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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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Felizardo F Arregada Farmer California
William Heywood Buckley Farmer US
Henry Myers Buckley Farmer California
Edward S Colburn Clerk California
Joseph Henry Disher Farmer Illinois
Edward Devlin Farmer Ireland

Edward John Devlin

Farmer California
John Devlin Farmer California
Jose Souza Domingo Farmer Portugal
Dennis Flynn Farmer Ireland
William Albert Fowler Agent California
August Geandost Farmer France
Michael Hennesey Farmer Ireland
Andrew J Hansen Farmer Denmark
Daniel Frankling Huested Carpenter California
Timothy C Kendall Farmer California
John Clement Lucas Laborer California
Henry Madsen Farmer California
Matt Madsen Farmer California
Erich Madson Farmer California
William P Mulholland Farmer California
Erich Madsen Farmer Denmark
Frank Mansion Marshall Farmer California
John Mulholland Farmer Ireland
George G Mulholand Farmer California
Owen Nugent Laborer Ireland
Owen Nevin Farmer Ireland
Da Rosa Joao Pereira Farmer Portugal
Joseph M Pereira Farmer Portugal
Michael Ryan Farmer Ireland
John Sheridan Farmer Ireland
Josiah S Smith Farmer Iowa
Thomas Tullis Farmer Scotland
Leon Trelut Farmer France
Ernest Trelut Farmer France
Charles J Vogt Farmer Missouri
Albert D Williams Farmer California
Charles Augustus Wilts Farmer California
Charles R Windeler Farmer California
John Wilts Farmer Germany


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