1898 VOTERS FOR Martinez Precinct #1

Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the prescient and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Amos Elba Austin Mechanic Vermont
Frank L Austin Laborer Vermont
Henry Victor Alvarado Attorney at Law California
Cornelius Yager Brown Attorney at Law California
Wallace Brown Assayer California
Stephen Earl Bennett Livery Man California
David Upham Burdett Laborer Massachusetts
Massimiliano Bergamini Merchant Italy
Frederick Buckendorf Harness Maker Germany
Philip Briones Butcher California
Albert Edmund Blum Merchant California
Frederick Sheridan Brooks Dentist California
Albert H Bean Tel Operator Illinois
James F Bean Baggageman Illinois
Simon Blum Merchant France
Elam C Brown Civil Engineer California
Sabine Wales Blaisdell Clerk Maine
Byron Brown Architect California
Robert Burns Borland Rail Road Agent California
George Washington Bowie Attorney at Law Maryland
Seeley James Bennett Liveryman Ohio
George Arlington Brock Teacher Canada
Walter Bowen Bartlett Professor of Music Rhode Island
LEugene Elam Brown Physician California
George Botts Janitor Iowa
James Larkin Bevert Clerk California
John Mrytle Briones Laborer California
Mathew Burns Laborer Ireland
JT Breneman Physician Ohio
John V Bertola Gardener California
Alex Boss Farmer North Carolina
Thomas Connolly Harness Maker Ireland
Benjamin Franklin Christian Barber California
Jeremiah Coveney Laborer Ireland
George W Christian Blacksmith New York
John Jose Cambra Laborer Portugal
Henry Callaway Laborer Georgia
Charles E Christian Laborer California
Charles E Curry Bookkeeper California
William Kiefer Cole Druggist Indiana
Henry James Curry Liveryman California
Thomas Reuben Curry Liveryman California
John Henderson Carothers Physician Pennsylvania
Frederick H Cunningham Civil Engineer Massachusetts
Edward G Czapkay Laundryman Hungary
Charles Lee Cain Printer Iowa
Aaron E Dunkel County Recorder California
George Walter Dell Laborer California
David Oren Dorn Merchant Illinois
William John Douglas Merchant Canada
Thomas S Davenport Printer California
Isaac Davis Laborer Wales
John Dahlstrom Shoemaker Sweden
Hanniable Dixon Laborer Tennessee
James Joseph Daley Blacksmith California
Mose Eichorn Storekeeper Austria
Charles Fish Gardener New York
Lafayette Irving Fish Farmer New York
Charles Stanleu Fish Student California
RA Fraser Carpenter California
Max Gutfeld Baker Germany
Henry F Gaines Barber Tennessee
William E Germain Insurance Agent Mississippi
Peter Robert Green Minister Kentucky
Edward T Gisselbrect Baker Pennsylvania
John Baptista Higuera Laborer California
Reuben I Hale Dentist California
Jesse P Hall Farmer Vermont
Roswell B Hathaway Farmer New York
Frank A Hodapp Wharfinger California
Charles E Hall Farmer Michigan
William Allen Hooper Hotel Clerk Massachusetts
Henry Meyers Hale Banker Ohio
John Alexander Higuera Farmer California
Charles Clark Hickman Bottler California
Charles Herman Hayden Plumber Iowa
Michael Henry Hurley Printer Massachusetts
Clifotn Perry Howard Surveyor California
Robert E Hanna Laborer Pennsylvania
John Harding Farmer Connecticut
Albert V Ipswitch Clerk California
John Ipswitch Hotel Keeper Austria
George Ipswitch Hotelkeeper California
Fred William Johnson Messenger New York
William Johnson Machinist Austria
Rees Jones Miner Wisconsin
Thomas Kelly Sec. Foreman Ireland
Solomon Kinsey Minister Pennsylvania
