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"This town is pleasantly located on the left bank of the San Joaquin River, and is essentially a water-front town, though since the completion of the Northern Railway, nearly all travel, and some freight seeking greater dispatch, finds an outlet by that route. Antioch harbor admits ocean vessels of the greatest depth."

JP Abbott Publisher of the Antioch Ledger
Martin Abel Carpenter
Andrew Adams
Samuel Adams 560a
Wm Adams 80a
John Ahern 160a
Patrick Ahern
Charles Albert 75a
Joseph Amberg Barber Shop
AA Anderson Teamster
Aug Anderson
James Andrews 240a
Frederick Babbe 300a
AW Baker Clerk
EBR Baker Carpenter
Henry W Baker farmer
HWR Baker Clerk with L Meyer
JR Baker Drugs, Stationary, Wells Fargo & Co Espress, Postoffice annd Telegraph office
LG Barkley 150a
Arnold Banslett
Edward Bayliss Saloon
AT Beede Meat Market
Henry F Beede Rouse, Foreman & Co Lumber
Tim Behan Saloon
Julius Block Music Teacher
Paul H Boggs Farmer
Jacob Bonniksen
MH Boothby 320a
Patrick Boyle 240a
Stephen Brancher 305a
James Breen hostler
John Breen Laborer
Henry A Brewer Undertaker and Cabinet Maker
Henry Brims
Jonathan Brooks 80a
HN Brown 155a
Wm A Brunkhorst General Merchandise, Main & Front
Joseph Buckstuhl 150a
Burgess & Drury 22a
Antone Bussman 156a
JH Butler 10a
JR Byer 160a
David Cahen General Merchandise
James Campbell 160a
Michael Campion 157a
John Carey 320a
Geo C Carman Groceries
Rev John Carrinton Congregational Clergyman
Thos O Carter Carpenter
TO Carter 5a
JF Cary
JG Chase Livery & Feed Stable, Main
Chase & Robins 320a
JP Christensen 160a
DH Cleaves Carpenter and Boarding
JR Coates 1356a
F Cody
Peter Colson
JH Corcoran 160a
Patrick Corcoran 320a
Timothy Cornell 90a
Daniel Courtney 160a
Jas T Cruikshank Att'y at Law, Main
JK Cruikshank
Carsten Dahnken Saloon
Casson Dahnken Martin & Dahnken Saloon
Fred Sahnken Wharfinger
Herman Dangers 20a
AG Darby 320a
JD Darby 160a
JW Darby 150a
Wm Davison 473a
RG Dean 160a
Wm H Dearien Carpenter
John Dehn 160a
Mrs Soberity Delwood 120a
JO Diffin
Wm Henry Dobyness Lee & Dobyness Painters
Mrs Caroline Dodge Dressmaker
Geo A Dodge Laborer
Mrs Delia Dolan Widow
______ Dominick Butcher with AT Beede
CL Donaldson
Henry Dose Butcher
Jas Dukes 160a
Thos Dunan
Henry Evens 160a
Johnson Fancher 160a
M Farrell
Geo Fellows 320a
Miss Sophia Fields Teacher
Alfred Fitzjohn 162a
JB Fitzgerald
John Fitzpatrick 160a
Wm Fleckhamme 26a
Wm R Foreman Rouse, Foreman & Co Lumber
RR Fuller 160a
John Gagen 242a
IW Gann 309a
Wm Gilchrist 400a
Geo Cillard 154a
Aug Gionnette
John Gottenberg 116a
Mrs L Graves 140a
Michael Greean 320a
Patrick Griggin Prop'r American Exchange Hotel
Jesoph Gross 160a
GJ Guitifild 80a
Geo Gunderson Laborer
JH Guptell
Fred L Hager with M Homburg
Robert Hails Laborer
BF Haney 40a
WC Haney 280a
Jas Hanna
Henry Hannibal
DT Hard 160a
Marcus Harris
Peter Harris 310a
Robert Harroner
Daniel W Hawey Barkeeper
John F Hawley Clerk
Hawxhurst & Sommers 330a
Putnam Hays 320a
Geo P Heiback Wheelwright
C Heidorn 160a
JB Henderson 639a
Adolph H Henning Johnson & Henning Hotel & Restaaaurant
RG Heuston 1759a
EW Hill
Levy E Hinckley
James Hobson 156a
Jas Hollenstein
Martin Homburg General Merchandise, Hardware and Furniture
GE Hooper 80a
CW Hornbeck
AS Howard 320a
John M Hughes Saloon
FM Hungerford 57a
JB Hutcheson 160a
RA Inerson
Thos Jackson, Sr 160a
Thos Jackson, Jr 160a
Morris H Jacobs General Merchandise
OM Jessup Stage Driver
HB Jewett
David Johnson
John R Johnson Johnson & Henning Hotel and Restaurant
