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A thriving agricultural town, situated seven miles from Martinez. A daily stage connects with trains for San Francisco at Martinez, that enables businessmen to spend several hours at the Bay, and return same day.

TL Amador 248a
JH Andrews 160a
Samuel Bacon (Bacon & CO) Justice of Peace and Postmaster
Samuel Barker Saloon
Wm Baumen Blacksmith Clayton Road 63a
BF Beebe 162a
Chas Bente Blacksmith
Jesus Bernal 14a
CR Bird
Chris Belcher Shoemaker
John Brawand (Mahoney & Brawand)
Floyd Buness Butcher
Julian Cantua 102a
M Cassa
John Cavanagh Pres Seal Bluff W House Co
Michael Cavanagh 137a
Wm Cavin 308a
Joseph Casta
Daniel Cunningham 1169a
Peter Davis 100a
H Degroot
John Denkinger 330a
MJ Duarte 68a
Jas Egan 175a
Wm H Fairlamb Tinsmith
AS Feria 153a
CH de Galindo 100a
John Galindo 95a
Mrs J Galindo 216a
John Garcia 240a
Mrs Lotta Gavin Millinery
Andrew Gehringer 1015a
Frank Gomez
Isaac Harmon
Montgomery Hays 160a
Joaquin Hernandez Grocer
Kapp & English 3390a
Jas Kennerley 85a
Philip Klein Concord Hotel
Mrs M Lathrop 135a
H Latimer (Latimer & Co) Drugs & Real Estate
Robert Latimer Latimer & Co
FW Lemis* 130a
Phillip Lobree Clerk with B Neustaedter
CS Lohse 225a
Manuel Lopez 40a
Henry Loring Hotel
E Ludgering 160a
Bart Mahoney Mahoney & Bart Livery and feed stable
Majars & Dorman 1530a
JS Manseibo 124a
Frank Manuel 80a
Jesse Manuel 80a
Mrs MD deMaranda 112a
Peter Markey
IN Martinez Barber Shop
Geo Mascarich 185a
Oliver McAvoy 313a
Middleton & Yoakum Meat Market
Lowry Milford 160a
Lorenzo F Moreno Saddlery
V Monjes 160a
Bonard J Murphy (Bacon & Co) Manager WU Tel Co, res Concord Hotel
John Murphy 203a
Chas Murrey 160a
Chas Navas Groceries and Dry Goods
Henry Nelson Carpenter
Bernhard Neustaedter General Merchandise
Henry O'Hara Sr 160a
Jas O'Hara 75a
John O'Hara 157a
B Pacheco 100a
Fernando Pacheco 1110a
Salvador Pacheco 280a
Mrs A Parker 2a
Thos Parkinson 309a
Francisco Periz Saloon
Bartolo Perez
Mrs M Pope 5a
CJ Pramberg 758a
Pablo Reese Barber
Chas Reif Saloon
John Rooney 160a
Jas Reilly 160a
Theodore Ruez 160a
Phillip Sage Barkeeper
John Samuels 164a
Dorr Sharp 115a
Geo A Sherman 219a
John Sherman 219a
Manuel Sherman 5a
Guadeloupe Soto 262a
CP deSoto 901a
Geo W Steen Tineware, Stoves
C Thompson Blacksmith, 10a
CHR Tretle Blacksmith
Samuel Tristram 4a
B Webb
CN Wight 695a
RH Wight 693a

*The orginial says LEMIS but a decendant says it is LEWIS. Upon checking the 1880 census, LEWIS is correct. There is no Lemis listed but there is a Francis W Lewis.

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