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Here we find a prosperous town, in fact, the most flourishing interior town of the county. the people are enterprinig, if which the recent improvements are ample evidence. A daily stage connects with trains for San Francisco via Martinez.

Alex G Annis Tinware
HR Avery Pastor Presbyterian Church
Frank Baker
John Baker 539a
AD Biggs 122a
Antone S Bouttelle Farmer 85a
FM Bishop 160a
ML de S Bouttelle 35a
Leander L Bregard Saloon, Lafayette Road
August Buntenbeck
Winfield S Burpee (Sherburn & B) General Merchandise School Street
Angus G Cameron Blacksmith, Kirsch's Shop
E Dole 150a
Jos Dios 140a
FN Dole
Orris Fales 301a
Joaquin Felis 300a
Joseph C Fish Carpenter
Perry e Fisher Carpenter, School
Erastus Ford oakland Road
MA Garrido 330a
Frank L Glass Clerk JM Stow
Nicolas Graber (Huntington & G) Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers Main St
AW Hammett 200a
James Hardy Blacksmith
Mrs I Harrison 12a
Jastus M Hinman Clergyman
MJ Hough 30a
Josiah S Huntington (H & Graber) Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers, Main St
JE Huston 72a
Manwell Joadown
Samuel F Johnson
Mrs SF Johnson Millinery
Thomas Johnson Constable and Collector
Lawrence S Jones Glovemaker
JW Jones 400a
Elias Kinsey
Michael Kirsch Blacksmith and Wagonmaker, Oakland Road
Eugene Larache 90a
Bisente Martinez Barber
Thos E Middleton (Yoakum & M) Butchers and Meat Market
FE Moreno Harness
Chas Niner Watchmaker
John J Noone Walnut Creek Hotel, Main Street
Mrs H Noone 400a
Joseph e Pearson Physician
Mrs AS Peralta 2a
Oliver Perry 13a
Wm B Priddy Clergyman (Methodist)
John H Putnam Clerk HS Shuey
Michael Reidy Bootmaker
Wm Rice Farmer 1700a
John E Rockwell Clerk MM Shuey
Farmer Sanford Livery and Feed Stable Main Street
Chas Sassenburg Painter & Paper hanger
Mrs Lidia C Shannon (wid)
Mrs N Shafter Dressmaking
Mrs LC Shannon 30a
Albert Sherburn (S & Burpee) General Merchandise
Homer S Shuey Express and General Merchandise
Marcus M Shuey General Merchandise
Edward A Shumway Carpenter, School Street
TJ Smith 321a
Hewitt Steele Main Street
James M Stow Notary Public, General Merchandise and Postmaster, Main Street
TW Sturgis 21a
Milo H Turner Justice of the Peace (T & Stow) Real Estate Agents, School Street
Hugh Updike
Frank Webb 85a
Mrs T Welch 145a
Arthur Williams Butcher
John M Wilson Clerk A Sherburn (W & Stow) Insurance Agents School Street
(Y & Middleton) Butchers and Meat Market
John R Young Furniture and Upholstering
Mrs M Young 313a
WM Young (JR Young & Son)

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