Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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John Altist Farmer California
Ludwig Anderson Trader Denmark
Louis Daniel Anderson Clerk California
Antonio S Andrade Laborer Portugal
David G Bartnett Blacksmith Ireland
Perkins Bettis Engineer California
Peter Bartnett Blacksmith California
William H Billings Farmer Maine
Paul R Bartnett Blacksmith California
Giovanni Baccilieri Laborer Italy
William Brackman Farmer Germany
James A Boss Farmer California
Martin Bunch Farmer Michigan
Charles K Benbow Farmer California
George Washington Boss Farmer California
John Francis Blake Farmer California
Tambini Bertolamo Farmer Italy
Joseph Lorenzo Bispo Farmer Azore Islands
David George Bartnett Blacksmith California
Eli r Chase Lawyer New York
Nelson Clanton Farmer Missouri
Giovanni Carbone Gardener Italy
Edwin J Champlin Farmer Iowa
James Cavanagh Lumber clerk Canada
Clarence Leon Court Farmer Wisconsin
John Corsiglio Laborer Italy
Charles E Coats Laborer Illinois
Charles A Clanton Laborer Missouri
Millard Christopher Farmer Kentucky
John Cereghino Farmer Italy
Joshua E Durham Farmer Tennessee
Charles Dunn Farmer California
William Hall Dukes Farmer Tennessee
Sherard Leonidas Dukes Farmer California
Giovanni DeMartini Gardner Italy
Burnett Senter Durham Farmer California
Tozo Diidz Butcher Austria
Henry H Eicher Agent Germany
John Edgar Farmer Ireland
William Ehlers Farmer California
Delcer B Francis Farmer Iowa
William A Frazer Fruitgrower Oregon
John Edward Fagalde Farmer California
Laban harding Gruwell Farmer Indiana
William W Gorham Well Borer Massachusetts
Frank Gomez Farmer Portugal
Oliver F Greening Farmer Missouri
Frank J Gavin Orchardist Wisconsin
Hugh Gillogley Farmer New York
Frank George Farmer Western Islands
Augustin JGalindo Farmer California
Robert Gillogly Farmer New York
Christian F Hartmann Saloonkeeper Germany
Vincent Hook Farmer California
John Hartwick Laborer Louisana
William Harris Laborer California
John Henry Hazeltine Farmer Maine
Henry Miles Hollenbeck Farmer New York
Ely I Hutchinson Farmer Wisconsin
James Simeon Hook Farmer California
Charles E Hazeltine Farmer Maine
Jorgen C Henricksen Blacksmith Germany
Frank B Hollenbeck Farmer California
John Hurley Peddler Ireland
Albert John Hickman Laborer California
Charles Hurley Farmer Ireland
Alfred H Howlett Laborer Iowa
Frederick Jahn Laborer California
Daniel A Jackson Laborer Rhode Island
Gunther Knauft Mason Germany
Gunther Knauft Jr Laborer California
Henry Knauft Laborer California
Thomas Kilgore Farmer Indiana
Frank Knauft Laborer California
William Klieber Farmer Pennsylvania
Edward Kurzbein Farmer Prussia
Andrea Lodi Laborer Italy
Ephraim R Lamb Farmer Connecticut
James Lewis Wheelright New York
Peter G Loucks Farmer New York
George P Loucks Farmer New York
Frank L Loucks Farmer California
John F Loveland Farmer Massachusetts
George Loucks Fruitgrower California
Charles FH Lohse Farmer California
Charles S Lohse Farmer New York
Marshall Lasell Farmer Vermont
Milo Gaylor Lasell Farmer New York
Edward George Larkey Farmer California
Jean Louis Lohse Student California
Charles Hugh Leonard Farmer California
George T Lewis Laborer California
Louis Millanessi Farmer Italy
Edwin Austin Majors Farmer California
Fred Moses Farmer New Jersey
Marshall Bidwell Martin Clerk Canada
John Mulligan Farmer Ireland
Lorenzo Dow Messec Farmer New Jersey
Albert Messec Farmer Missouri
Frank Patterson Munson Farmer California
Joseph Munson Farmer Pennsylvania
Joe Mello Farmer Portugal
Ramon J Marino Farmer Italy
Donald McKenzie Farmer Canada
William L McDonals Farmer Virginia
Edward Bennett McDonald Laborer California
George S Overfield Farmer Kentucky
Gibson Roy Oliver Well Borer Virginia
Stephen Ogden Teamster Illinois
Antonio Manuel Oliveira Farmer Portugal
Reuben L Overfield Laborer California
Frederick Ott Laborer California
John Ott Motorman California
Hiram Paul Penniman Farmer New York
George Abram putnam Farmer California
William Hiram Penniman Farmer California
Joseph Pino Fisherman Italy
George Russi Miller Switzerland
Andrew Robinson Laborer Missouri
Henry Augustus Rowley Watchmaker New york
Edward Augustine Rodgers Farmer Ireland
Frank Perry Rose Laborer California
Joseph P Rose Farmer Portugal
Blas Rojas Farmer Chile
Manuel Rogers Farmer Portugal
Edmund Randall Farmer England
Joseph Petty Rose Farmer California
George Preira Rose Farmer California
George Reed Orchardist New Jersey
Patrick Roach Farmer Ireland
John Mathies Sonner Miller Denmark
William m Stephenson Laborer California
Marcus Theodore Sickal orchardist Missouri
YC Sylverio Soto Farmer California
Louis Stephenson Laborer New York
Josiah G Swinney Farmer Kentucky
August Schwatz Laborer Germany
Birdsall Sanford Farmer California
George Seeds Laborer Ireland
Jean Selme Farmer France
Massimiliano Solmi Farmer Italy
James Frank Slater Farmer Canada
Frank L Soto Farmer California
William Charles Sell Farmer England
James Calvert Shelby Farmer Texas
William R Shelby Farmer Texas
Asa C Samuels Farmer California
Richard Theall Capitalist New York
Fred Bee Tompkins Farmer Wisconsin
Henry Wickwire Blacksmith New York
John Monroe Walker Farmer California
Manuel Welch Farmer California
HH Whitman Farmer Indiana
Charles Edward Wescott Hortaculturist New York
Jasper H Wells Farmer California
George W Whitman Farmer California
James T Walker Farmer Tennessee
George Massey Westcott Fruitgrower Illinois
John Wilhelms Farmer Holstein
James William Wayne Farmer Georgia
Charles Woodford Housemover Michigan
Charles Roswell Waterman Trader Maine


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