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A coal mining town distant one mile from Nortonville, is built up principally by miners. Railroad to San Franciso by transfer.

Abel Adams Miner
James Aiken Miner
Chas Baker Miner
Colin C Baker Jr Clerk Pittsburgh Coal Mining Co
Daniel Berdette Miner
Patrick Brown Saloon
Samuel Brown Clerk F Gambs
John Butt Miner
James Caine Miner
Peter Caine Miner
Pat Clasby Miner
Wm Clements Miner
John Coll Shoemaker
John Coyle Miner
Francis Crawford Miner
Geo Dalton Miner
John Dalton
Patrick Daly Miner
David Davis Miner
Francis Davis Saloon
Wm O Davis Mining Sup't
Louis K Derby Engineer
HE Dillingham Blacksmith
Chas h Douplese Watchmaker
T Fadden Miner
Thos Floyd Miner
John foster Miner
Fred Gambs General Merchandise
Geo Garland Miner
Josephus Gifford 160a
Wm Gribble Miner
Henry Habernicht Miner
James Haggart Miner
Wm Haggarty Miner
Isaac harris Miner
Geo Hawkhurst Supertindent Union Coal Mine
HS Hawshurst 10a
Hugh Hawkyard Miner
Lot Hendrehan Miner
Frank Hollywood Miner
Wm J Hughes general Merchandise
David Humphreys Miner
Pat Hutchison Miner
S Ivy Miner
Owen Johnson Miner
Mrs E Jones (widow)
L Jones Miner
Thos N Jones Miner
Morgan Justice 320a
Isreal Lando clerk
Joseph Lando General Merchandise
Isaac Lauerty 156a
Alex W Lee Clerk
Robert Lee Clerk
Thomas Lee Miner
L Lougher Miner
Michael Mallynn Miner
Pat Martin Miner
Peter Martin Miner
Thos Martin Miner
Wm May 80a
Ed McCloud Engineer
James McDermott Miner
Con Mehan Miner
Richard Mills Miner
James Morgan Miner
Wm A Murray Miner
James Nichols Teamster
John Niermann Miner
Wm Phillips Miner
John W Pinkerton Superindent Pittsburg Coal Mining & Railroad Co
James Rankin Saloon
Fred Rau Barber shop, Main St
DW Rees 320a
Daniel Richard Miner
Robert Richardson Miner
Thos Richmond 320a
Ed Robinson Miner
Wm Rodder Miner
Frank Roske Shoemaker
Geo H Scammon Pro'r Pittsburgh Hotel, Postmaster, Variety Store
Wm H Shine Miner
Thos Shipley 160a
Mrs E Smailes (widow)
Nicholas Smith 174a
James Smith Miner
Jos Spaulding Bar-keeper J Rankin
David Spowart Miner
Robert Tate Miner
Wm Thomas Miner
Mrs Mary Tully (widow)
Vinian & Cakebread 520a
Chas Voltz Miner
Jacob Wagner Miner
Capt A Wall Miner
Henry E Ward Livery and Feed Stable
EC Ward Stage Driver
Chas Watkins Miner
Michael Welsh Miner
John White Saloon
Chas Williams 160a
Thomas M Williams Miner
Joseph Willis Miner

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