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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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Thomas S Aria Mucician California
William Atkins Farmer England
GW Atchinson Carpenter United States
John W Atchinson Farmer Illinois
William HH Atchinson Farmer Illinois
Alonzo W Atchinson Farmer Illinois
Jose Arraya Laborer California
John Albers Laborer Germany
Peter Aria Laborer California
Freeman Barbour Farmer New York
Joseph H Begin Dentist California
George Bloching Farmer Germany
Joseph Bonner Laborer England
George E Bailey Farmer Illinois
Jacob Bendixen Miner Denmark
Frank Badano Laborer Italy
William Charles Benson Farmer United States
Charles C Bradley Laborer California
George O Chapman Farmer New York
John O Chapman Laborer California
John S Collins Farmer New York
Charles E Chapman Constable California
George W Condie Blacksmith California
Albert Crandal Miner California
Thomas J Crandal Farmer United States
James R Curry Liveryman Tennessee
Joseph Hiram Clayton Farmer Utah
Jose Juan Cano Laborer Mexico
John A Condie Farmer California
James M Conner Laboerer Indiana
David Davis Farmer Wales
Paul DeMartini Wine Manufacturer Italy
John Donner Farmer Ohio
Robert A Duncan Farmer California
William J Duncan Farmer California
Thomas K Duncan Farmer California
JH Duncan Farmer United States
Percy Douglas Wine Maker New York
Robert A Douglas Farmer California
John Joseph Donovan Farmer New York
Jeremiah Donovan Farmer Ireland
Henry DeWolf Douglas Farmer California
Henry DeMartini Wine Maker California
William Davis Farmer California
Bernard Frank Farmer Michigan
Fred Frank Farmer Germany
Fred Frank Jr Farmer Michigan
David Ferguson Fireman Scotland
Joseph Frank Farmer California
Anspack Henry Frederick Laborer Germany
Peter H Giusing Farmer Hanover
John Goethals Barber France
Nicholas K Gay Farmer California
August Gunter Farmer Germany
Joseph Gunter Farmer California
Gustave L Goethals Carpenter France
Robert HastieNicholas Hebeis Farmer Germany
Franz Hebeisn Jr Farmer California
Nicholas Heibeisn Jr Farmer California
Franz Hebeisn Laborer Germany
David Jenkins Miner Wales
Charles J Johnson Farmer Sweden
Thomas J Jones Laborer United States
Benjamin Jones Miner Wales
Nicholas Kirkwood Farmer Scotland
Charles Kroger Farmer Germany
William A Kirkwood School Teacher Australia
Peter Larsen Laborer Norway
Robert Lewis Laborer Spain
John D Llewelyn Farmer Wales
Reese W Llewelyn Farmer California
Milford Lopez Laborer California
Frank Jerry Lanz Saloon Keeper Ohio
Peter Lopez Laborer California
Andrew Lopez Laborer California
Manuel C Lopez Laborer California
Lawrence Martin Rancher Ireland
Joseph H Merrall Farmer New Zealand
Frank Matheron Farmer France
Joshua Marsh Farmer Nova Scotia
Edwin Marsh Rancher California
William Meredith Engineer England
Dominico Morchio Farmer Italy
James Muir Miner Nova Scotia
Tobias Charles Miller Farmer Illinois
Christopher Mitchell Myrick Farmer Massachusetts
William C Murphy Carpenter Pennsylvania
Fred H Myrick Farmer California
Carey Phelps Mitchell Butcher California
Walter A Myrick Farmer California
Christopher M Myrick Farmer Illinois
Guiseppi Mungini Miner Italy
James McGrew Farmer Illinois
Francis P McGuire Carpenter California
Thomas W McKenna Tinsmith California
Henry McGuire Laborer California
Peter Olofson Farmer Sweden
Henry Polley Faarmer New York
John Ploog Mariner Germany
George Poell Printer Austria
Oscar Painter Clerk California
Jacob Rhine Hotel Keeper Prussia
Frederick Russelmann Farmer Germany
Pedro Rodriguez Laborer Chile
Charles Rhine Merchant Germany
Francis William Reid Clergyman Canada
Charles Francis Robinson Farmer Massachusetts
Frank Robertson Farmer Ohio
JJ Smith Farmer New York
William H Stockfleth Farmer California
Antonio Juan Sanchez Farmer Mexico
Lawrence Myers Smith Farmer California
Rollin C Terry Farmer New York
CH Trette Blacksmith Germany
Eljen A Tubbs Doctor New York
John Gregory Tilton Farmer California
Frederick Waggershauser Winemaker Germany
Henry C Wetmore Farmer California
Edward A Williams Farmer California
Edward W Williams Farmer Pennsylvania
William Wilson Jr Farmer California
Newton Arthur Williams School Teacher Newton Arthur Williams
William Wilson Farmer Ireland
Frnak B Williams Laborer Newton Arthur Williams
James W Way Miner California
Emil Zophy Laborer California
Adolph Zophy Laborer California
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