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A picturesque little village at the base of Mt Diablo. It is the terminus of the stage route from Martinez.

Mrs E Allison 3a
Wm Atkins 160a
Stephen Bates
Joe Bente 160a
Wm Bower Brewer
Elijah Briggs 160a
DO Brown 69a
John Brown Laborer
H Busselman 320a
Daniel S Carpenter Justice of Peace
Matthias Clark 150a
Chas J Clayton Farmer
Mrs JW Cradal (widow)
WW Collins 160a
John condie Clayton Hotel
Chas Creiger
James R Curry Livery and Feed Stable
Daniel Deasy 320a
Paul DeMartini Wine Grower 46a
Hiram Donner
John Donner 325a
Jonathan Donner 80a
Henry F Easthaur Captain
Chas Ensor 155a
SB Foster 160a
Fred Frank Laborer Clayton Ranch
HB Furguson
James Guy 160a
PH Glussing 80a
Wm Hames 150a
Peter hanson 175a
JW Harlan 80a
Milton Harlan 160a
Robert Hastie 10a
Nicholas Hebaes
WH Howard 160a
James Howell 320a
TL Hunt 170a
Morgan James Saloon
S Jones 160a
Nicholas Kirwood 240a
Wm Lemont 160a
Robert Lemis 6a
JD Lewellyn 160a
Morris Lobree Clerk with C Rhine
Francis D Maguire Carpenter
Paul de Martin 46a
Wm Martindale
Mrs MA Mason 160a
___ McCarthy 76a
Alex McDonnell 160a
Hugh McDonnell 80a
Terence McGovern 320a
James McGrew 160a
FD McGuire 288a
J McKenney
LH Mead Clergyman
Jeremiah Morgan 1493a
Phil Morshead 320a
Thos Muir 233a
Thos R Muir 233a
Jane G Myrick 160a
Henry Nelson 160a
Howard Nichols 70a
GW Nicholson 160a
A Norman 240a
WH Norman 160a
Mathews S Nottingham Blackmith 40a
MF Nottingham 40a
N Philhower 160a
Polley Henry 160a
Wm R Powell 160a
Thos Prelaux 160a
James Reinhart Bootmaker
Jacob Rhine Hotel
Chas Rhine General Merchandise, WF&Co Agent, Postermaster and Notary plus 480a
Mary A Rodgers 160a
HW Sloan 160a
JN Sloan 160a
IJ Smith 95a
RF Stranahan 5a
Wm Taynton 160a
Gabriel Tarwater 230a
M Ward 360a
Robert Watson 144a
JH Weber 240a
JH Welch 30a
Robert West 80a

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