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1898 VOTERS FOR SAN PABLO Precinct #2

Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the precinct and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Manuel Garcia Aguiar Laborer California
Joseph Garcia Aguiar Farmer California
Ramon Arrenos Invalid California
Antone Garcia Aguiar Farmer California
Antonio Avila Saloon Keeper portugal
Guillermo Arrellano Laborer California
Alfred R Barbier Merchant California
Augustine DC Baron Farmer Portugal
Antone C Barrone Laborer Portugal
Benjamin Boorman Farmer New York
William F Belding Merchant New York
Manuel Brown Miner Portugal
Antonio P Barba Farmer Portugal
Angel Briones Laborer California
Eugene Byrone Farmer Portugal
Thomas Birdthistle Foreman SP Co Ireland
David Breen Laborer Ireland
Joaquin Bras Captain Portugal
Armand Barbier Foreman New York
John A Borge Farmer California
William Burgman Laborer Switzerland
John B Briones Laborer California
John F Chattleton Laborer California
Richard Cross Retired England
John Carr Laborer Maryland
Alvina Castro Laborer California
Bernardo Maria Cambra Laborer Portugal
James Harvey Chichester Rail Road Agent New York
Joseph I de Costa Farmer Portugal
Jerry Cronin Laborer California
Michael Cronin Laborer Ireland
Manuel Azevedo Cabral Farmer Portugal
Edward C Chevesich Laborer California
Sven Aug Carlston foreman Sweden
Frank e Crites Laborer Wisconsin
John H Davis Jr Fish Patrol California
William J Davis Fish Patrol California
Wendell E Dryden Machinist California
Thomas C Dooling Farmer California
Manuel Francisco Dutra Laborer Portugal
John Joseph Dooling Farmer California
William C Dohrman Farmer California
John Davis Farmer Austria
John Dutra De Faria Farmer Portugal
Antonio Silveria De Soto Laborer Portugal
James A Dooling Farmer California
Henry Ward Davis Farmer Illinois
Diedrick Drake Laborer Germany
Manuel Dutra Laborer California
Harry Ells Capmaker Nova Scotia
George E Ellis Captain California
Henry F Emeric Farmer New York
Henry Ehlers Farmer California
Max Fischer Wheelright Germany
Frank Fisher Saloon Keeper Portugal
Manuel Ameral Fray Laborer California
Frank Fray Laborer California
Joseph Gleadall Farming England
Frederick AE Goyette Horsebroker Dakota
Lucius Franklin Gould Fruit Grower Illinois
John Louis Gill Farmer California
Gabrial Baptist Garcia Laborer Portugal
Mathew Griff Farmer Germany
Frank William Gilard Laborer California
Charles C Gill Powdermaker California
William J Gately Fireman California
Herman J Griff Laborer Pennsylvania
David Goodale Student California
Hamilton J Haney Farmer Vermont
Henry Hobart Hamlin Engineer Michigan
John T Hayward Farmer New York
William B Hellings Miner Pennsylvania
Josiah W Hanscom Farmer Maine
Frederick R Hamilton Surveyor California
Isaac H Hibberd Farmer Pennsylvania
John C Hasselmeier Powder Expert Germany
Manuel Jose Laborer California
John P Lucas Farmer California
Jesse Leveiro Farmer Portugal
William Lindsey Contractor Australia
Walter Mills Jr Farmer California
Manuel C Machado Laborer Portugal
Manuel Machado Farmer Portugal
Frank Machado Farmer California
Walter Mills sr Farmer Scotland
Antone Garcia Moitoza Carpenter California
William Mills Laborer California
George Mitsch Invalid Germany
Joseph Garcia Moitoza Barber Portugal
Joseph g Moitoza Jr Saloon Keeper California
John E Moitoza Saloon Keeper California
Joseph Milliken Painter New York
Albert JW Moller Saloon Keeper Germany
George W Maddox Clerk California
Joseph J Maloney Butcher California
Cornelius Maloney Butcher California
James McPeake Laborer California
Jerry Norman Farmer New york
John Richard Nystrom Farmer Finland
Joseph L Nicholl Farmer California
Edward Newman Watchamn Germany
Myles Francis O'Donnell Journalist California
Benjamin Olague Laborer California
Joseph John Peres Farmer Portugal
Joseph Rosa Pereira Saloon Keeper Portugal
Manuel Rosa pereira Saloon Keeper Portugal
William Poinsett Farmer New Jersey
Anton Rosa Pereira Farmer Portugal
Frank Rosa pereira Farmer Portugal
Joaquin Jose Pimentel Clergyman Portugal
Charles B poinsett Farmer California
Fred C Pritchard Laborer California
John J Pauly Laborer Illinois
Michael Quill Laborer Ireland
Azro Rumrill Farmer Vemont
John Herbert Rumrill Farmer California
William R Rust Blacksmith Germany
Jay Cob Romer Invalid New York
Joseph James Rivers Farmer California
Thomas Reynolds Hotelman Kentucky
Lawrence Rivers Laborer California
Conrad Schmidt Timsmith Pennsylvania
Manuel P Suarez Farmer Portugal
William CF Spintler Blacksmith California
John Sites Laborer Pennsylvania
Manuel F Silveria Farmer Portugal
Joseph Petty Silva Farmer California
Frank Silva Soto Saloon Keeper Portugal
Joseph Solomon Merchant Germany
Frank Soto Laborer California
Antone Soto Laborer California
Frank Silva Farmer Portugal
Richard Stege Capitalist Germany
Thomas Pereira da Silveira Farmer Portugal
Arthur K Sheats Teacher California
George E Sweeney Laborer Massachusetts
Thomas Silva Laborer California
Jose p Sequeira Laborer Portugal
Charles Shaw Laborer England
Edward Thompson S P Agent California
Joseph Varegas Laborer Portugal
Adolph Vossbeck Brewer Germany
Jesse Vargus Laborer California
Charles Watrous Laborer Connecticut
John Wilcox Justice of the Peace New York
Hans Wilhelmsen Laborer Germany
Louis Williams Laborer Pennsylvania
Frank G Wood Plumber California
Richard C Wood Farmer California
Antone Dutra Williams Laborer California
John Walker Laborer Switzerland


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