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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the prescient and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Joseph G Ackerman Farmer California
John Braun Farmer Germany
William E Bowen Farmer New York
George Peter Bastien Farmer California
Bayard W Campbell Farmer California
Robert Paul Campbell Farmer California
Azevedo A Correa Stockraiser Portugal
Andrew A Dehn Farmer California
William M Dainty Farmer California
James Dainty Farmer England
Andrew G Diffin Farmer California
Andrea Demartini Farmer Italy
Frank Demartini Laborer California
John Fletcher Farmer New York
James R Glass Farmer Missouri
Frank Joseph Golden Miner Pennsylvania
John Gallagher Miner Pennsylvania

Austin S Howard
Farmer Virginia
George E Hooper Farmer England
William P Howard Farmer California
William C Haney Farmer Virginia
Robert Harrower Jr Farmer California
Robert Harrower Farmer Scotland
Edmund C Haney Farmer Iowa
John Lincoln Harkinson Farmer Pennsylvania
James Hobson Farmer England
Francis Joseph Hooper Farmer California
James Frederick Hobson Farmer California
Appleton Dyke Joslin Hayseed California
Augustus J Landymore Stockraiser England
Robert Love Farmer Scotland
Robert B Love Miner California
John Love Farmer California
Archibald Love Farmer California
William Henry Murphy Farmer California
Hugh McNamara Farmer Ireland
George McNamara Farmer California
Edward O'Flaherty Farmhand California
Emery T Philhower Laborer California
Nicholas A Philhower Farmer California
Thomas Watkin Prosser Miner California
William C Purchase Farmer New York
Eugene Lyman Rhoades Farmer New York
Joseph Rodda Miner England
Annen Franklin Records Laborer California
Francis X Smith Farmer California
Frank D Sweetser Farmer Massachusetts
Madison Sullenger Farmer North Carolina
Charles T Shellenberger Farmer Illinois
Andrew Smith Farmer Ireland
Andrew J Smith Farmer California
John J Sullenger Farmer California
Jesus Silvas Laborer California
Samuel Francis Smith Farmer California
George Agnew Satterlee Farmer New York
Luther Stone Farmer Maine
Daniel Louis Stone Miner California
Frank Martin Stone Miner California
Freeman Mills Smith Farmer Pennsylvania
Harrison Welch Farmer Vermont
Ezra Wrighton Farmer England
Caleb Wrighton Farmer England
Edward Woodlock Carpenter Ireland


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