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1898 VOTERS FOR PORT COSTA Precinct #2

Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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James Ahern Laborer Ireland
Phillip Branigan Stevedore Ireland
John Henry Brogan Cabinetmaker Ireland
John Burke Hotel Keeper Ireland
Henry Boyle Saloon Keeper Ireland
James F Boyle Boardinghouse Keeper Ireland
Charles Cook Rail Road Man US
John Cox Laborer Ireland
Michael Collins Rail Road Man Ireland
Timothy Crowley Laborer Ireland
Jeremiah Crowley Hotel Keeper Ireland
Manuel A Coreia Laborer Portugal
Charles Clair Crane Engineer California
Robert Carter Saloon Keeper England
Patrick Coleman Stevedore Vermont
Oscar B Drake Rail Road Man Ohio
John Dineen Rail Road Man Ireland
George Dickinson Laborer New York
John Donovan Laborer Ireland
Oakes R Erskine Deputy Sheriff Maine
Frederick W Easton See'n Foreman Canada
Henry Frietsch Butcher Ohio
Frank Foss Laborer Ohio
Frank Frates Laborer Portugal
William Patrick Farrell Foreman California
Johanna Gilardi Laborer Switzerland
Stefano Gilardi Dairman Switzerland
Isaac German Laborer Ireland
James M Grogan Grain Broker England
John Hanratty Stevedore Ireland
Robert herlitz Graderman California
Patrick Hartigan Rail Road Man Ireland
Michael Hegarty Warehouseman Ireland
George W Hanna Laborer California
James Hickey Laborer Ireland
George J Jones Stevedore New Brunswick
Gustaf A Johnson Laborer Sweden
John Francis Jones Laborer California
Joao de Fretias Jorge Laborer Portugal
Daniel W Kennedy Agent BD Coal Co Louisana
Thomas Keany Millhand Ireland
Danile M Kelly Laborer California
Joseph a Kelly Grain Sampler California
Morris Keane Stevedore Ireland
Edward Lynch Laborer Ireland
Michael E Lynch Laborer Ireland
Michael Lucey Laborer Ireland
Cornelius Murray Laboer Ireland
John Moriarity Laborer Ireland
Joseph Mullan Laborer Ireland
Dennis Mahoney Stevedore Ireland
Daniel Mangan Laborer Ireland
Manoel Francisco Mattos Laborer Portugal
John Marie Mariante Laborer Portugal
Timothy J McCarthy Laborer Ireland
Patrick McCarthy Stevedore Ireland
Edward P McGrath Plumber California
Joseph D McNamara Farmer California
Henry Nichols Blacksmith California
Batt O'connor Stevedore Ireland
Patrick O'Donovan Stevedore Ireland
James O'Hern Laborer Ireland
Michael O'Shea Rai Road Man Ireland
Jeremiah O'Leefe Laborer Ireland
Jahiel S Riley Physician New York
William Reimann Barber Germany
William Frederick Redington Superindent Warehouse Maine
Manuel Garceia Roza Carpenter Portugal
Charles J Rankin Laborer Ireland
Andrew Scannell Laborer Ireland
Jeremiah Scannell Stevedore Ireland
Timothy Sullivan Laborer Ireland
Samuel H Sluns Laborer Germany
Timothy Sullivan Stevedore Ireland
Joseph J Smith Laborer New York
Fritz Stinberg Laborer Russia
Philip J Soberanis Laborer California
Timothy Sheehan Laborer Ireland
George F Taylor Laborer England
John Tobin Laborer Ireland
John Thomas Tippett Laborer New York
Patrick Tobin Laborer Ireland
Charles Voiglet Warehouseman Illinois
Robert Bronson West Laborer North Carolina
Albert H Williams Wareshouseman England
Arthur g Walker Rair Road Man England
Paul Zenone Laborer Switzerland


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