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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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Adam Arbuthnot Smelter Scotland
Edward Barry Farmer California
John Barry Farmer California
Harry Cushman Baker Laborer US
Charles Fisher Baker Super Packinghouse US
Joseph Brenckle Farmer Germany
Thomas Bernard Laborer New York
Benjamin G Barnaby Foreman California
John Bowen Laborer Massachusetts
Thomas R Bastian Engineer England
Martin Barry Cooper New York
Henry Cocks Shoemaker England
Joseph Clark Farmer Ohio
James Francis Connelly Engineer US
William l Craig Farmer California
James F Conlan Carpenter California
John R Cassidy Engineer Nevada
Edward J Conlan Carpenter California
Edward Collins Laborer Mississippi
Henry M Carr Bookkeeper Indiana
Charles C conley Laborer Texas
John Cahill Laborer Ireland
Francisco De F Cruz Laborer Azore Islands
Frank Paschal Doughty Engineer US
FH Dunham Refiner Massachusetts
Francisco Delmonte Carpenter Italy
Daniel W Dennison foreman Maryland
Michael Fenton Laborer Ireland
Ben Fechyew Oiltreater Indiana
Thomas C Ferry Fireman California
William J Graham Hotel Keeper Canada
George James Graham Hotel Keeper Canada
Newton Graham Teamster California
George W Ham Carpenter Missouri
Philip A Hurley Wood & Ivory Trader California
Christian Hahn Laborer Germany
William H Hill Laborer Wisconsin
Frank Higuera Laborer California
George Hill Laborer Nebraska
Amaro Jose Laborer Portugal
Edward J Jeffrey Calciner England
Arture Jeffrey Miner France
William H Jeffrey Engineer France
Richard Jeffrey Engineer England
Manuel Jose Lima Laborer Azores
Charles Lindon Blacksmith Wisconsin
Jeremiah Mahoney Saloonkeeper Ireland
Manuel Matthews Carpenter Gibraltar
William H Meeker Engineer Illinois
Edmund A Muth Foreman Canada
William Manning Laborer Ireland
WS McCloskey Stillman Kentucky
Patrick McGonigle Laborer Ireland
Cornelius McElroy Laborer Ireland
DSC McHarry Farmer California
Henry L Nelson Saloonkeeper Illinois
Peter Nancett Laborer Massachusetts
Thomas F O'Brien Contractor Massachusetts
John M Owens Laborer California
Pietro Pierine Saloonkeeper Italy
Theodore Pfrommer Butcher US
Alfred Doherty Paull Teamster Kentucky
Joh Quill Laborer Ireland
Jacob Henry Raskipf Poultry Raiser Illinois
Antionio M Silveira Holtel Keeper Western Island
Lewis Strubele Painter Indiana
William Stocks Engineer England
John Smith Watchman Scotland
John A Sullivan Carpenter California
Daniel Schneider Laborer Austria
George Steinmetz Laborer Pennsylvania
John E Slate Laborer England
Patrick Tormey Farmer Ireland
Thomas Lewis Tormey Farmer California
PE Tormey Grocer Ireland
Nathaniel B Turner Superintdent Maine
Marion R Thornton Laborer West Virginia
John P Tormey Assayer California
Nicholas Walsh Laborer Ireland
Byron M Warren Laborer California


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