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The county seat, is picturesquely situated on the hills overlooking the Straits of Carquinez. Since the railroad has found them the people have taken a new start in life. The CPRR people propose establishing an extensive ferry here to convey trains from Sacramento across the "straits" en route to San Francisco.

While at Martinez we were the recipient of many favors from Dr EF Hough, of Hough's hotel, a pioneer hotel man on this coast.

Frank Ammon Fruits
Rev JH Arden Clergyman (Catholic)
Frank Armand
HE Austin Wagon Maker
MH Bailhache Searcher of Records
Elam B Barber 1160a
MR Barber 40a
S Barnard painter
Martin Barry Boots and Shoes
Niles J Beecher Carpenter
SJ Bennett Livery and Feed Stable, Ferry Street
Edward Bent
Mrs HA Bent 374a
H Bernett Physician
Gabriel Blum (S B & Bros) 448a
Levy & Blus 8378a
S Blum & Bro General Merchandise. 323a
Simon Blum (S B & Bros)
Bernard Booach Clerk with S B & Bros
EH Bogart 1a
NS Bowen Saloon
Mrs a Bower (Widow)
Warren Bradley
Bray Bros Warehouse and Lumber
FD Braire Restaurant
Mrs M Briones (widow)
Wm Brockman 150a
John Brown 160a
Mrs LM Brown (widow)
Brown & Mizner 120a
Thos A Brown County Judge, 1167a
WH Buckley Wharfinger
Butterfield & Co 620a
RR Bunker (Bunker & Porter) Properitors's "Contra Costa Gazette"
DE Cameron
CF Carmer Mason
Andrew N Carlston Laborer
JH Carothers 475a
John Carothers Physician
Daniel Carrigan Laborer
Wm Carrigan Laborer
James M Carter Bookkeeper
John Castro Laborer
Eli R Chase Attorney at Law
GW Christiare 160a
Wm Collis 160a
Frank Colman
Thos Connolly Harness Maker
John Connors Laborer
EW Corbert
John Cornwall 100a
Jerry Coveney Laborer
WS Cowin Tel Operator, CPRR
B Coyle
Wm R Cranna Editor and Proprietor "Contra Costa News"
James Dainty 160a
Frank Delche
Ed Devlin
Rev GM Dexter Clergyman (Congregational)
Wm Dick 200a
HGF Dohrman Oyster & Chop House, Ferry Street
Michael Donnelly Laborer
Wm J Douglas Cigars and Tobacco
Wm N Downey Exchange Hotel, Main and Castro
Edward Dryden 75a
Ec Ebson Fisherman
JL Eckley 375a
Mrs EB Edwards Hotel
Edwards Bros 760a
Lavonza Elsworth 160a
Chas Fish (L I & C F)
Lafayette Fish (L I & C F) Main
LI & C Fish Real Estate Agents, 1004a
John Fitzgerald Drayman, 113a
Wm H Ford Justice of the Peace
Michael Forrester Laborer
John F Fouch Druggist
Mrs E Fraser (widow)
Geo M Frazer 240a
AL Gartley General Merchandise
WAJ Gift Deputy Sheriff
_____ Gilpatrick Butcher with JC McHany & Bro
Wm Girvan Properitor Morgan House
Henry Green 250a
Robert Green Watchmaker, Ferry Street
Wm A Green Teamster
Frank D Guare Restaurant and Lodgings
Thomas Griffin 157a
Mrs Adam hague Board and Lodging
Adam Hagy Market
Henry M Hale Bookkeeper
WM Hale Cashier Bank of Martinez, 195a
Frank Hammond Fruit and Candy
P Hanaberry 160a
Mrs I Hanna (widow)
John Harding 488a
HP Hardy
Thos harrington 343a
RB Hathaway County Treasurer
Edmund Hazen Blacksmith
Timothy Heaney Brickmason
Henry Heinz Laborer
Chas henry Furniture and Upholstery
James Henry Ferry Boat
AL Hewitt Capt Schooner
SB Hickman
EW Hiller Public Administrator and Coroner
Fred Hittman 22a
John Hittman
James Hoey Groceries
E Hoffman
Wm Hoffman 80a