John Joseph 20a
Silas B Joslin Saddles and harness
John G Kaiser Lodgins and Bakery
Lipman Kieve Groceries
Geo W Kimball Granger's Wharf
Jeremiah King 160a
Harry Knight Saloon, near depot and 160a
HH Knight 150a
Gustave Kopplin Blacksmith
LL Lathrop Telegraph Operator, depot
Edward Lee Lee & Dobyns Paintere
Fred Leffler Baker
RE Lemoyne 80a
Jos Levara 340 a
Levy & Kahn 320a
MS Levy Grain and Real Estate, 480a
Mrs M Lewis 160a
Isaac Lobree General Merchandise, 120a
Robt Love 160a
Phillip Lynch 160a
CA Maylott 160a
Peter Maloney 320a
Wm Marshall Butcher
John Martin 160a
Thomas Martin Martin & Dahnken Saloon
JM Martinez 160a
P Massoni
D McCartney Varieties
Patrick McDermott Blacksmith
John McDevitt 160a
John McFarlon 478a
Jas McGinley 155a
Horace S McKallips Engineer empire Railroad
James C McMasters McMasters & Noaks Meat Market
Hugh McMemara 400a
Frank McNulty Saloon
John McQuade 154a
Nicolas MeVey Brakeman Empire RR Co
Fred Meinken Saloon
Leopold Meyer General Merchandise
Manuel Minta 275a
Frank Morales 80a
Geo Morgan 160a
Jas Morgan 120a
Joanna Morgan 160a
Thos Morgan 40a
Leonard Morse 160a
HV Mott 240a
Henry Murphy 320a
Thos Murphy 956a
JW Neary
JS Netherton 160a
GH Newman 77a
W Newman 77a
IN Nicolson Pottery
WM Noaks McMasters & Noaks Saloon
James Nolan Saloon
John Norman
Patrick O'Brien 320a
Wm T Oden Baker & Oden
Cornelius O'Donavan Saloon
SB Page Gunsmith
GG Paine
MC Parkinson Drugs and Medicines
Isaac H Patterson Farmer
Thos Payne
JT Pearce 160a
Henry Peers Saloon
Fred Peters Boots and Shoes
Nelson Peterson Blacksmith
Mrs L Phelps 160a
Dennis M Pitts Constable
Chas E Proctor Painter
Henry B Reed Carpenter
Mrs SB Reed 240a
Wm Remfree Saloon
Jas Riley 160a
John Riley 82a
John Roach 160a
LL Robinson 8000a
John C Rouse Supt Empire Coal Mining and RR Co also Rouse, Foreman & Co (lumber)
Rouse, Judson & Belshaw 160a
Antonia Sanchez 80a
P Sappington 160a
Mrs M Schmendell 160a
Geo Schott Laborer
Geo Sellers
Mrs S Sellers
M Sellinger
Henry Seymour Blacksmith
Wm Shafer 240a
Thos Shannon 400a
JM Sheuy
Joseph Silva 6a
Andrew Smith 160a
Chas Smith 160a
Chas V Smith 323a
Freeman Smith 320a
HW Smith 80a
N Woodhull Smith 160a
Oscar Smith 160a
Wm W Smith Carpenter and Clergyman
WW Smith Clerk American Exchange Hotel
Henry Sorgenfrey 160a
Joseph Souzre Barber with W Renfree
John Sproul 160a
Louis Stamm Shoemaker
EW Steading
Lewis Sterngrandt 160a
Edward R Stinchfield Clerk
James Stockton 318a
WW Stone
Peter Street 160a
Peter Swift 77a
Thos Swift 160a
LJ Tansell 155a
Wm Teague CPRR Agent
Francis Thornton 160a
Mrs Johanna Timmins Millinery
James Traut 160a
AS Trask 162a
Mrs RL Trask (widow)
FOJ Trask Carpenter
John Truman 329a
John Tusch 150a
Thos Uren 150a
Chas E Upson Watchmaker
_____ Van Phillips Stationary
JD Varegas 160a
RR Veal 800a
Oliver Walcott Att'y at Law
AJ Walker 1718a
Thos Wallace 160a
JP Walton 160a
MA Walton 160a
I Weill Clerk with D Cahen
Harrison Welch 44a
John Welch 160a
LD Welch 160a
EL Wemple Physician
Thos Whalehen 153a
Mrs D Whelahan 313a
TB White Groceries
Mrs RT Whitehouse 80a
WE Whitney 343a
Carl Wild Tailor
Frederick Wilkening Farm'r 160a
Frank Williams Under Sheriff
Wm P Williams Carpenter and Farmer 170a
AJ Williams 160a
WP Williamson 170a
Frank m Wills Clerk with WA Brunkhorst
Josiah Wills 311a
Thos N Wills Farmer 450a
ER Wilson Printer Antioch Ledger
PL Wilson hostler
David Wright Tinsmith
Geo C Wright Tinware and Stoves
Caleb Wrighton 160a
Ezra Wrighton 160a
Thos Wrighton 160a
WD Wriston 444a

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