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Oak View Cemetery Q

Surname Given name(s) Title Sex Birth date Death date Race
  Sr/Jr M-F      
Quarles Paul E.          M 19-Apr-1921 12-Jan-2002  
Quarrick Andrew S.   M 2-Feb-1910 1-Jul-1980  
Quarrick Esther   F 29-Nov-1911 15-Dec-2005  
Queenan Nan Catherine   F 15-Jan-1941 21-Sep-1984  
Quental     F 10-Apr-1943 10-Apr-1943  
Quesada Argentina   F 13-Mar-1929 27-Aug-1994  
Quesada Dennis E   M 9-Oct-1908 5-Aug-1996  
Quesada Martha   F 0-Jun-1941 21-Dec-1941  
Quiberg Judith Rae Farnwold   F 29-Jun-1943 11-Nov-1964  
Quick Beulah Blanche   F 30-Jun-1911 18-May-1993  
Quick LaVerna Maude   F 22-Sep-1914 26-Oct-1973  
Quick Ida May   F 17-Jun-1886 25-Mar-1980  
Quick George Heck   M 14-Aug-1907 26-Mar-1980  
Quick John M.   M 8-Nov-1910 11-Feb-2000  
Quick Lucille E.   F 18-Apr-1913 12-Feb-2006  
Quick George B.   M 0-0-1883 29-Jun-1954  
Quick Hazel   F 0-0-1910 27-Feb-1948  
Quigley George Robert   M 5-Jul-1914 27-Apr-1992  
Quigley Beatrice Grace   F 16-Aug-1917 23-May-1993  
Quinn Richard Edmond Sr. M 6-Dec-1929 30-Oct-1991  
Quinn Marilyn Jayne   F 8-May-1935 25-Jun-1987  
Quinn Helen Mary   F 29-Oct-1899 18-Apr-1988  
Quinn Clara May   F 0-0-1868 26-Nov-1934  
Quinn James E.   M 0-0-1861 0-Dec-1932  
Quinn James William   M 20-Jul-1893 7-Oct-1948  
Quinn Marie   F 22-Feb-1887 29-May-1962  
Quinn Norman   M 0-0-1895 11-Oct-1937  
Quinn Wallace Frank   M 22-Feb-1887 15-Oct-1964  
Quinones Edward M   M 27-Jan-1944 22-Aug-2003  



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