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Listed are the names, occupations and nativity of those registered to vote. The list also contains a description, naturalization information, date of registration,literacy and age.

For more information please contact Query Committee. We can provide you with a copy of the page including a description of the precinct and a map. We ask a $5 donation for each page of the listing.


Peter Andersen Farmer Germany
Robert L Armstrong Farmer California
James B Brite Farmer Louisana
James B Brite Jr Farmer California
Henry J Burton Laborer California
Antonio Banto Stockraiser Portugal
Hugh S Brite Farmer California
Manley C Bettencourt Farmer Portugal
Joe Bettencourt Farmer Protugal
Henry Burton Rancher California
Hugh Beirne Farmer Ireland
James L Coats Farmer Vermont
George M Cole Orchardist California
William N Coats Farmer California
Felix G Coats Farmer Missouri
Peter Cruz Farmer California
James Carpenter Laborer California
Bethel S Coats Farmer California
Thomas D Carneal Lawyer Mississippi
Manuel Jose Dauniore Farmer Portugal
Herbert Lee Dalton Orchardist California
Emanuel S Fergodo Farmer Portugal
John Wise Fitzgerals Laborer California
Pasqoel Francho Blacksmith Mexico
John Gomez Farmer California
WB Goold Farmer California
Patrick Gleese Farmer Ireland
Matt Gallagher Farmer Ireland
James P Gallagher Farmer California
Benjamin Guirado Rancher California
Joe Luiz George Farmer Portugal
Charles Goold Sr Farmer Maine
Hans C Hansen Laborer Denmark
Joe Frank Headoza Laborer Portugal
Jeremiah A Harris Farmer Missouri
Oscar L Harris Mailcarrier California
Edgar A Harris Farmer California
James O Hanna Carpenter Maine
Antone Joseph Farmer California
Chester A Johnston Farmer California
Thomas C Johnston Farmer New York
Christian Koch Farmer Bavaria
William S Laurence Farmer California
Daniel Mannix Farmer Ireland
Richard W Martin Farmer California
M de Rosa Mideiras Farmer Portugal
Anastasio Moya Laborer California
Robert E McPherson Farmer California
Theodore M Nissen Farmer Germany
Adolphes G Podva Farmer Canada
Antone Petersen Farmer Denmark
John H Russell Farmer California
Thomas Robles Farmer Mexico
Manuel Rose Farmer California
John Raphael Farmer Portugal
Frederick Reinstein Farmer Germany
Joao I de Souza Farmer Western Islands
John B Smith Farmer California
John Short Farmer California
William Short Farmer England
Lucas Sanchez Farmer Chile
Antonio J souza Farmer Portugal
Edward R Williams Farmer California
David P Williams Farmer Wales
William J Williams Farmer California
Charles Virgil Worth Farmer Kentucky
George W Wiggins Laborer Iowa
David P Williams Farmer Wales
Joe Williams Laborer Portugal


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