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1898 VOTERS FOR PORT COSTA Precinct #1

Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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John Anderson Stevedore Sweden
Thomas W Anderson Weigher Pennsylvania
Edward Anderson Rail Road Man Illinois
Edward h Beane Superintdent Cal WH California
Richard F Beckett Laborer Ireland
Patrick Brophy Stevedore Ireland
Denis Buckley Laborer Ireland
Louis N Buttner SPRR Agent California
Samuel W Burgess Fireman Kansas
Jeremiah Burke Saloonkeeper Ireland
John Bowman Carpenter Sweden
Mark Joseph Burns Laborer Ireland
John Burk Rail Road Man Vermont
Michael Francis Bulger Hotel Keeper Vermont
Welcome Baker Laborer Indiana
James Lang Brown Laborer Scotland
William Walter Brown Clerk California
Michael Carroll Rail Road Man Vermont
James Carroll Hotel Keeper Ireland
William Casey Saloonkeeper Ireland
William Cashman Hotel Keeper Ireland
Michael Crimmins Grain Handler Ireland
Denis Crowley Hotel Keeper Ireland
James Crowley Laborer Ireland
Jeremiah Crowley Longshoreman Ireland
John Caverley Laborer Ireland
Jeremiah Casey Hotel Keeper Ireland
John Salem Cooper Clerk Missouri
James alexander Clark Rail Road Man New York
James Collins Stevedore Ireland
Jeremiah Crowley Stevedore Ireland
Jamed Cronin Stevedore Ireland
Wolfgang Dresheler Shoemaker Germany
Mathew Dunn Bartender Ireland
Antonio f De Avellar Laborer Azore Islands
Thomas Henry Dye Clerk California
James Dennis Stevedore Ireland
Robert Driscoll Laborer Ireland
Malachi F Dillon Laborer California
Frank F Emmons Merchant Iowa
Andrew Erickson Stevedore Norway
Horace C Emmons Merchant New York
Edward Flannery Laborer Vermont
Edward T Frick Engineer California
James T Farrell Stevedore England
Harry A Franson Tel Operater California
John W Gerry Clerk Maine
William Green Laborer US
Oscar Gotcher Rail Road Man Missouri
Daniel Hennesy Stevedore Ireland
Michael Horgan Laborer Ireland
Chauncey M Hoover Grain Broker Michigan
Samuel J Hutton Weigher US
Daniel Horrigan Rail Road Man Ireland
Gottlob Fredric Heim Laborer Germany
John Hopkins Clerk California
Thomas Hickey Stevedore Ireland
Charles F Herlitz Supertident Warehouse California
Albert Hancock Carpenter Michigan
John J Halpin Rail Road Man Nevada
John Hayward Carpenter England
Samuel Beer Jacobs Merchant Russia
James Milroy Kay Tel Opertater West Virginia
Cornelius Kelleher Laborer Ireland
Harry Edward Kerlin Longshoreman California
Elza Edward Kindlespire Clerk Iowa
Arthur Kapell Blacksmith New York
John Lynch Laborer Ireland
John Lucey Saloon Keeper Ireland
Denis Leary Laborer Ireland
Michael Leahy Warehouseman Ireland
Michael Lynch Warehouseman Ireland
John Lucey Laborer Ireland
Joseph Lynch Laborer Ireland
Con Murphy Laborer Ireland
Niels Martinsen Longshoreman Norway
James Moynahan Laborer Ireland
Cain Mahoney Stevedore Ireland
William Morgan Seaman Wales
Edward Jos Mitchell Weigher New York
John P Marks Warehouseman Portugal
Charles J Mills Laborer Iowa
John J McCusker Laborer Rhode Island
Frank McMenomy Stevedore Ireland
Patrick J McNamara Laborer Ireland
John McCarthy Laborer Ireland
James McKevitt Carpenter New York
William E McHugh Weigher California
Jacob Nelsen Laborer Norway
Louis Nizzola Dairyman Switzeralnd
Daniel O'Connell Laborer Ireland
Timothy O'Connell Laborer Ireland
Timothy EO'Shea Warehouseman California
Cornelius J O'Neill Merchant California
Denis O'Neill Stevedore Massachusetts
Daniel Joseph O'Shea Laborer Ireland
Denis O'Keeffe Laborer Ireland
Thomas O'Grady Wheat Sampler California
Daniel O'Connell Butcher Ireland
Thomas John Phelan Laborer Ireland
Joseph Peters Laborer Portugal
John Thomas Prairo Engineer California
Joseph Rafetto Saloonkeeper Italy
Luigi Rafetto Merchant Italy
Daniel Reorden Laborer Ireland
Arthur McDonal Robb Bookkeeper Canada
Addison Winfield Rickey Doctor Ohio
Wingate N Riddock Locomotive Engineer California
Feliz Ried Stevedore Ireland
James W Scott Constable Iowa
William F Smith Foreman Iowa
Denis Sullivan Eng Wiper Ireland
John Sullivan Stevedore Irelandq
James Storey Stevedore Ireland
Peter Struthers Laborer Scotland
Edward N Scott Shipwright Scotland
William J Shepman US Customs New York
Charles Schoo Clerk Missouri
Charles A Scammon Rail Road Man California
Michael Clarence Shea Wheat Smapler California
John Cornelius Sheehan Stevedore Pennsylvania
Peater Sartori Blacksmith Switzerland
Joseph A Soto Stevedore California
Patrick Sullivan Laborer Ireland
John Twoomey Saloon Keeper Ireland
Michael Twoomey Saloon Keeper Ireland
Alvin Murphy Ulsh Butcher Pennsylvania
Reuben Leonard ulsh Clerk Pennsylvania
William F Underhill Warehouseman New Jersey
Sherman Ulsh Butcher Pennsylvania
Reuben Ulsh Orchardist Pennsylvania
Thomas H Varney Trainmaster Massachusetts
George Reid Vernon Warehouseman California
James J Warren Weigher Ireland
Patrick J Welsh Barber Pennsylvania
Harry Williams Foreman England
Willard M Wolcott Rail Road Man New York
George Henry Ward Clers SP Co California
Goerge A Wiley Farm Supertendent Ohio
Harry Witte Engineer New York
William E Young Stevedore Ireland
Zeph Yoder Laborer Pennsylvania


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