
Thomas Davis Laborer England
Joseph P Dapper Machinist Germany
Thomas Delaney Rodman Pennsylvania
Eugene Donohue Miner Ireland
William Eggleston Farmer England
August Erickson Blacksmith helper Minnesota
Andrew M Erickson Contractor Minnesota
Charles Erickson Contractor Minnesota
George M Frazer Farmer Oregon
Marion Maston Frazer Farmer California
Geo A Firth Farmer Illinois
Charles Henry Firth Farmer Illinois
Primo Ferrarini Farmer Italy
Roy Frazer Farmer California
Charles Bell Frazer Farmer California
George T Griffin Farmer Australia
Antonio Gumantonio Fisherman Italy
Frank Grimm Farm Hand Oregon
Peter Galliciotti Farmer Switzerland
Louis Gebert Cook Illinois
James Brown Gorham Teamster Maine
Patrick Garvey Railroading Ireland
Albert Town Gillons Laborer New York
Edmund Hall Farmer New York
Henry Heinz Farmer Missouri
Richard Rush Hall Orchardist Rhode Island
Henry P Hoesly Fruitraiser Wisconsin
O Eugene Hayward Fruitgrower Illinois
William B Holliday Farmer California
Beverly R Holliday Farmer Kentucky
Fred Alexander Hall Farmer Michigan
Hiram Parker Hardy Viniculturist United States
Thomas F Hughes Teacher Canada
Henry L Hannibal Farmer North Carolina
Bernard Hoey Blacksmith Ireland
Ambrose Horgan Laborer Ireland
Henry G Hoesly Farmer Wisconsin
Martin Hernan Laborer Ireland
William Hand Blacksmith Vermont
Christian "A" Henrics Bookkeepper Norway
John F Heitmann Farmer Germany
James Hogan Miner Ireland
John Hickey Laborer Ireland
Isaac T Ingraham Fruitgrower Maine
Joseph P Jones Lawyer Indiana
John Joluet Farmer France
James Bruce Jenkins Fruitgrower Illinois
Fabian Joost Farmer Germany
Thomas Rodney Jones Student California
Madison Ralph Jones Farmer California
Fabian S Joost Jr Salesman Germany
Jackson Summers Jones Laborer Virginia
George James Miner New York
James Kelly Farmer Ireland
George D Kerran Farmer Ohio
Norman McLean Kerr Farmer District of Columbia
William F Kessler Farmer Iowa
John Kelly Farmer Wisconsin
Elwood Austin Kean Farmer Indiana
Samuel Kelly Farmer PIreland
Carroll Kilburn Farmer Pennsylvania
Charles F Kean Painter Indiana
Patrick Kelly Farmer Ireland
George W Kelly Farmer California
James Kelly Watchman California
James Kervin Contractor Canada
Nurseryman Ireland
James Kennedy Carpenter Maine
Chris Albert Koch Laborer California
Alfonzo S Laszkieviez Machinist Poland
Lee Hamilton Minister New York
John Labourdette Farmer France
Bert Larson Farmer Norway
Charles Andrew Lewis Farmer California
George henry Lyford Butcher Maine
Conor Lane Laborer Ireland
John Lombardi Winemaker France
James Daniel Murphy Farmer California
Scott McClellan Morey Laborer New York
David Gilrye Muir Farmer Scotland
John Muir Geologist Scotland
Joe Mello Farmer Portugal
Rafael Martinez Farmer California
William T Mellerup Farmer Denmark
Theodore W Martinez Farmer California
John Murphy Farmer Ireland
Frank Morrissey Laborer Kentucky
William D Morgan Laborer Wales
Woodward Jose Martinez Farmer California
Albert Joseph Martinez Farmer California
Charles McKibben Farmer Ireland
Victor Allen McDonald Teacher Canada
John Patrick McAvoy Teacher Ireland
Thomas McMahon Farmer Ireland
Isaac McHarry Farmer California
Bernard McKenna US st'e'kr New York
James McKenna Farmer Ireland
Lewis McLaughlin Contractor California
