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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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Lauritz Rasmussen Albertsen Blacksmith Denmark
Joao M Amarantes Laborer Portugal
Hans Albertsen Painter Denmark
Robert Albertsen Carpenter Denmark
Christopher C Bollinger Farmer Missouri
Irvy J Boydston Laborer Colorado
Julius Bettencourt Laborer Portugal
EM Bowman Laborer Pennsylvania
James Daniel Barrett Laborer California
Thomas cornell Laborer New York
William W Cox Farmer Indiana
Elmer G Cox Farmer California
Julius Cathcart Carpenter US
David A Caldwell Night Watchman Ohio
Julius Cathgart Carpenter Pennsylvania
Frank Jones Droagoo Farmer US
Ralph Dobson Farmer California
Christ Ericksen Blacksmith DEnmark
Joseph P Ezeveda Farmer Portugal
James Scott Ecker Furnace Builder Pennsylvania
James Emery Laborer US
Jose Fialho Farmer Portugal
Glbert W Glass Farmer California
Albert Henry Grosser Blacksmith California
Clem R Glass Civil Engineer California
Elisha C Harlan Farmer California
Bert Higgins Laborer California
Henry Clay Hurst Merchant Virginia
William J Hamburg Farmer Pennsylvania
Joel A Harlan Farmer US
John W Hamburg Carpenter Maryland
Lorence Hansen Farmer Denmark
Fred F Harlan Farmer California
Hans Christensen Krogh Farmer Denmark
James W Kitching Farmer US
William Lynch Farmer New York
John L Labaree Farmer California
Lauritz Hansen Lauritzen Laborer California
Leo Lynch Farmer California
Joseph Lucas Laborer Portugal
William Joseph Lewis Plasterer New York
Frands Larsen Farmer Denmark
William Meese Farmer Ohio
Samuel L More Farmer Ohio
Fred B More Farmer Ohio
Joseph J Mullally Laborer California
Jose Matos Farmer Portugal
Gabriel Y Moraga Rancher California
Tony Mantz Laborer Ireland
Timothy McMahon Laborer Ireland
Edward McLoughlin Laborer Ireland
George Norris Farmer California
Joseph Nudelman Farmer Russia
Moses Nudelman Laborer Russia
John J Oswill Farmer District of Columbia
Harry Oswill Laborer Washington
Nicholas O'Brian Laborer New Foundland
Leonidas Parker Faarmer Connecticut
John E Perry Laborer Portugal
Leonidas Parker Jr Farmer US
Joe Peters Farmer US
John W Peters Farmer California
Robert H Parker Laborer US
Michael L Simpson Farmer New York
Joseph Nunee Silva Farmer California
Joseph Winfield Scott Laborer California
Soren C Sorensen Laborer Denmark
Peter Terkelsen Farmer Denmark
Peter a Thorup Shoemaker Denmark
William Tretzel Saloon Keeper Germany
John Tarpley Laborer Missouri
Christian Wiedemann Farmer Denmark
Henry F Wiedemann Farmer California
William Williams Watchman District of Columbia
George Wood Farmer Nova Scotia
Thomas J Williams Farmer Oregon
Jacob Walk Laborer Ohio
William Walter Farmer Ohio


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