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Chula Vista
Genealogical Society

Virginia Taylor, President

Ralph Munoz
1st Vice-President

Barbara Ibaibarriaga
2nd Vice-President

Karen Yarger, Secretary

Sam Seat, Treasurer

Standing Committees

Cemetery Steering Committee
Susan Zimmer

Computer Group
Shirley Becker

Susi Pentico

Estate Papers
Gary Brock

Susan Zimmer

Dorothy Alvord
JoAnn Bonner

Wanda Brock

Newsletter Editor
Randy Seaver

Ways and Means
Bethel Williams

Research Group and Queries
Randy Seaver

Gary Brock

2008 Christmas Party

Our anual Christmas party is always a favorite meeting of the year. The 2008 event was held at the South branch of the Chula Vista Public Library and was a festive happening including an abundance of good food, gift exchange, door prizes and on even years the installation of the new board of directors.

Here Bob Page relaxes after partaking of the abundance of food.

John Finch and Terry Stewart pose for the camera.

Pat Postma, ?? and Joan Largey.

Helen Thompson and Dearl Glenn in serious conversation.

Randy Seaver with final speach as Presidednt.

Randy Seaver recognizing Connie Ottinger for her great work as 1st Vice President and Programs Chair.

Randy Seaver recognizing Wanda Brock for her expertise as Treasure.

Ann Stevens is recognized by Randy for stepping in and doing such a great job as Secretary.

Randy recognizes Gary Brock for his work as Web Master and Estate Papers.

Shirley Becker is recognized for her many years as Newsletter Editor and many other positions in the Society.

Randy recognizes John Finch for his fine work as Publisity Chair, past President and many other posts in the Society.

Dearl Glenn is recognized for his steady hand as Library Liason.

Randy recognizes Bob Page for his management of the Opertunity Drawings.

Gary Brock is sworn in as the new Society President.