Edward J Kallright Civil Engineer Wisconsin
Jonathan Clifford Kelly Farmer Michigan
Michael Lawless Farmer Ireland
Randal Hubert Latimer Attorney at Law Missouri
Charles Leichter Baker California
Charles Horace Ludden Carpenter Massachusetts
John Laddish Bridge Tender Austria
John Goncalves Lucas Laborer Portugal
James Lawless Laborer California
John Lane Hotel Keeper Wales
William E Laroche Farmer France
Frederick W Lenkenslen Laborer Germany
Ianthus Emlen Marshall Carpenter Ohio
Edward Matthews Laborer Illinois
Orson Livingstone Marsh Carpenter Pennsylvania
Antone F Mederos Laborer Portugal
Edwin Morgan Plumber Texas
Michael Maloney Laborer Ireland
Charles G Merrell Physician Massachusetts
CF Montgomery Journalist California
Arthur Pollard Mulligan Physician Missouri
Hugo Meyer Barber Germany
Harry Hudson Moore Clerk Maryland
William Henry Murtha Laundryman California
Ignacio N Martinez Laborer California
Alfred Bailey McKenzie Attorney Canada
Thomas McDonnall Laborer Pennsylvania
Orlando McCraney Searcher Records Illinois
Thomas Addis McMahon Surveyor California
George B McMahon Butcher California
Andrew Jackson McMahon Grocer California
John Joseph McMahon Merchant California
Hugh McDonald Justice of the Peace United States
Andrew Peter Nelson Shoe Merchant Sweden
John Mauritz Nilsson Lighthouse Keeper Sweden
Conrad oscar Nelson Clerk California
Michael J O'Malley Tailor Ireland
Crecencia O'Campo Farmer Mexico
Jose Pereira Laborer Portugal
Silas J Perry Harness Maker Canada
Watkin Lewis Prosser Miner Wales
Antonio Prado Laborer Portugal
Elias Pasch Merchant Germany
Jeremiah Powers Laborer Ireland
Jose Pereira Laborer Portugal
Frank Prosser Saloon Keeper California
James E Rodgers Teacher California
Charles W Rogers Saloon Keeper California
Bloomfield B Rogers Fireman California
John Brainerd Ross Agent Great Britain
Alfred Christian Raap Blacksmith California
Fred Hilliard Rowell Laborer California
Vicente Rabello Laborer Portugal
Pietro Reggiardo Saloon Keeper Italy
James Bobo Reeves Laborer Tennessee
Albert S Riffle Civil Engineer Pennsylvania
Walter Percy Rowell Laborer California
James Ellsworth Robinson Musician Pennsylvania
Philip Lough Roberts Farmer Ohio
George Atwood Sherman Druggist Ohio
Francis Marion Smith Lawyer California
Timothy Seymour Smith Saloon Keeper California
George R Swartz Laborer California
George B Smith Laborer Scotland
Frank Silva Soito Laborer Fayal
Carl Swanson Laborer Sweden
Charles C Swain Real Estate Agent Maine
Frank M Siefer Rail Road Agent California
William S Tinning Lawyer New York
Joseph Tarwater Laborer California
John Fred Taggart Nicht Watchman California
James Tippett Farmer Pennsylvania
Manuel E Venegas Painter California
Manuel Venegas Painter Chile
Massino Vaylienti Miner Italy
John Venegas Painter California
John O'Brien Wyatt Attorny at Law California
William Durham Woolbert Constable California
Daniel Johnston West Real Estate Agent New York
George Bush Woolbert Farmer California
Francis Williams Clerk Denmark
Gustave Weiss Merchant California
T Ashley Woods Farmer Missouri
Bernard M Woolbert Laborer California
George F Worth ex US Deputy Marshall Massachusetts
Lewis Weiss Clerk California
Delmont a Wentworth Shoemaker California
Frederick W Wear Farmer Kansas
William Wilkinson Teamster England
Alvin Bruce Wilson Jeweler Ohio


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