1898 VOTERS FOR Concord Precinct #1

Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the prescient and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.

John Limas Azevedo Laborer Portugal
Frank G Andrada Farmer Portugal
Peter Arellano Laborer California
Jose S Azaveda Laborer Portugal
Joseph Boyd Blacksmith Canada
Benjamin Franklin Beebe Merchant New York
Willard H Bowen Farmer California
Frederick Brownell Farmer Vermont
Charles E Bibber Farmer California
MN Breckenridget Timsmith New York
Joseph Brazil Laborer Portugal
Francisco Bairrie Laborer California
Rafaello Bolognesi Harness Maker Italy
Achille Bacciliera Vineyard't Italy
James Boyd Liveryman Canada
James Coots Farmer Ireland
Julian Cautua Farmer California
Simon W Cunningham Farmer California
William F Cunningham Farmer California
George A cunningham Farmer California
John B Christian Laborer Kenrucky
Daniel Cunningham Farmer California
John de Mattoes Cardoza Laborer Portugal
Joseph M Christen Dairyman Switzerland
Pidro Crenna Wine Maker Italy
Julian Cantua Jr Laborer California
Domingo Delino Fisherman Austria
Jeremiah L Donovan Student California
John F Duarte Laborer Portugal
Herbert H Elworthy Butcher England
Wilber John Fisher Tinner California
John Fisher Carpenter Portugal
Lourina Fortado Laborer Portugal
Joseph Fisher Carpenter Portugal
Frank William Foskett Butcher Massachusetts
Manuel Rosa Freitas Farmer Portugal
Frank Eugene Foster Telegrapher United States
John Charles Gambs Merchant California
Samuel Grant Farmer Canada
William Griffiths Miner Wales
Frank Corear Gill Farmer Azore Islands
Walter C Griffith Laborer Washington
Forbes Wrigdon Guy D Postmaster California
John Wrigdon Guy Carpenter Alabama
Robert Hail Nurseryman England
Frederick Hittmann Farmer Prussia
Eutico Higuera Barber California
Charles Hurd Clerk India
Patrocinio Jos Hermann Laborer California
Evan Havard Bookkeeper California
Joseph Hittman Farmer California
Henry Ivey Farmer England
William C Jaquith Carriage Maker Canada
John Flemming James Farmer Kentucky
Philip J Klein Hotel Keeper Germany
Frederick Klein Hotel Clerk California
Joseph Kiser Dairman Switzerland
Charles Henry Keller Butcher California
John Henry Keller Butcher Indiana
Charles William Klein Laborer California
Charles Henry Lewis Laborer California
Joseph Levada Butcher California
Edward Ludgering Farmer Germany
Joaquin B Moraga Farmer California
Charles Murry Farmer Ireland
Alfred Monte Farmer California
John Henry Murray Farmer New York
Peter Henry Markey Farmer Canada
John H Martin Saloon Keeper California
Philander B Martin Farmer Illinois
Everett L Martin Laborer California
John Henry Miller Laborer Vermont
Nehemiah C Merriman Laborer California
George McKenzie Physician Canada
Francis Felix Neff Physician Pennsylvania
Calisto Navas Merchant Chile
Joseph Noia Farmer Portugal
John M Olivera Farmer Portugal
George Philips Capitalist Portugal
Fernando N Pacheco Farmer California
Joaquin Prairo Laborer Portugal
Bonifacio Pacheco Farmer California
George Payne Cook California
Manuel Perry Farmer Portugal
John Henry Parkinson Farmer California
Charles W Parker Laborer California
Thomas Parkinson Farmer Ireland
Peter Charles Pacheco Farmer California
Ynez C pacheco Laborer California
Charles A Pramberg Farmer California
Patrick Roche Farmer Ireland
Andres Rumgay Laborer England
Frank G Roque Farmer Portugal
George W Rogers Farmer Maaaachusetts
John Anton Radley Laborer Austria
Francis Joseph Soza Laborer Portugal
Frederick S Swan Painter Germany
Manuel Silva Soares Laborer Portugal
Presentation M Soto Clerk California
Manuel Sibrian Barber California
George John Schwartz Musician Pennsylvania
Pedro Arcadio Soto Barber California
Frank E Sibrian Laborer California
William Souza Silva Laborer Portugal
Joe Frank Silva Laborer Portugal
Atilano F Soto Farmer California
Manuel F Semas Farmer Portugal
Jacinto Soto Laborer California
Manuel Sherman Laborer Portugal
Joseph P Serpa Farmer Portugal
LD Sharp Clerk Michigan
John Soto Laborer California
Joseph G Sibrian Farmer California
John Tierney Laborer California
John Tierney Laborer Ireland
Thomas Tierney Laborer California
Calvin Thompson Blacksmith Canada
John Tormey Farmer Ireland
Albert Stowell Trask Farmer Maine
John Enos Vargas Farmer Portugal
Antone D Vargas Laborer Portugal
George A Weidemann Constable Nicaragua
Barnabas Webb Farmer Maine
Joseph Williams Jr farmer California
Jose Silva Williams Farmer Portugal
Charles Nathan Wight Farmer New York
George Webster Farmer New York
Walter Benjamin Williams Farmer California
Frank Cardoza Williams Farmer California
Manuel Williams Farmer California

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