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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the precinct and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.

NOTE: This appears to be a listing of men who registered at the last minute prior to the November election. They are alphabetical by precinct.


ALAMO George W Fonner Pruner Washington
  Antony L Gibson Paperhanger California
  Henry Huber Laborer Germany
  Orville M Smith Horseshoer California
  Alex W Thompson Nurseyman Illinois
ALHAMBRA Battista Gemetti Winemaker Switzerland
  Theophile Marcoux Teacher Canada
  Otto W Raap Miner California
  Albert H Sweet Farmer Wisconsin
ANTIOCH #1 William A Benson Pilot California
  Joseph Cinassa Machinist California
  Joseph Cohen Fisherman New York
  Wm Joseph Crain Fisherman Massachusetts
  John G Donlan Farmer California
  Chas A Keseling Fisherman Germany
  Walter S Moore Teacher Texas
  Henry Mellien Laborer California
  Frank Morris Laborer California
  Edward W McLean Clerk Maryland
  Roserio Scudero Fisherman California
  Robert Wallace Surveyor New York
ANTIOCH #2 Joseph Gray Anson Druggist California
  Paul E Anson Steward California
  Henry Boven Fisherman Germany
  Christ Christensen Boatman Denmark
  Cosmon Diamond Fisherman Greece
  Chas S Larsen Fisherman Denmark
  Edgar K Methven Engineer Ohio
  Henry Schoeneman Laborer California
  Walter G Tompkins Engineer California
BRENTWOOD William Andrews Laborer England
  Louis F Bosker Laborer California
  Charles Cakebread Farmer California
  John Cantrell Farmer Missouri
  Byron L Grigsby Farmer California
  Antonio C Leveira Farmer California
  Henry Murray Laborer Vermont
  Henry R McCoy Farmer California
  Edward O'Flaherty Farmhand California
BYRON John Felton Laborer California
  George W Glass Farmer California
  William M Hughes Blacksmith Texas
  Leonard Payne Laborer England
  John Watt Farmer Scotland
SONCORD #1 Philip Esparcia Laborer California
  Gilbert H Moraga Laborer California
  Jas F Martin Laborer California
  Sylvestra Peralta Laborer California
CONCORD #2 Frank Duarte Farmer California
  Antonio Soto Laborer California
CROCKETT John C Anderson Carpenter Norway
  John Burshaw Carpenter Michigan
  John R Donahue Laborer California
  Herman U Glaze Steamfitter US
  William Mullins Laborer Nevada
  John Maher Painter Ireland
  Frank McGue Porter Ohio
  Frank A Renwick Laborer Ireland
  Frederick Schmirmug Laborer Germany
  John Scott Carpenter Pennsylvania
  William E Stout Painter Ohio
  Thomas a Tipps Carpenter Illinois
  Edwin D Tucker Steamfiller California
  Charles E Truesdall Fireman New York
  George L Wedekind Lawyer Maryland
  William a Walker Carpenter Missouri
DANVILLE Robert Bell Capitalist Scotland
  George L Cline Farmer Michigan
  Abraham P Chrisman Orchardist California
  John W Cummings Farmer Michigan
  Mark H Elliot Farmer California
  William J Hughs Section Foreman Ireland
  Chas H Miller Horseman Kentucky
  Martin Mullen Horseman New York
  Chas O Olsen Painter Norway
  Leonard B Read Farmer California
  Wilhelm Strahlendorf Farmer Germany
  James O Stewart Miner Ohio
  James D Smith Teacher Scotland
  William C Winter Clerk England
EMPIRE Timothy Donahue Farmer Ireland
  Sidney E Ford Farmer Missouri
  James A Lilley Miner England
GIANT Washington Eldridge Fisherman California
  David Eldridge Fisherman California
LAFAYETTE Manuel S Netto Farmer Portugal
