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An important coal mining town connected by railroad with San Francisco. The Black Diamond Coal Mine is situated here.

Louis Abraham Blacksmith
Louis Abrahams Miner
_____ August Butcher
Joseph Bernard Saloon
Mark Bosy Blacksmith
Gifford D Botting Blacksmith
Wm Buchannon 162a
TWL Cecil Machinist
Robt Connor Engineer
Robt Curry Butcher Halladay Market
David Davis Miner
DB Davis Miner
James E Davis Mining Foreman
Wm A Davis Clerk Conro & Dodge General Merchandise
WW Davis Blacksmith
John F Deemer Engineer
Wm DeLahay Blacksmith
Jeremiah Donovan 155a
Louis Dumas Miner
Joseph M Edwards Engineer
David B Evans Blacksmith
John D Evans Miner
David Ferguson Laborer
Richard Griffiths Miner
Thos Griffiths Preacher and Miner
Thos P Griffiths Miner
Wm Griffiths Miner
John W Guy Carpenter
Geo Halladay Meat Market
Geo Hancock Miner
Thos Havard Miner
Wm Head Boiler Maker
Geo E Heffner Waither Black Diamond Hotel
Aldo Hood Miner
Jno P Hughes Miner
John R Hughes Machinist
Wm Hughes 160a
BG Johnson Bookkeeper Conro & Dodge
Benj A Jones Miner
David P Jones Engineer
DH Jones Miner
John B Jones Variety Store
John D Jones Miner
Thos F Jones Miner
Wm T Jones Blacksmith
James Kelley Miner
Jos Lameres Barber
FA Lasell Clerk Conro & Dodge
LM Lasell Agent Conro & Dodge
Wm Latimer 160a
John Long Miner
John Maringo Saloon
Peter McCarty Fireman
Patrick McNamee 320a
Moore & Co 153a
MM Morgans Mining Superintendent
John W Morgans Miner
Morgan Morgans Supt DC Mining Co
Thos G Morgans Miner
Watkin P Morgans Mine Foreman
Wm Morris Miner
Wm Murray Boiler Maker
James G Noaks Butcher
Thos S Oliver Clerk Conro & Dodge
JH Piercey 160a
Jermiah Rees 165a
WD Rees 165a
Miss Reese Boarding
Louis Richards Fireman
Wm Richards Laborer
John Semon Laborer
Mrs J Sueyraz Saloon
Frank A Sadler Carpenter
Jacob N Tarwarter Miner
Henry Thomas Shoemaker
Mrs M Thomas 150a
Wm J Tingman Bookkeeper BCD Mining Co, Postmaster, Agt WF&Co, Tel Operator and Railroad Agent
Alex Turnbull 176a
Abel Vaughn 152a
Peeter Vestueys Carpenter, 160a
John Watkins Miner
John Watson 160a
Watkin Williams Black Diamond Exchange Hotel
John D Williamson Saloon
Thomas Wilson Engineer
Robert Witt Miner
David S Woodruff Druggist

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