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Somersville was one of the towns of the Black Diamond Coal Mining region of Contra Costa County. Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

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NAME Occupation Nativity
John Andersen Miner Sweden
Richard Anderson Blacksmith Ireland
Roger Boyle Miner Ireland
Patrick Brown Saloon Keeper Ireland
Jame Bryant Miner Great Britain
Samuel Brown Merchant Pennsylvania
Henry Taylor Boxill Carpenter Nova Scotia
Charles I Bryant Laborer California
Thomas J Brown Clerk California
Antonio Banchers Miner Italy
Joseph Buffo Miner Italy
Gasparo Buffa Miner Italy
Fermin Buffo Miner Italy
Peter Burns Miner Ireland
Charles Edmond Boxill Miner Pennsylvania
William T Buxton Miner England
David E Clement laborer California
Francis Campbell Miner Missouri
Patrick Corcoran Farmer Ireland
William Steel Wood Dover Miner England
Patrick Daley Miner Ireland
James I Dickinson Miner England
Vincenzi Devincenzo Miner Italy
John H Daley School Teacher California
Charles B Daley Miner California
Peter Edwards Miner Great Britain
Robert Easton Miner Scotland
John F Evans Miner Wales
William M Easton Miner California
David X Evans Miner Wales
John Evans Miner Wales
Thomas J Evans Miner Pennsylvania
Antonio Faletti Miner Italy
Thomas E Fitzgerald Miner Missouri
David E Griffith Stock Raiser Wales
Edward John Griffith Miner Great Britain
John Griffith Miner Wales
Giovanni Gionochio Miner Italy
Josephus Gifford Farmer New York
Thomas Henry Golden Miner Pennsylvania
Thomas J Griffiths Miner Great Britain
William T Griffiths Laborer California
James Henry Harrington Miner Ireland
William Haggerty Miner Ireland
John Haggerty Laborer Illinois
James Haggerty Laborer Illinois
David D Harris Miner Wales
James H Hunter Engineer Pennsylvania
Cornelius Hanlon Farmer Ireland
Edward FT Hobson Miner California
Sampson Hobson Laborer Australia
Benjamin N Jones Miner Pennsylvania
John N Jones Boatmaster Wales
William Nathaniel Jones Miner California
Francis Kain Laborer Virginia
John Lattimore Miner California
William John Laird Miner California
Thomas Leam Miner England
Leyshen Lougher Farmer England
David Leckie Miner Scotland
David Lattimore Farmer California
Richard Lougher Saloon Keeper Great Britain
William Lougher Farmer Wales
James Lattimore Farmer California
Robert Latimer Farmer California
William Latimer Miner California
George Lougher Miner Wales
William Lougher Jr Farmer Illinois
Peter Martin Miner Ireland
Michael Mulherin Miner Ireland
William May Rancher St Helena
William James Meddle Laborer California
Adam Morris Miner Great Britain
John Mills Saloon Keeper California
Richard Mills Saloon Keeper England
Thomas Martin Miner California
Walter McIntosh Miner Scotland
Patrick McDermont Miner Ireland
John McAvoy Miner England
William Fletcher McAvoy Laborer California
William J McDermott Miner California
James McDermott Miner Ireland
James McHugh Miner Ireland
John Lawrence McAvoy Miner California
Charles McQuirk Farmer California
Walter Nellis Miner New York
Jacob Parker Teamster Michigan
William Pehl Clerk California
Joseph Pehl Laborer California
George R Parker Teamster Nevada
John Parry Miner Wales
Martin Raber Barber Germany
James N Rankin Miner Scotland
Leonard Richardson Miner England
Hannibal Rough Miner Michigan
John Still Miner Austria
Francisco Schinchetti Miner Italy
William Stone Miner California
Bartholomew J Singlewood Hotel Keeper England
Michele Santini Miner Italy
James Smith Miner Ireland
Edward Smith Laborer Pennsylvania
Howell M Thomas Miner Great Britain
Reese G Thomas Farmer California
Robert Tait Miner Scotland
John Thomas Miner Wales
William Thomas Miner England
Lnigi Visconti Miner Italy
Abel Vaughn Farmer Wales
Philip Walker Stockman Rhode Island
Edmund H Williams Miner California
Joseph James Welsh Miner Pennsylvania
Robert Waters Miner Nova Scotia
Thomas P Wilson Miner Scotland
George Wesendunk Engineer Wisconsin
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