LONE TREE William Alexander Laborer Iowa
  Stephen C Cleaves Laborer California
  Harry Lee Carpenter Farmer Virginia
  Eusebe P Conture Gardener Vermont
  Hugh G Crockett Farmer Nova Scotia
  Antonio I DeFrazer Laborer Portugal
  Michael Daley Laborer Missouri
  Joses Jass Fraga Laborer Portugal
  Martin Griffin Laborer California
  William Giese Laborer New York
  John Hansen Fisherman Denmark
  Gilbert Hall Farmer New York
  Peter Harris Farmer Ireland
  Albert Kubin Laborer Illinois
  William E Kingsbury Laborer California
  John Mello Farmer Portugal
  Joseph Minto Farmer California
  Thomas C Maloney Farmer California
  Chas T Matthews Farmer California
  James McCarty Laborer Pennsylvania
  Frank Palmer Laborer New York
  Joseph Rodrigues Farmer Portugal
  Enos Rodrigues Farmer Portugal
  Walter R Reynolds Farmer Pennsylvania
  Manuel Rodrigues Laborer Portugal
  Joseph R Renas Laborer California
  Manuel M Remas Farmer California
  George Short Laborer New York
  Robert Surratt Laborewr Illinois
  Ira L Sullivan Farmer Kansas
  Herbert L Underwood Carpenter California
  Walter EB Upton Dairyman Minnesota
  Joseph M Veria Farmer California
  Henry Webster Fruitgrower California
  Abelino Yescos Laborer Mexico
MARTINEZ #1 Nicholas Strepeeti Miner Italy
  Herman Scott Musican Illinois
MARTINEZ #2 Edward E Cole Printer Pennsylvania
  Edward B Dimock Laborer Maine
  Frank W Leighton Farmer Vermaont
  Jacob Ohl Winemaker New York
  Michael Welsh Teamster Ireland
  Martin Welsh Laborer New York
NEW YORK LANDING Robert S Brown Hotel Keeper England
  Baptiste Canevero Cooper Italy
  Joseph Junter Carpenter California
  Ontario Noia Farmer Portugal
PACHECO Frank Cloudean Laborer Massachusetts
  Antone Enos Farmer Portugal
  James Holpin Farmer New York
  Joaquin King Laborer California
  August Kettering Laborer Germany
  Finice L Lea Farmer California
  C Hill McMahon Farmer Maryland
  Frank T Nason Rancher Maine
  George Wedekind Laborer California
PINOLE James Burns Laborer Pennsylvania
  Robert J Breadhoff Farmer California
  George Glenn Laborer New York
  William Maner Laborer New York
  John McDonald Laborer New York
PORT COSTA #1 Henry J Essrer Foreman Ohio
  Francis a McCann Carpenter Indiana
  William Pembroke Warehouseman Ireland
  George A Wilson Carpenter Connecticut
PORT COSTA #2 James L Dunn Rail Raod Man Pennsylvania
  Patrick Kelly Rail Eoad Section Man Ireland
  James McGarghan Carpenter Vermont
  Jeremiah McSweeny Clerk Ireland
  Charles E Sipe Welldriller Indiana
SAN PABLO #1 Victor Castro Farmer California
SAN PABLO #2 Antonio Abren Farmer Portugal
  Joao S deAndrade Laborer Portugal
SAN RAMON William R Parker Miner US
  Manuel Peters Farmer California
  Hans A Rasmussen Farmer Denmark
SELBY George E Crane Farmer Maine
  Frederick Petterson Laborer Sweden
SOMERSVILLE Albert Bye Blacksmith Illinois
  David D Jones Miner Kentucky
TASSAJARA Daniel Short Laborer California
  John D Silva Farmer California
WALNUT CREEK Joe Mello Farmer Portugal
These last few names are mixed precincts.
SOMERSVILLE George E Roe Electrician Pennsylvania
BYRON HOT SPRINGS Everaldo Arreagada Laborer California
  Otto Heiser Laborer California
PACHECO John Thomas Munhall Farmer Wisconsin
WALNUT CREEK James henry Smith Blacksmith Mississippi
ALHAMBRA JG Acosta Hunter California
  Manuel J Duart Farmer California
  Louis Garcia Farmer California


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