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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the prescient and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Frank Bartholemew Farmer US
Antonio John Cardocy Chemist Massachusetts
John Cusell Cook Austria
Jacob Caraman Fisherman Austria
Louis Coz Laborer France
George Albert Carter Engineer California
William Henry Dean Brickman Louisana
William George Dean Boxmaker Maryland
Harry Finson Laborer Massachusetts
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore Laborer Connecticut
Thomas F Higgins Watchman Ireland
George Hans Hansen Laborer California
John Hansen Machinist Denmark
David Howard Foreman Ireland
Milford Ray Johnston Farmer Canada
Henry Johnston Farmer Canada
Farrar Jackson Fireman New York
Valter Kann Foreman Denmark
Michael Kearney Farmer Ireland
Lewis Edward Leavell Foreman California
William Lenzdorf Powder Maker Germany
Don Anderson Loucks Boxmaker Iowa
Henry Carroll Middleton Employee Massachusetts
William Mannheim Powder Maker Germany
John McCarthy Farmer Ireland
PeterMcLellan Powder Maker Canada
Daniel Joe McNamara Miner Massachusetts
Antonio Negrini Fisherman Italy
John W Perkins Farmer California
Antone Petrich Fisherman Austria
Laurence Powers Laborer Ireland
Bernhard Schartan Powder Man Swenden
Charles Swenson Laborer Sweden
John Scopenich Fisherman Austria
Edward Steele Laborer Virginia
William Francis Teague Powder Maker California
Habert Vanprooyen Powder Maker Holland
Paolo Valentine Fisherman Austria
Cornelius Vanprooyen Laborer California
Henry Williams Williams Machinist Holland


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