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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the precinct and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


John H Abrams Laborer California
Richard Archbold Laborer Illinois
John Breslin Laborer Ireland
Robert Bailey Laborer Ohio
Robert Newton Bailey Laborer California
Jeremiah Bohen Laborer Ireland
Alfred Borgston Tallyman Sweden
Samuel H Burns Hotel Keeper New Brunswick
Fred Cremer Laborer Germany
Melvin Cunningham Laborer Rhode Island
James S Campbell Assayer Nova Scotia
William Stephen Cowin Telegrapher California
Michael Joseph Clifford Butcher Illinois
Stephen Cowin Baggageman New York
GA Carlson Laborer Sweden
Andrew Courtney Steamfitter New York
Charles H Clapp Civil Engineer Michigan
George Lee Calvert Laborer California
George R Crabe Carpenter Connecticut
John J Dowling Laborer New Zealand
Roy E Ebey Fireman Washington
John T Ely Steamfitter California
Andrew G Flickinger Machinist Kentucky
Thomas J Francis Laborer California
William Everett Francis Laborer California
John F Flickinger Laborer Kentucky
Giachino A Franzinelli Smelter Austria
Antone P Faria Laborer Portugal
Sven Gumbinner Clerk Sweden
Robert Edward Hely Laborer Minnesota
Wesley Harmon Helman Engineer California
Ludwig Harnshorn Fisherman Germany
John Ivory Laborer Michigan
Frederick D Irwin Clerk Oregon
Hans Peter S Jacobsen Blacksmith Denmark
George A James Chemist Nevada
James Snody Jones Engineer New York
Ferdinand Jochem Engineer Germany
Jamer Jones Laborer Wisconsin
Edward P Kearney Leadburner California
Peter Loughlin Laborer Ireland
George Lyons Saloon Keeper England
William Albert Middleton Assayer California
Denis Morgan Laborer Ireland
Henry Mickelsen Laborer Denmark
John Ehler G Meyer Smelter Germany
Mike Monik Laborer Austria
John A Meagher Machinist Minnesota
William P Miller Jr assayer California
Richard Macken Laborer Ireland
Norman McKinnon Blacksmith Nova Scotia
William s McDonald Blacksmith Canada
James McGlynn Laborer Ireland
John V McGlynn Laborer California
Harvey B Nichols Assayer Wisconsin
Samuel W Newall Laborer Scotland
Thomas P Owens Laborer California
Thomas T Owens Laborer Wales
Tygus B Pratt Lumber Surveyor Canada
Albert Pike Laborer England
Mike Pribula Laborer Austria
William Pollock Laborer Germany
Earnest r Pereira Laborer Portugal
James William Quinn Merchant Minnesota
Dennis Quill Saloon Keeper Ireland
William B Rankin Foreman Kentucky
Edmund R Reid Engineer Massachusetts
Charles Richards Laborer England
Robert Roberts Laborer Wales
James B Reynolds Clerk Missouri
Edward J Rogers Blacksmith California
Samuel H Riley Carpenter New York
John Ryan Laborer Ireland
John J Restuch Painter California
John Daniel Schneider Hotel Keeper France
David G Stenberg Laborer Sweden
Manuel F Silva Laborer California
George Smith Pipefitter California
William Thygesen Laborer Norway
Charles A Tendick Laborer Germany
Edwin Dow Tucker Pipefitter California
Jorgen PS Vind Laborer Germany
Peter HS Vind Lumberman Germany
John Prytherch Williams Engineer Wales
Thomas Williams Laborer California
Henry Windall Hotel Keeper England
Andrew Aein Laborer Germany


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