James Holdren Butcher
BR Holliday 4a
EF Hough Prop'r Hought's Hotel
Wm J Hough Saloon
Chas Ifix Barber Shop
James F Oliver Postmaster
Edward M Jewett Blacksmith
Joseph M Jewett Blacksmith
JE Johnson Manager for SW Johnson
L Johnson Shoemaker
SW Johnson Livery Stable, Prop'r Pacheco, Concord and Clayton Stage Line
WT Johnson Stage Driver
Joseph P Jones (Mills & Jones) Attorney at Law, Main
RM Jones County Surveyor
HL Kamp Saloon
JH Keller Butcher
Jas Kelley Laborer, 395a
Patrick Kelley 160a
Samuel Kelley 70a
Jas Kelly
Wm Kelly General Blackmith & Hoseshoer, Ferry
Michael Lawless Saloon
RW Lambley
Mrs Lander (widow)
Albert La Rock (La Rock & Stone) Carriage Factory and Blackmiths
JH Livingston Farmer
DP Mahan Sheriff
Antone M Martinez
Rafael Martinez 150a
EA Mason Laborer
John McCann (McCann Brothers) Saloon, cor Main and Ferry
Wm McCann (McCann Brothers) Saloon, cor Main and Ferry
Mrs M McCarty (widow)
Chas mcGhan Clerk
John McGrath Hostler Bennett's Stable
Frank McGuire Saloon
Daniel C McHany (JC McHany & Bro) Groceries and Meat Market
Jas C McHany (JC McHany & Bro) Groceries and Meat Market
J McHany (JC McHany & Bro) Groceries and Meat Market
Jas McHany 810a
Mrs A McKenna
Thos McMahan Plasterer
Jas McNamara Saloon
Michael McNamara 160a
Susanna M de Merle 95a
C Edward Miller County Recorder and Auditor
Hiram Mills (Mills & Jones) Attorney at Law, Main, 97a
JR Minaker 250a
Frank Minaker Blacksmith
Rev HB Monges Clergyman (Episcopal)
DC Moore
JS Moore Dentist, Ferry St
Wm B Moore Dentist
Edwards Morgan Morgan Bros Harware & Tinware, Ferry St
Morgan Bros Harware & Tinware, Ferry St
Charles Morgenroth peddler
Andrew Murtaugh Carpenter
AP Nelson Boots & Shoes
John O'Connor Carpenter
Geo Overfield
Wm Pascoe Merchant Tailor
John Pathtiger
CB Porter Bunker & Porter pro's Contra Costa Gazette
FJ Quant 160a
Henry Raap 183a
TJ Randall 160a
Fred Reader 161a
Geo Riley
Julius Raspini
John Rodgers 727a
David Rowell Butcher
HS Russell Clerk
John H Russell Carpenter
VB Russell Farmer
Patrick Scanlan 200a
Joseph Segui Sigui & Martinez, Barbershop
Chas Sherman 30a
Geo A Sherman Drugs & Medicines, WF&Co's Express Agent, Main St
Shirley & Mizner 202a
Paul Shirley 338a
Peter Shultz 160a
Paul Shirley Senator
Joseph Simms
Motes Slater Farmer, 710a
D Small Capitalist
Mrs Smith (widow)
John Smith 14a
FM Smith 30a
JB Smith Drayman
NB Smith 13a
AJ Soto Clerk
Jas Stewart 575a
Jas J Stone LaRock & Stone, Carriage Factory & Blacksmith
John Strentzel 2929a
Josiah Sturgis Hotel, 683a
Geo Swartz Clerk
Simon Swartz
Chas Sycleo Gardener
JM Taggart
KW Taylor Surveyor, 147a
Duglass B Tinker Agent CPRR and Manger WU Tel Co
Wm Tubb Painter
John Tucker 80a
Rev EB Tuthill Clergyman (C0ngregational)
Asher Tyler
C Vaca
James Van Ness
Mrs MA VanNess (widow)
Manuel Vinegas Saloon
Manuel V___
Johnson Young 160a
Geo Wall Saloon
Wm Walker Farmer
FM Warmcastle District Attorney
FM Weaver 150a
Eben E Webster Agent Bray Bros
Isador Weiss 4a
Irving Weiss General Merchandise
Mrs M Whilte 85a
Francis Williams Under Sheriff
Michael Winslow 230 a
CK Wittenmeyer 141a
LC Wittenmeyer County Clerk
Martin Woolbart 127a

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