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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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William Abrams Saloon Keeper Pennsylvania
Eugenio Arata Laborer Italy
Antonio Busalacchi Fisherman Italy
George H Booth Candy Maker Missouri
William Buchanan Farmer Scotland
William J Buchanan Farmer California
Manuel Baeta Farmer Portugal
Phillip Busalacchi Fisherman Italy
Joseph Busalacchi Fisherman Italy
Francisco Busalacchi Fisheman Italy
William H Barr Farmer Mississippi
James Barr Farmer Virginia
Guissepe Conoveri Laborer Italy
John Bapiste Cinioli Fisherman Italy
Jacamo Corso Laborer Italy
Stefano Cicirelli Laborer Italy
Rocco Costanza Merchant Italy
Franck Caruso Fisherman California
Guiseppe De Stefano Boatbuilder Italy
Rosario Elio Fisherman Italy
William Fahy Farmer Ireland
Vincenzo Flavetto Laborer Italy
James E Fahy Farmer California
Guiseppi Guaragnelli Saloon Keeper Italy
Bastiano Guinto Carpenter Italy
John George Fisherman Greece
Adam Gardinaly Fisherman Italy
John Gatto Fisherman New York
Nathaniel Hill Farmer New York
Warren Douglas Hopper Farmer Wisconsin
Asa Charles Hill Farmer California
Rasmus E Hansen Farmer Denmark
James Hanlon Farmer Ireland
William F Howland Farmer Massachusetts
Augustius Ambrose Hadley Peddler Vermont
Emery D Hopper Canner California
Charles R Hanlon Farmer California
John A Junta Carpenter Italy
Rosario Junta Carpenter Italy
Michael Junta Carpenter Italy
Thomas E Kermode Stock Raiser England
Canevera G Maria Laborer Italy
Jacob A Mueller Laborer California
George A Minaker Constable Canada
Lewis Metten Farmer Germany
Hugh Meddle Laborer California
James McCloskey Farmer Ireland
James McCue Canner California
Francis A McCoy Farmer Missouri
Cornelius McCue Laborer California
William J Nichols Hunter California
Walter J Nichols Canner California
Joseph John Nichols Machinist Scotland
Joseph RV Nichols Canner California
Henry Peoples Laborer France
Thomas Preira Farmer Portugal
Orin K Rogers Canner Connecicut
Joseph De Ross Fisherman Italy
Goerge Redden Farmer England
Patrick Royce Stock Raiser New York
John Royce Boiler Maker California
Thomas H Rogers Laborer California
Robert Rodgers Canner California
Orlando N Rogers Justice of the Peace Connecicut
Charles F Rogers Painter California
John Mills Rodgers Shoemaker California
John Smith Laborer Norway
Aaron Senderman Merchant Germany
Goerge H South Farmer New York
George F Smith Canner California
Bernard Senderman Merchant California
Conrad Schulte Carpenter Germany
Charles Scudero Laborer California
Joost H Schneider Farmer Denmark
Floyd P Sanders Farmer Missouri
William R south Farmer California
Giobatta Solari Farmer Italy
Henry C Smith Canner Norway
James Trant Farmer Ireland
Gaetano Viscuso Merchant Italy
Charles C Wilson Boatman Norway
Benjamin Williams Farmer Ohio
Frederick Henry Wales Minister Massachuetts
William John Whitney Blacksmith Maine
Lloyd Waterman Laborer California
Richard Yates Saloon Keeper England


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