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Oak View Cemetery U

Surname Given name(s) Title Sex Birth date Death date Race
  Sr/Jr M-F      
Ubaldo Sofronio   M 16-Dec-1924 29-Sep-1990  
Ubanek Feodor   M 0-0-1887 7-Nov-1940  
Ubrick Evelyn   F 4-Nov-1898 4-May-1980  
Ubrick Alfred   M 22-Jun-1896 28-Mar-1985  
Ubrick Melba Lucile   F 28-Apr-1925 24-Oct-1988  
Ubrick Anna   F 0-0-1865 17-Dec-1941  
Ubrick Otto   M 0-0-1896 0-Jan-1930  
Ubrick Wm.   M 0-0-1849 0-Oct-1932  
Uddin Enam   15-Mar-1945 8-Aug-1997  
Ulrich Albert E.   M 28-Jun-1915 29-Nov-1972 W
Ulrich Mary Elizabeth   F 31-Jul-1884 6-Oct-1974 White
Ulrich Nellie   F 9-Feb-1889 18-Nov-1978 White
Ulrich Daniel Sims   M 5-Jan-1947 9-Jun-1985  
Ulrich Charles P.   M 0-0-1932 7-May-1936  
Ulrich Frederick W.   M 18-Jan-1924 28-Feb-1970  
Ulrich Phillip J.   M 6-Jun-1947 7-Jun-1947  
Ulrick Frederick Wm. Sr M 4-Feb-1882 5-May-1948  
Ulrick Wm. F.   M 0-0-1886 19-Jul-1937  
Underhill Charles   M 0-0-1859 0-May-1932  
Underwood Bobby David   M 5-May-1945 16-Oct-1997  
Underwood Oscar S.   M 29-Jan-1924 2-Sep-2003  
Underwood Ila Mae   F 1-May-1926 26-May-2004  
Underwood Sandra   F 18-May-1949 6-Feb-2005  
Underwood Emma C.   F 7-Mar-1894 23-Oct-1987  
Underwoon William Dewey   M 29-Mar-1898 12-Apr-1970  
Upchurch Effie   F 0-0-1885 12-Jun-1951  
Uptegrove Robert E. Jr M 18-Sep-1923 16-Jun-1998  
Upton Gerould DeWayne   M 5-Jun-1953 29-Jul-1978 White
Upton Mary J.   F 23-Jun-1929 29-Jun-2003  
Upton James C. Jr M 28-Sep-1929 15-Feb-2005  
Upton Effa Bond   F 22-Jun-1874 28-Dec-1948  
Upton George   M 21-May-1875 12-May-1962  
Uren Eliza Ann   F 21-Jun-1879 25-Apr-1961  
Uren Henry G.   M 0-0-1881 12-Oct-1950  
Uren Jane   F 0-0-1835 0-Jul-1926  
Uren Phyllis   F 0-0-1837 22-Nov-1917  
Uren Richard    M   0-Jul-1900  
Uren Solomon   M 0-0-1833 14-May-1906  
Uren Wm.   M 0-0-1867 24-Jan-1934  
Usher Eddie Lee   M 14-Jan-1904 21-Dec-1983  
Utley James E   M 7-Feb-1894 9-Aug-1975  
Utley Delphia Iva   F 29-May-1905 25-Aug-1997  
Utley Edith N.   F 30-Nov-1898 3-Feb-1970  
Utley William Leon   M 15-Jan-1900 16-May-1969  
Utterback Ernest L.   M 0-0-1883 25-Feb-1953  
Uun Thomas   M   8-Apr-1896  



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