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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the prescient and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Carston F Alsgood Farmer Germany
Guilebaldo Arreagada Farmer California
Charles Albert Allen Farmer California
Lemuel Atkinson Farmer Virginia
William A Boardman Carpenter New York
Henry Toler Brown Farmer California
Arthur Burton Farmer Canada
James Bickerstaff Farmer Ireland
Joel Jerome Boyer Laborer Pennsylvania
Edward Jamed Brady Machinist Michigan
John Brazil Faarmer Portugal
Frederick C Bryant Farmer US
Henry Stanley Crow Farmer California
James Edward Carvill Wheelright New Brunswick
Henry Arnold Crow Farmer California
Christian Crow Farmer Pennsylvania
Henry Crow Farmer Pennsylvania
David E Camron Farmer Iowa
William Sandy Clark Farmer California
Hugo Cuppers Hotelkeeper Germany
George M Cunningham Farmer Indiana
Russell M Camron Farmer California
William Chidgey Laborer England
James Marion Daley Farmer Illinois
Oliver Dore Farmer Canada
Emile Dore Farmer California
Jefferson Davenport Laborer California
William Joseph Downey Bartender California
Albert Eaton Farmer Connecticut
William Gerow Farmer California
Edward Searles Gerow Blacksmith Canada
William Wiggins Gerow Farmer Canada
John Glasson Farmer England
Samuel Griffiths Laborer Wales
Gideon Gerow Farmer California
Edward Luther Glasson Farmer California
Jether Warren Hastings Farmer California
Nathan Benedict Hoyt Farmer America
Kenyon C Hatch Farmer New York
Joseph Hodges Farmer Illinois
William H Hough Farmer California
Josphus Hodges Farmer Illinois
Hiram Hitcock Halliday Farmer New York
Ine O Heydenfeldt Farmer US
Caleb Lee Isaac Farmer Missouri
Robinson McG Jones Farmer Missouri
Ebenezer Johnson Bricklayer Connecticut
John Johnson Farmer Sweden
Charles William Keel Farmer Illinois
Emanuel Kirchhofer Farmer Switzerland
William Kerrigan Laborer California
James Joseph Kane Farmer New Jersey
Michael H Kane Farmer New Jersey
William F Keith Farmer California
Henry Herman Lamp Farmer California
Albert Lamp Farmer California
Philip Lamp Farmer California
Edmund Laser Bookkeeper France
James Ogden Miner Farmer Connecticut
William Minto Civil Engineer Scotland
Delaney C Moore Farmer New Hampshire
Alfred Henry Mitchell Farmer Maine
Andrew Francis Mulholand Farmer California
James Moller Laborer Denmark
Henry L Milliken Farmer North Carolina
Robert Elam McNeil Farmer California
Henry O;Neil Farmer Pennsylvania
Peter Puck Farmer Denmark
Charles S Reynolds Farmer California
Ezekiel G Reynolds Farmer Rhode Island
Albert Rachel Reynolds Farmer California
William Rapp Wellborer Germany
James Rutherford Fruitraiser Scotland
John Symons Farmer England
James William Speeks Laborer California
Henry Albert Sweet Farmer New York
Eugene Owen Sullivan Farmer Ireland
Fred Shreve Farmer California
James Monroe Simpson Farmer Arkansas
U Grant Stevens Farmer Michigan
Milton V Shreve Merchant California
John Sullivan Farmer California
Gus O Skogsberg Laborer Sweden
Manuel E Silva Farmer Portugal
William B Thomson Blacksmith California
Peter Thomson Blacksmith Canada
Robert Thomson Farmer Canada
Frank Curtis Thomson Farmer California
George A Waer Farmer New Jersey
Giles S Wilson Farmer Missouri
Leonard Wilson Farmer California
Francis E Weston Farmer Maine
Philip Henry Waer Laborer New Jersey
John Adam Wilson Farmer Illinois
George E Weldon Farmer Ohio
Charles Winter Farmer New Jersey
William S Worsham Farmer Missouri


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