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CC County Hospital Records

The Contra Costa County History Center has several books with information concerning the guests at the County Hospital.

List of Aged Persons Supported by CCC - Inside of Hospital . This listing runs from a reporting period of 31 Jul 1892 through admissions in Oct 1907. The book contains pages 1-7 and 16-23, page 8 is blank and pages 9-15 are missing. There are some admissions prior to 1892. Apparently, there were some long term residents.

Each "half-year" reporting schedule is on a separate page. You will find some names listed more than once. In this index you will find the page #, name of resident, age at admittance, date of admittance plus place of birth. Additional information includes date of discharge, property or estate, if any, insurance, if any, martial status, when they came to CA and habits of sobriety. Beginning in June 1906 a diagnosis is noted. This book is handwritten and some names are quite difficult to decipher - a comment is made when the name is in question.

For a copy of the page from the book, please send a check for $5 to CCCHS, attn: Susan, 610 Main St, Martinez CA 94553-1129.

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