Thomas McNamara Farmer California
Stewart S McKinlay Surveyor Massachusetts
Martin McNamara Laborer Ireland
Patrick McCormick Laborer Ireland
James McFadden Blacksmith Pennsylvania
George E Netherton Farmer California
Patrick O'Connor Farmer Ireland
Christian Olsen Farmer Norway
William H O'Brien Contractor Massachusetts
Nathan P Ohaver Laborer Ohio
Jesse T Peck Fruitgrower California
Jonty S Palmer Viney'dist Ohio
Samuel Potter Farmer England
Thomas Priaulx Laborer England
William W Pringle Farmer California
Peter Pudney Farmer Michigan
Manuel Enos Prada Farmer Portugal
James Harrison Platt Miner Pennsylvania
William J Phillips Miner California
William H Peaslee Farmer New York
George Penfield Laborer New York
Nathan Allen Powers Laborer Vermont
Timothy Parker Farmer Ohio
Charles Parker Farmer Illinois
Lemuel S Parker Farmer Illinois
John Reid Fruitgrower Scotland
James Rankin Miner Scotland
John Muir Reid Viticulturist Wisconsin
Fredrick Reader Farmer Germany
Owen Riley Farmer Ireland
Harry C Raap Farmer California
Henry Raap Farmer Germany
Peter J Raap Farmer Germany
William J Reder Farmer California
Timothy J Randall Farmer Massachusetts
Joseph Reibel Famrer Germany
William E Ricketts Farmer Iowa
Thomas Alex Rankin Farmer Ireland
David Rees Farm Hand Wales
James Rutherford Farmer Ireland
George Jefferson Riley Farmer California
Frank Randall Farmer California
Michael Ryan Laborer Michigan
James Shreve Ramsey Farmer Missouri
Eugene Rielly Farmer California
John Swett Fruitgrower New Hampshire
Wilson Silsby Farmer Illinois
Nicholas Sinnott Laborer Ireland
Frank T Sweet Fruitgrower California
Harvey Strong Farmer New York
Adolph W Seidel Farmer California
John Schenckbecher Cook Germany
Louis Napoleon Smith Laborer California
Elam Brown Smith Farmer California
Theodore Ferry Sherwood Farmer Illinois
FW Swett Stable Foreman California
Sol Stiles RR Foreman Illinois
John Thomas Stewart Engineer Kentucky
John N Street Laborer Wisconsin
John Smith Laborer Wisconsin
Henry Sullivan Laborer Canada
Jose Cardozada Silva Farmer Portugal
Patrick F Sullivan Laborer Ireland
John Sweeney Laborer Ireland
Henry P Sage Laborer Connecticut
Peter Tachini Fisherman Italy
Marini Tachini Fisherman Italy
James Tabil Laborer Ireland
Joseph E Taggart Farmer California
Frederick J Thoroe Farmer Denmark
Joseph Tavan Viticulturist France
Richard Tyer Laborer New Jersey
Patrick Tenney Laborer Ireland
John W Treadway Farmer Vermont
John W Trigg Laborer Virginia
George Byron Taggart Clerk California
George Underwood Cabinet Maker New York
Micheor Ulshofer Farmer Wurtemburg
Wm E Vanblaricon Teamster Wisconsin
Lewis Case Wittenmyer Horticurltist Indiana
George J Winkelman Farmer New York
F William Woest Vinticulturist California
John L Wittenmyer Student California
James S Winslow Farmer California
William j Westlake Viney'dist England
Frank W Wolcott Fireman SP Kansas
Milton W Wolcott Farmer New York
Frank H Williams Machinist California
Daniel Webster Laborer Tennessee
Richard White Laborer Massachusetts
Frank Willis Miner Minnesota
Harry W Williams Fruit Grower New York
William Rufus Wallace Laborer Oregon
William Wilson Laborer California
Ezekiel J Willsey Plasterer New York
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